Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Bonnie Burstow Antipsychiatry Library

Bonnie Burstow – I want to say so much to thank you, and how amazing it is to have your literature available to read, not only on the web, but printed in books. For your courage and fighting words that enabled a scholarship for people who advocated for the abolition of psychiatry.

The violence of electro-convulsive torture experiments has not yet been stopped, any more than psychiatrists other violent intrusions on human life – but I thank you for working so valiantly towards an end to this horror.

I was looking forward to your anti-psychiatry library. I thought – it is such a brilliant plan, something I’ve long thought about, and I know that you can carry it off. I’ve been to so many libraries, full of the books of those who perpetrate against us, the victims of psychiatrists; and to have a library that doesn’t do that – that celebrates our work, that speaks the survivor movement, lets the victims of psychiatrists tell the truth about the violations inflicted on them – that is such a great idea to push and keep pushing for, until all libraries and bookstores have a section on the shelf, for us, instead of that horrible propaganda by those ugly whitecoats who so violently and cruelly attacked us, torturing us into premature aging, for disgusting profits of human research.

Let books by the survivor movement, antipsychiatry books, books by people who have been violated by psychiatrists, books by Bonnie Burstow and her dream of a library devoted to our human rights movement begin, not just in Toronto, Canada, but everywhere a library can be. The survivor movement has been there from day dot, the first day a person was maltreated by an alienist/ psychiatrist and then told they were an alien, treated as a thing to be denied human rights. Our movement will always exist, despite what the exploiters do to attempt to silence us. Let our books be on the shelf, let our words be heard, and never twisted into some perverted medical diagnosis – and may our publishers and writers rue the day they ever thought that ugly whitecoat propaganda made more sense than the obvious, horrific true crime that is the violation of billions of people world-wide, the killing and maiming of so many people by psychiatrists. That dictatorship, that ugly prejudice, vilification of those people psychiatrists claim as property and exploit – has no right to be there instead of the truth. To have a library full of the books by people, who have every right to have their works on the shelf – and yet have been denied that by one of the ugliest regimes in history – that is what has to happen. Thank you – Bonnie Burstow, for all you have done. You have given us so much – and your books and legacy will continue to give us so much more. And give people the courage to speak the truth, rather than die regurgitating their perpetrators’ lies.

RIP Bonnie Burstow

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Post Draft Submission from Victims of Psychiatrists (VOP) written by Initially NO.
Pre-Draft Submission from Victims of Psychiatrists (VOP) written by Initially NO

Productivity Commission's 'transcript' of Victims of Psychiatrists represented by Initially NO, in above video, p 89-94

Monday, November 25, 2019

Cost of persecution riddle

Victims of Psychiatrists could definitely say, that psychiatrists persecute them, for the purpose of lucrative, cruel exploitative human research, given this is the definition from Miriam-Webster (one of my favored dictionaries. Have an historical Webster that belonged to my Nana. But this definition is from the web, and is new & shiny):

1to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflictspecifically to cause to suffer because of belief
2to annoy with persistent or urgent approaches (such as attacks, pleas, or importunities) PESTER

look at the Productivity Commission's Draft Report - DRAFT FINDING 2.1 — THE STATE OF MENTAL HEALTH IN AUSTRALIA
(make sure you find & replace the words of persecution, with persecution)

Look at the tally for the cost of those being persecuted & exploited –
·         all those maltreatments inflicted on those persecuted & exploited (cost money)
·         any nutritional or housing requirements, or other expenditure (cost money)
·         the wages of the perpetrators of those who inflict the maltreatments (cost money)

Since persecution is a cost, who bears the cost most? And is it possible to say that the cost of persecuting people, is the cost to the government of those living with persecution?
So the cost of persecution, and any suicide that results from being persecuted is a cost to those industries that persecute, profit from that persecution and any suicide that results from that persecution, is counted as a cost, to the industry or government.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tribunal rubber stamps psychiatrists dictatorship of Fiona

SIGN this petition to Free Fiona Smith, #Right2Refuse protester & platypus advocate

The Mental Health Tribunal, yesterday  rubber stamped psychiatrists dictatorship of Fiona Smith.

Despite Fiona Smith giving an eloquent and well-presented argument, and putting forth the obvious unlawful detaining of her and injecting of her, the Mental Health Tribunal chose to continue to disregard section 4.2 of the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014, and rubber stamped an order to persecute Fiona Smith for another 12 weeks.
That's 6 forced depot injections, it could kill her, if the maltreating team don't taper the dose, or stop forcing it on her.
The opening sentence from the psychiatrist launched into calling Fiona Smith out for 'antipsychiatry' politics. We had to interject that this was invalid under 4.2 of the Mental Health Act, where politics, protests, opinions and previous diagnosis cannot be said to be reason to place a Treatment Order on a person.
The maltreating team mumbled their psychobabble, and it didn't matter that no one heard them, the Tribunal Panel just went along with what the doc ordered.
To do that to Fiona Smith, who is so well-versed in law, so eloquent, despite the torturously high dose of drugs they have forcibly injected into her, is disgusting. To name Fiona Smith's political views as 'thought disordered' is just ridiculously evil, but also in clear violation of the Mental Health Act 2014.
Fiona Smith will be challenging the tribunal Admin now at VCAT.
We cannot have Fiona Smith destroyed by these monsters. She is one of the most courageous people in the world, and a peaceful resistance that the world needs.
Keep sharing this petition. World-wide support is needed.


SIGN Vic Gov e-petition for the #Right2Refuse  

Grievance: The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the much needed human rights currently being denied to Victorians, that is, the right to refuse psychiatrists’ products, procedures, programs and beds. To force Victorians to submit to what psychiatrist’s dictate, to their environmentally unfriendly, unethical, and unhealthy products, is undemocratic and violates the United Nations ‘Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’, as well as sections 8.2 and 8.3 of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Victorians must have the right to choose, refuse and conscientiously object to pharmaceutical products, medical procedures or programs for personal, political or environmental reasons and have their right to refuse upheld. Victorians should not be discriminated against on the basis of a psychiatrist’s diagnosis of a person having a psychiatric disability, nor subjected forcibly to human research on this basis.
Action: The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to repeal legislation that forces psychiatrists’ products, procedures, programs and beds upon Victorians.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The #right2refuse psychiatrists

Fiona Smith #Right2Refuse protester has been left without Legal Aid for MH Tribunal, tomorrow 23rd Oct 11:30am, at Royal Melbourne John Cade. Despite all due diligence in attempting to get a Legal Aid lawyer for this hearing. We are still collecting letters of support.
Sign the petition -

#Victorians! Demand the #Right2Refuse psychiatrists' products, procedures & programs. Sign the Official Government #epetition148

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fiona Smith free from arbitrary detention

while Fiona Smith has got free from arbitrary detention in Royal Melbourne John Cade, (yesterday afternoon) she is still being forcibly subjected to Rispiridone Long Acting Injection (RLAI). 
What lucrative research is Fiona Smith being exploited for?
she's likely being exploited by the e-STAR data-base research group
Protest on Wednesday, 23rd Oct at Royal Melbourne John Cade
for Fiona Smith and the #Right2Refuse, coinciding with the Mental Health Tribunal to stop the CTO on Fiona Smith, located in this building.
Compliance with torturous drugs, is about indoctrinating a person into denial
Mental Health Tribunal Administration, and Royal Melbourne John Cade, must not act as an assessor of #compliance to RLAI and other drugs being forced, as if that's a point of law, it isn't, it's their research agenda, that should NOT be allowed, most especially given the horrific allergic reactions Fiona Smith is suffering as a result of RLAI, that are life threatening and life destroying. To force this drug on Fiona cannot be considered medicine, it is the opposite of medicine - a clear violation, chemical assault.
The #right2refuse is a political point-of-view
How can Mental Health Tribunal Administration, and Royal Melbourne John Cade, even think of medicalising a political point-of-view, well-recognised world-wide in the human rights movement -  that of demanding the #right2refuse RLAI and other psychdrugs, products, procedures and programs - most especially given that Fiona Smith has been protesting for years on this issue? It is unconstitutional to deny a political point-of-view and medicalise it, and subject the person with that political point-of-view to known neurotoxins, to shut them down, silence them, and break them into compliance with another point-of-view. It is dictatorial. It is also a clear violation of ethics, neuroleptics are considered one of the worst tortures in the world, that cause such horrific damage to a person's physical health.
The aim, for Fiona Smith, is to have the RLAI stopped immediately so that Fiona Smith doesn't have to suffer this further, the harmful and potentially lethal effects of this drug, and reduce the Rispiridone tablets gradually in a harm reduction method with a supportive GP.
Action is needed urgently on Fiona Smith's #right2refuse. Share, write blogs, letters of support, be there to protest on Wednesday if you can. Also do sign this petition -

Saturday, October 12, 2019

VOP day 10 OCT 2019 - Australia

Many thanks to everyone who could make it to Canberra for the Victims of Psychiatrists day rally on the 10th of October, reclaiming the day from the perpetrating Mental Health personnel and their organisations. Thank you for your artworks and powerful voices. Will have an even bigger even organised next year.

My suggestion is to keep it acoustic, and fully use your voices as VOP. Because we never have microphones to amplify our voices when we are dragged away, and assaulted by mental health personnel, and even when we cry loudly for the violations to stop, we have been ignored, and made to disappear, then broken under torture.

Fiona Smith, would've been there too, but was arbitrarily detained in Royal Melbourne John Cade. She is still fighting for release. The Tribunal Hearing, is on the 16th Oct. And a rally of support for Fiona Smith outside Royal Melbourne John Cade has been suggested for the day.

For people that don't understand Victoria, Australia's system, a Tribunal Hearing, isn't an actual court of law, it is a panel with a Lawyer, Community Representative, and a Psychiatrist.

Reminder - what Fiona Smith is being tested on is whether or not she will comply with their human research, without being forced. There is no offence that Fiona Smith has committed. She is being accused of 'having' a vicious DSM slur, that has no scientific provable basis or reality, but is rather concocted for the purposes of an exploitation racket, that really, really needs to be abolished, as the UN CRPD has pressed upon Australia to do

This is common to all exploitation rackets, the victim-blaming, and denial, and utter violation of those being exploitation, then authorities putting out propaganda that their violations are 'benevolent', that goes back to 'saving witches' by burning and drowning them. Psychiatrists 'saving' the people they accuse of vicious DSM slurs constitutes exploiting them for vile, cruel, invasive lucrative human research, that causes a person massive disfiguration, retardation of physical and intellectual abilities, and organ decay. It is slow torture, but very obviously torture, in the same manner that ugly whitecoats conduct forced human research on small animals.

What is import is that: 
This is not about what psychiatrists accuse Fiona Smith of, this is about what Fiona accuses the treating and consultant psychiatrists of, and whether those psychiatrists need to be jailed for their violations of Fiona Smith. It is the supervising, researching, treating and consultant psychiatrists and the other Mental Health Personnel involved, that have committed a violent crime against Fiona Smith, and there is no accusation which makes their violations of her body, for their profit, a lawful ethical thing to do. 

What Royal Melbourne John Cade has done to Fiona, is a serious crime. That is what must be addressed. 

We must not allow the ugly whitecoats to turn this into 'the problem with Fiona' which is just an evil attempt to slander her with nebulous derogatory psychobabble terms, that have no more meaning than any terminology that exploiters offensively accuse the people they exploit of. The ugly whitecoats must not be allowed this power.

Please sign this petition for Fiona's release and be there on the 16th, at Royal Melbourne John Cade, to show support, if you can.