Thursday, March 19, 2020

Stop Psy Killing Poets

Part one -

Poetic license – is not a medical measurement
To be supervised and managed by the psy.
Part 2

For International Poets Day, Victims of Psychiatrists are having a say!
And we want - psy to stop killing poets!

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Janita needs freedom from forced neurotoxin

'I don't want anyone else to suffer the way I have. I don't want forced psychiatry and forced psychiatric treatments in psychwards,' Janita Thurston.
Please sign Janita's petition for freedom from forcibly injected neurotoxins AND her other petition to reform the South Australian Mental Health Act, so that it doesn't include forced psychiatry.

Janita Thurston is well-aware of the devastating effects that forced psychiatric drugs have on her life, and yet she is being denied her autonomy, said not to have the capacity to understand the perpetrating psychiatrists’ point-of-view. Why should she understand and be obedient to perpetrators? She has been fully aware since psychiatrists first harmed her while she was still in secondary school, that psychiatrists were harming her and they are. Since 2002, various psychiatrists have tested out their products on her, naming the harms of the neurotoxins they forced on her as ‘a disease’ instead of recognising what psychiatrists know is one of the many horrible effects of neuroleptics.
Janita Thurston has been asking for 18 years, for the right to refuse psychiatrists torturous products, procedures, programs… yet has been continuously used by psychiatrists for various disgusting cruel human research studies.
This is likely to be the current research Janita Thurston is being used for, without permission, without her knowledge –
2016-2020 Project Grant; $626,179
National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRMC), Australia: 1102628
Morgan, V., McGrath, J., Galletly, C., Harvey, C., Castle, D., Cohen, M., Jablensky, A., Carr, V., Neil, A., Wattereus, A
Title: “An empirical framework for assessing mortality and morbidity in people with psychotic disorders: 7-year prospective and 10-year retrospective follow-up of 2075 participants in the Survey of High Impact Psychosis (SHIP) using linked registers”
What can a person do to escape a violent cruel regime such as forced psychiatry is? Victims of psychiatrists are not even permitted the right to self-defence.
If the history and current violations of psychiatrists on Janita Thurston were made into a movie – you would truly recognise her as the heroic protagonist, against the vile, cruel government legislated regime that is the mental health system in South Australia.
Janita advocates on behalf of animals and wants the right to boycott animal cruelty
Janita is aware of the horrific animal cruelty that pharmaceutical companies inflict on those animals they test these products on. Janita wants the right to refuse these products on that basis, and the basis of her right as a vegan, as well as reasons of her own right to life, right to health, and right to freedom from torture...
Please sign Janita's petition for freedom from forcibly injected neurotoxins AND her other petition to reform the South Australian Mental Health Act, so that it doesn't include forced psychiatry.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

VOP for International Women's Day

For Government to legislate for psy to conduct perverted experiments on women in order to make them more pliable to other kinds of predators – how can that be justified in a democratic country? It is a vile, cruel dictatorship that allows psy to perpetrate upon vulnerable women.

How is it that torture of a woman can be called ‘care’? The violation of a woman for the purposes of perverted medical experimentation is evil, and to legislate that is evil dictatorship, encroaching on a young woman’s right to refuse the penetration of her body. And for psy to ‘plan’ to do this violation to a  woman is utterly obscene.

To restrict a  woman’s life to that of serving her exploiters as a laboratory specimen, is a heinous crime – and for a government to legislate this heinous crime as legitimate by naming it ‘medicine’ is the most soul-destroying, life-wrecking regime to live under, for the women subjected to this. Her right to life, family, love, her health – being massacred. what does she have to celebrate unless society starts to do something to get the government to stop violating her? Without people to be there with her, doing that with her, she’s ganged up on by the psy and the government that allows it.

To legislate for psy’s treatment of a woman, based on psy’s slander of a person, so that psy can profit out of VOP flesh, is not lawful legislation.

To legislate for the use of police officers to force a woman into a psy’s bed, where she is then stripped and penetrated, injected with neurotoxins that torture her – cause physical pain and mental anguish, diminish physical and mental capacities, and are designed to disrupt profoundly her senses and personality… is not lawful legislation. And is a vile misuse of emergency powers. To call an organisation that inflicts such torture ‘the department of health and wellbeing’ – another insult to the physical realities, and gaslighting of her world.

It is never correct or preferable for a court of law to decide to allow a psy to torture a women.

The calling of a woman’s decision-making ‘impaired’ when she refuses to be forcibly penetrated by a psy, refuses to swallow a psy’s neurotoxin, is an extremely corrupt, violent use of medicalisation on a woman’s social and political rights – particularly the right to refuse exploitation, violation, and condemnation. The right to refuse the harm that psy inflicts on her, the right to speak out against the slander psy insults her with, the right to ask to seek justice… The politics of being antipsychiatry and the right to refuse psy – that should be a human right in any democratic court of law.

It is disgustingly inappropriate to legislate for the violation of a  woman, by injecting her forcibly with neurotoxins, destroying her hopes and dreams of living without the persecution of psy.

What a cost to her humanity! To her dignity! To her health! To her viability! To her fertility and creative spirit! To enslave women for the purposes of psy’s vile, cruel human research and do this through a court of law, a court that declares itself not to be an adversarial hearing but rather an inquisitorial one, that doesn’t have to prove fact or evidence! No rules of evidence in a Mental Health Tribunal – the psy can say whatever they want about the women they’re persecuting, and the psy’s wants and needs to exploit her, will be routinely rubber stamped! (In normal jurisdictions Courts and Tribunals are a purely adversarial hearing).

There is no place for inflicting torture on a woman, there’s no excuse as a matter of National Security, and even if it were for the purposes of National Security (which psy isn’t) that is considered not democratic. But to just take a woman and allow psy to have her for explorative research on how-to control, extract and terrorise, for situations of National Security (in some hypothetical situation down the track) is obscene, even in a dictatorship.

The understanding of information – now that’s where opinion must be allowed. A woman CANNOT be said to NOT have the capacity to understand what the torturing psy is doing to them – when the woman clearly name it TORTURE. Yet that's what psy do time and time again, systematically, because neurotoxins ARE torture, ECT is torture and psychosurgery is torture... yet our government legislates for the forcing of this on women and profits by that exploitation of women. Golden handshakes with the companies that want to test the torture equipment are given to political parties.

Psy and the MH coterie cannot be trusted in their judgement, which is obscured by powerplay, greed, vested interests and disgusting outrageous prejudice, born out of the eugenic’s era.  Yet, psy are given authority to judge a women, judge her mentality as 'ill' so they can exploit her. And for a woman to be called such a label by her husband, very threatening indeed, because what if he then fingers her to the psy, has her put away, so that when she's allowed freedom she's be obedient to him, because there's not a lot worst than the torture psychiatrists can put women through. To force a woman into being subject matter for a psy to examine and maltreat is one of the most horrifying torturous ordeals a person can suffer. Prolonged and indefinite torture – for the purposes of experimentation is NOT LAWFUL to legislate. To allow psy to slander and then legitimatise that slander as ‘medical’ then allow psy to conduct vile lucrative experiments and call that ‘medicine’ isn’t lawful legislation, and must be repealed.

Protest against the corrupt, cruel exploitation racket

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Stop Psychiatrists Killing Platypus!

Stop Psychiatrists Killing Platypus


Victorian Parliament Steps, 11am- 1pm

Demand our Government

Abolish Forced Psychiatric Drugs

Psychiatric drugs not only harm the humans that have these drugs forced on them, psychiatric drugs are also polluting our rivers and killing the life that lives there.

20% of Australians are forced to take neurotoxins, synthetic products, made by pharmaceutical companies that exceed CO2 emissions of the automotive industry.

Psychiatric drugs are not being fully removed from wastewater.

These forced products also contribute to plastic waste, and incinerator burn-off. If the 5 million Australians forced to take psychiatrists’ neurotoxins, had the right to refuse these toxic products, imagine the reduction in pollution, how our rivers and life there would more easily flourish, rather than suffer and die.

Platypus don’t fare well on psychdrugs any more than humans do. No one wants psychdrugs in their body! While our government still legislates to force psychiatric drugs into humans, our rivers are becoming increasingly polluted by these toxins. There are massive health risks to humans and wildlife with the amount of psychdrugs found in wastewater. And these pharmaceutical products are not easily removed from wastewater, which is then dumped into rivers, and used in farming.

The Royal Commission into BLOODY psychiatrists’ & mental health association company violations, is doing nothing to stop forced psychiatric drugging, instead, the Victorian Government wants to twist and pervert what Australians most violated by psychiatrists are saying, and then to our disgust, highlight those perpetrating psychiatrists who submitted to the Royal Commission for more government hand-outs. The Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health associated companies has ignored our pleas to abolish forced psychiatry, ignored the impact on humans, wildlife and our environment. Our government, puppeteered by big pharmaceutical lobbies and the exploitative mental Hellth associated companies,  wants to tax us, to increase the violations, on us, our environment, platypus and other river life. Stop psychiatrists from killing platypus and allow the twenty per cent of Australians forced to take neurotoxins the #right2refuse psychiatrists.



need legislative change NOW!



That must be ABOLISHED.

STAND WITH US, 3rd March

at Victorian Parliament, 11am – 1pm

What have platypus done to deserve forced psychiatry?

Forced psychiatric drugs are the worst kind of torture –  

only psychiatrists deserve that!

·      Tell Minister Folley he is off his trolley thinking he can get us tax-payers to agree to increase neurotoxins in the river water!

·      That 5 million Australians currently forced to kill platypus through mental health legislation want the #right2refuse!

Produced by Victims of Psychiatrists(VOP)

With support from –
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Bonnie Burstow Antipsychiatry Library

Bonnie Burstow – I want to say so much to thank you, and how amazing it is to have your literature available to read, not only on the web, but printed in books. For your courage and fighting words that enabled a scholarship for people who advocated for the abolition of psychiatry.

The violence of electro-convulsive torture experiments has not yet been stopped, any more than psychiatrists other violent intrusions on human life – but I thank you for working so valiantly towards an end to this horror.

I was looking forward to your anti-psychiatry library. I thought – it is such a brilliant plan, something I’ve long thought about, and I know that you can carry it off. I’ve been to so many libraries, full of the books of those who perpetrate against us, the victims of psychiatrists; and to have a library that doesn’t do that – that celebrates our work, that speaks the survivor movement, lets the victims of psychiatrists tell the truth about the violations inflicted on them – that is such a great idea to push and keep pushing for, until all libraries and bookstores have a section on the shelf, for us, instead of that horrible propaganda by those ugly whitecoats who so violently and cruelly attacked us, torturing us into premature aging, for disgusting profits of human research.

Let books by the survivor movement, antipsychiatry books, books by people who have been violated by psychiatrists, books by Bonnie Burstow and her dream of a library devoted to our human rights movement begin, not just in Toronto, Canada, but everywhere a library can be. The survivor movement has been there from day dot, the first day a person was maltreated by an alienist/ psychiatrist and then told they were an alien, treated as a thing to be denied human rights. Our movement will always exist, despite what the exploiters do to attempt to silence us. Let our books be on the shelf, let our words be heard, and never twisted into some perverted medical diagnosis – and may our publishers and writers rue the day they ever thought that ugly whitecoat propaganda made more sense than the obvious, horrific true crime that is the violation of billions of people world-wide, the killing and maiming of so many people by psychiatrists. That dictatorship, that ugly prejudice, vilification of those people psychiatrists claim as property and exploit – has no right to be there instead of the truth. To have a library full of the books by people, who have every right to have their works on the shelf – and yet have been denied that by one of the ugliest regimes in history – that is what has to happen. Thank you – Bonnie Burstow, for all you have done. You have given us so much – and your books and legacy will continue to give us so much more. And give people the courage to speak the truth, rather than die regurgitating their perpetrators’ lies.

RIP Bonnie Burstow