Friday, February 16, 2018

March in March

Stop the non-compliancE medico research Legislation
The Australian government has put together more non-compliance with pharma research penalties

All Australians need to
March in March
*No more #ForcedHumanExperimentation!*
in solidarity with Victims of Psychiatrists
& other groups targeted by coerced & forced medicine.

Think about the definition of compliance
1 a : the act or process of complying to a desire, demand, proposal, or regimen or to coercion
Patient compliance in completing the treatment regimens was excellent. —Georgia A. Chrousos
b : conformity in fulfilling official requirements His actions were in compliance with state law.
2 : a disposition to yield to others
3 : the ability of an object to yield elastically when a force is applied : flexibility
(from Merriam-Webster online dictionary)
It’s not exactly a positive thing to be, ‘compliant’. Compliant people are not the sort of people you look up to, respect, and trust to be in solidarity with you, when a government dictates that you must yield to forced human experimentation, so the vested interests of pharma company directors, whitecoats & coterie can make money out of you, your friends, your relatives.
Exploitation in the guise of protection is very lucrative in Australia. Especially since Australia signed off with Medicines Australia, the Peak Body Lobby for Pharmaceutical Company interests in Australia, for Australia to be THE destination for Human Experimentation, call it 'research' call it 'trials', call it 'medical treatment data' but when it's forced, #FHE can stand for fucking hellish exploitation.
When governments legislate the term 'non-compliance' it is not about choice MP Emma Husar! It is about getting people to yield when government force is applied. People who advocate human research by force, in legislation such as #MentalHealthActs, they are not humane in that action, they are not humane people, they are not advocating for human interests and cannot be trusted.

MPs who advocate for #ForcedHumanResearch cannot be trusted. Because political parties that receive donations from institutions that have a vested interest in Foreign Companies, have a conflict of interest going on, and interest in donations, rather than public interest.

The government doing this to parents who are conscientious objectors to the experimental immunisation program, will mean that those parents will march with us #VictimsOfPsychiatrists who have been tortured 24/7 & arbitrarily detained under #MentalHealthActs exploited for research forcibly by companies such as Novartis.

No more #ForcedHumanExperimentation!

No more government legislated #ForcedHumanExperimentation in the guise of #protection #health #care #medicine. Expose the crooked parties for their money grubbing deals with pharma interests in turning Australia into the place for #HumanResearch. End legislated exploitation!

Australian politicians are puppets to their donors. Some of the biggest donors to politicians are intrusive, cruel, vile human researchers.

It all adds up to bribery.
Australian people are better than our puppet politicians!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Whitecoat Greed

Whitecoat greed is an exploitative, violent condition, combining perpetration of poisoning and other violence forcibly through corrupt governments. These violations inflicted from whitecoat greed are perpetrated on groups of people deemed to be easy eugenics stigma targeted groups. The whitecoats inflicted with greed, then victim-blame, concocting evidence to persecute visionaries, creative artists such as novelists, as well as whistleblowers, victims of crime, the financially and/ or socially disenfranchised killing and maiming potential inventors, innovators, curbed from reaching their potential when forcibly and violently exploited by the greed of whitecoats.

Depending on the symptoms, whitecoat greed can be broadly defined as a medico with a greed component, or a lack of compassion and a pleasure in controlling people through violent measures, with an interest in invading human bodies.

The course of whitecoat greed reaches a point where the whitecoat has committed thousands of murders and maimings, assaults and perverted violations for the lucrative trade of human research.

When was whitecoat greed first identified?

Whitecoat greed has been around for hundreds of years, it has been on the increase since the turn of last century, when eugenicists took hold of government legislation, and pushed policy to include the toxic hygiene scam, where forced human experimentation, was dubbed care/ help/ medicine and charitable service when it was of course violating people in the most disgusting way, and still is.

Is there more than one type of whitecoat greed?

There are several tears of whitecoat greed. Those who have the most money and power are those who are violating human lives the most.

How many people experience whitecoat greed?

Whitecoat greed is not just about psychiatrists and researchers, it is about governments, political parties getting donations, charities, churches, and anyone who benefits financially from forced psychiatry, or other forms of forced or coerced human research. Even the lowly paid psychnurses, are still suffering from whitecoat greed, and if they had any ounce of decency they would strike, rather than be front-line perpetrators taking pleasure and financial gain from their abuses of human lives.

What are the common signs of whitecoat greed?

What signifies whitecoat greed depends on the type of power the whitecoat has. 99.99 % of Psychiatrists, for instance are likely to exhibit:
  • ​Delusions — having false, fixed beliefs, despite evidence to the contrary, though this may just be subterfuge and insidious sales talk, there are some schools that say psychiatrists actually believe that what the pharmaceutical representatives are saying is true, though, this is the idea that psychiatrists have been indoctrinated by their own lies, like disciples of a despicable religion. These non-factual things that psychiatrists utter on a regular basis, come across as delusional, especially when ‘chemical imbalance’ theories are mouthed, when they’ve long-been debunked as non-factual.
  • Violence – psychiatrists commit mass persecution of people who want nothing to do with them & torture those people until they break under torture for financial gain.
  • Impaired communication – psychiatrists tend to only partially answer questions, or giving answers that are completely unrelated or become aggressive and agitated at being questioned.
  • Impaired and fraudulent occupational, academic and crude social functioning due to the nature of their vile trade they attempt to call care/ help/ medicine when it is nothing of the kind
  • Problems with managing personal care, including cleanliness, regularly dousing themselves with toxic petroleum-based substances believing that is ‘personal hygiene’. 

What causes whitecoat greed?

The exact causes of whitecoat greed are unclear.
A combination of factors are thought to contribute to the development of whitecoat greed:
  • ​A pharmaceutical scale, and accountants balance book in the neurotransmitters intonation and claim in the brain (neurotransmitters are chemically & EMF/EMR sensitive) – also other kinds of theories, purported to be science, whitecoats are told to repeat and not argue with, so they can get lucrative returns.
  • Genetics – an immediate family history of any eugenicists, especially psychiatrists, human researchers, media moguls, or government legislators
  • Variations in brain chemistry and structure – caused by psychoactive drugs, petroleum-based substances in hospital air conditioners, floor cleaners, personal products, preservatives in food, and pharmaceuticals; as well as EMF/EMR acoustic control.
  • Environmental factors – exposure to viruses, deprivation, or toxins while in the womb and iatrogenic effects from medico experiments on mother and child while in the womb.
  • Hospital birthing defects and lucrative research processes or variations that affect human kindness during childhood
  • Other risk factors that may trigger symptoms or onset are affluenza, prejudice, eugenics indoctrination methods, the use of toxic chemicals, and the torturing of small and large animals as part of their training and career development.

Is whitecoat greed difficult to recognise?

Whitecoat greed can be particularly difficult to recognise due to its varied and overlapping propaganda issued through government advise and advertise. It also manifests in different ways depending on the employment of the whitecoat. A long term history of the person is necessary to confirm how greedy and violating the whitecoat has been and continues to be.

Is whitecoat greed stoppable?

There is no known way to stop whitecoat greed. However, there are international Covenants such as the UN CRPD, that put pressure on whitecoats to stop the lucrative forced human experimentation racket, that might help manage stopping government involvement in these violent perverse killing and maiming of millions of people. These generally incorporate a combination of mediation, sanctions, court actions and reparations.

Is whitecoat greed more common in men or women?

At this stage, there is conflicting evidence as to a potential gender bias for whitecoat greed.
Some resources suggest that two-thirds of people who develop the greed are men, mainly due to an increased frequency of the eugenics type among males.

While other studies state that men and women experience whitecoat greed at the same rate, but with men developing the whitecoat greed at an earlier age, due to incentives, opportunity, and mentoring prejudice.
There are 26% more males in psychiatry, than the average profession in Australia.

If you are concerned that someone is suffering from whitecoat greed to the extent that they are being arbitrarily detained and tortured 24/7 indefinitely) you can:

  • stand in the street and protest until the whitecoat who is maiming and potentially murdering the person, ceases doing so,
  • write a government petition, an open letter or follow the UN OHCHR application process for such violations.

Please write any other ideas, that potentially could enable a person to get free from whitecoat greed, in the comments below.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Psychiatry is murder

VOP & allies hungry to abolish forced psychiatry, going to a place where whitecoat cannibals are using the flesh of our citizens for lucrative profits, and showing pictures of humans being tortured 24/7 indefinitely, if they dare stand up against these disgusting government-medico crimes against your local people. This disgusting violent, exploitative statute law called the Victoria Mental Health Act. We need the the Mental Health Acts of all States/ Territories abolish NOW! No more cannibalism of your citizens for human research! no one wants to be an enslaved human laboratory specimen.

Go to a place where people are suffering forced psychiatry and say this (or share printed copies of this or poster this) if you dare, you have permission to stop the horror:

Psychiatry’s not care, it’s violence!
Psychiatry is not help, it’s exploitation!
What do we what? Abolish forced psychiatry!
When do we want it? Right now!

Until every human is free from forced psychiatry. Until every human is free from this vile, cruel force human research! Until the government abolishes the Mental Health Acts! Until there is Equal Recognition before the Law for all people.

What do we want? Freedom from torture!
When do we want it? Now!
What do we want? Freedom from arbitrary detention!
When do we want it? Now!
What do we want? Absolute Prohibition of Forced Treatment & Commitment
When do we want it? Now!

Abolish the Mental Health Acts!
No more forced human experimentation in the guise of medicine
No more psychiatrists profiting from violent forced human research!
What do we want? Abolish the Mental Health Acts!
When do we want it? Now!

It’s not care, it’s cannibalism!
It’s not medicine, it’s torture!
It’s not help, it’s exploitation!
Abolish Forced Psychiatry, do it now!
Psychiatrists shouldn’t be allowed to murder & maim!
Psychiatry is murder

Psychiatrists are murderers!
Forced Human Experimentation, is disgusting to profit from
Shame on anyone that allows Forced Human Experimentation to be done in their name!
Killing and maiming human beings, is not something an economy should be run on!*

*Inspired by Animal Rights Activists 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Whitecoat thugs get into the VOP's home

They never 'just want to have a chat' they want to force themselves and their products on you, they want you to be their laboratory specimen, they think you're easy and even when you're not, they play extremely hard. Horrible monsters. They need to be stopped. The truth is they are evil & corrupt.

When are the Statute Laws that enable these abusive monsters going to be repealed? When is forced psychiatry going to be abolished?

Monday, December 18, 2017

Sterilisation & Human Research

Chemical sterilisation through psychiatric drugs, is something that many Australians are not aware of. They are not aware that eugenics-stigma-targeting exists even more than it did early last century.

Half the people that die in Australia each year access PBS psychiatric drug prescriptions. The average person of those 4 million people, that were on the PBS psychiatric drug list, is on 9 different psychiatric drugs. PBS does not include 1st Nations Peoples in the NT, or the Military. 

AND THE PEOPLE THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SUBJECTS TO Forced Human Experimentation, are called 'BURDENS'. The Au govt gets $8 for every $1 invested in #FHE 

#FreeGarthDaniels #FreeJillJolliffe and millions of other Australians from the eugenics-stigma-targeting violations done under the Mental Health Acts in Australia.
PBS drugs prescriptions are just one kind of Human Research that psychiatrists in Australia forcibly perpetration on people who say no they don't want it and mean it.
Women who take contraception devices and drugs end up also being prescribed psychiatric drugs. The devices are then recognised as an experimental fail, when they were marketed as 'safe' and 'effective.'
Choice, is about actually choosing, in a system of force such as people are under in Australia, with the  State/ Territory Mental Health Acts, there is no choice, only force and coercion under duress of force.
Disgusting Australia! Stop allowing psychiatrists to forcibly sterilise, violate, torture, arbitrarily detain. Sign EN0422

40% of Australians get mentally-illed

Greg Hunt, the Health Minister is peddling the idea that 40% of Australians being used forcibly for human experimentation, is a great idea.

Near half a billion is being given by the Australian Government for Human Research.

How many people in other funded research areas besides Mental Health, are suffering iatrogenic effects of forced psychiatric drugs? 
- Exploitation & oppression rort Mental Health $ 53,357,755
- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health $ 31,345,012 (1st Nations Peoples are 5 times more likely to be subjected forcibly to psychiatric torture.)

human research on people who potentially are suffering due to iatrogenic harm caused by forced psychiatry *Cloud Studies*
- Psychdrugs cause Cancer $ 109,372,127
- Psychdrugs cause Cardiovascular Disease $ 96,807,391
- Psychdrugs cause Diabetes $ 48,138,328
- Psychdrugs cause Injury $ 28,487,333
- Psychdrugs cause what is seen as Dementia $ 14,278,383
- Psychdrugs cause Obesity $ 13,078,741
- Psychdrugs cause Asthma $ 12,335,400
- Psychdrugs cause Arthritis and Osteoporosis $ 10,397,697 (a psychiatrist told me about this one, but still kept me on the drugs claiming 'we must weight up the balances')

There is no reason for forced psychiatry, psychiatrists are unreasonable exploiters
I was told repeatedly by psychiatrists from 1998 to 2012 that I had a 'chemical imbalance'. I asked those psychiatrists to prove it. They said they couldn't do that without taking samples of brain tissue. And I asked how they knew, and the one psychiatrist said they only knew because of studies on rats and people who had died. From my understanding psychiatrists hated it when I spoke metaphorically, they saw that as 'diseased' thinking. Psychiatrists are just exploiters, violent exploiters. To say they cannot see the pain and suffering they forcibly put VOP through, is to say that psychiatrists are machines that cannot sense. The point is psychiatrists know exactly how horrible the torture they put VOP through is. It's just that they choose to use substitution (something actors do for performance of fiction or historical characters). Psychiatrists choose to substitute us for specimens in a petri-dish, or some kind of 'pest' that society wants eradicated.  Is this something 40% of the Australian population should be subjected to? No! No one deserves that, no one deserves to be subjected to forced human experimentation

EN0422 - Repeal ALL Mental Health Acts

Support the repeal of Australia’s #MentalHealthActs. Stop
the violent discriminatory government legislated lucrative
#ForcedHumanExperimentation in the guise of #care #Help #Medicine sign &
share #EN0422