Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ending the Interference upon the Australian People

When there is not a magazine or newspaper that is willing to print this? Then I must say it. To say that anything of what I've written here is going too far, is ridiculous, given what I've clearly stated in previous publications and spoken of for 22 years, for very good justifiable reasons. 

Understanding must be clearly there for the public to know that the Mental Health Acts of Australia need to be abolished and why, and what is also happening under the guise of medical treatments.

Our focus right now is for Abolish Psychiatry policy, though preference is always for the necessary work to be done, ASAP.

Recognising the need for solidarity with Victims of Psychiatrists Australia-wide, as well as world-wide, as people move towards abolition of slavery and torture in the legislature, demand that their government no longer for or coerce any kind of medical treatments.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Shut the medico mafia up

Shut the medico mafia up and shut them down! Put the medico mafia in the pillory!
No more forced psychiatry!
Close the bloody concentration camps
No more forced human experimentation
And stop the bloody toxic regime.