Saturday, October 12, 2019

VOP day 10 OCT 2019 - Australia

Many thanks to everyone who could make it to Canberra for the Victims of Psychiatrists day rally on the 10th of October, reclaiming the day from the perpetrating Mental Health personnel and their organisations. Thank you for your artworks and powerful voices. Will have an even bigger even organised next year.

My suggestion is to keep it acoustic, and fully use your voices as VOP. Because we never have microphones to amplify our voices when we are dragged away, and assaulted by mental health personnel, and even when we cry loudly for the violations to stop, we have been ignored, and made to disappear, then broken under torture.

Fiona Smith, would've been there too, but was arbitrarily detained in Royal Melbourne John Cade. She is still fighting for release. The Tribunal Hearing, is on the 16th Oct. And a rally of support for Fiona Smith outside Royal Melbourne John Cade has been suggested for the day.

For people that don't understand Victoria, Australia's system, a Tribunal Hearing, isn't an actual court of law, it is a panel with a Lawyer, Community Representative, and a Psychiatrist.

Reminder - what Fiona Smith is being tested on is whether or not she will comply with their human research, without being forced. There is no offence that Fiona Smith has committed. She is being accused of 'having' a vicious DSM slur, that has no scientific provable basis or reality, but is rather concocted for the purposes of an exploitation racket, that really, really needs to be abolished, as the UN CRPD has pressed upon Australia to do

This is common to all exploitation rackets, the victim-blaming, and denial, and utter violation of those being exploitation, then authorities putting out propaganda that their violations are 'benevolent', that goes back to 'saving witches' by burning and drowning them. Psychiatrists 'saving' the people they accuse of vicious DSM slurs constitutes exploiting them for vile, cruel, invasive lucrative human research, that causes a person massive disfiguration, retardation of physical and intellectual abilities, and organ decay. It is slow torture, but very obviously torture, in the same manner that ugly whitecoats conduct forced human research on small animals.

What is import is that: 
This is not about what psychiatrists accuse Fiona Smith of, this is about what Fiona accuses the treating and consultant psychiatrists of, and whether those psychiatrists need to be jailed for their violations of Fiona Smith. It is the supervising, researching, treating and consultant psychiatrists and the other Mental Health Personnel involved, that have committed a violent crime against Fiona Smith, and there is no accusation which makes their violations of her body, for their profit, a lawful ethical thing to do. 

What Royal Melbourne John Cade has done to Fiona, is a serious crime. That is what must be addressed. 

We must not allow the ugly whitecoats to turn this into 'the problem with Fiona' which is just an evil attempt to slander her with nebulous derogatory psychobabble terms, that have no more meaning than any terminology that exploiters offensively accuse the people they exploit of. The ugly whitecoats must not be allowed this power.

Please sign this petition for Fiona's release and be there on the 16th, at Royal Melbourne John Cade, to show support, if you can. 

Friday, October 11, 2019


Please sign Fiona Smith's petition to Royal Melbourne John Cade & human researchers, that need to immediately release Fiona, and stop forcibly injecting, stop harassing her.

Fiona Smith, platypus advocate and #Right2Refuse protester was about to head up to the 10th Oct rally in Canberra, for VOP day, but instead is being arbitrarily detained & tortured at Royal Melbourne John Cade, forcibly, likely prepping her for human research involving forced Risperdal Consta injections. These injections could prove lethal, as Fiona Smith is having severe allergic reactions to Risperdal/ Respiradone Consta, that Janssen-Cilag warn about on their website.
Forced Rispirdal/ Respiradone Consta is not a ‘least restrictive measure’, not supportive, or necessary, rather it is dangerously harmful and a huge risk to Fiona Smith’s health, well-being and life. 
Fiona Smith does NOT consent to be in human research trial ACTRN12609000317291, which includes Risperadal Consta injections. She does NOT consent to this injection being used on her for 3 times for 6 weeks prior to enrollment in trial ACTRN12609000317291, or any other research that involves this drug.
Such research without consent, is a violation of the Federal Responsible Research Code 8.2, for harm caused to Fiona Smith et al & 8.3 for the river life harmed by excess of synthetic toxins that cannot be removed from waste water.
Fiona Smith cannot be said to fall into the category of ‘emergency’ and to do so is a perverse corrupt use of emergency powers.
It is unclear what Dr Tiggy means by ‘psychosis’, it seems nebulous, and slanderous. And indeed what the crime of psychosis could possibly be that must be so harshly punished with arbitrary detention and neurotoxins known to cause intellectual and physical retardation, dis-figuration of attractiveness, and rapid deterioration of bodily organs (especially dangerous to people over 45.)
Fiona has committed NO CRIME. The medicalisation, slander of Fiona Smith by Mental Health Personnel and discrimination on the basis of disability is the crime here. Fiona Smith is a Victim of Psychiatrists, and should be allowed the right to refuse psychiatrists' products, procedures, programs and their bloody beds!
Fiona Smith has been sending email petitions for the purpose of awareness campaigning. She is alleging serious abuse, neglect and violence from Mental Health personnel towards persons with disabilities. She should be redirected to report to the correct channels, should anyone find her emails not something they can act on, channels such as the Federal Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse and Neglect of Persons with Disabilities, should be an obvious redirection. Why was that so difficult for Mental Health personnel to accomplish? This simple redirection and support of much needed reporting of these serious crimes. Instead they want to shut Fiona Smith up? Torture her with forced drugging and detain her, to break her under torture.
Fiona Smith has been having serious reactions to Rispiradone/ Risperdal for some time, which is increasing in severity. Recogising that the drug was causing her adverse reactions, she sought out a GP to safely withdraw from this drug. Fiona should not be condemned for doing this, she certainly shouldn’t be condemned for suffering withdrawal symptoms and feeling outrage at those who have forced these drugs into her body (and have profited in the course of their work from doing so), while Fiona has suffered massive damage to her life and livelihood from having this and other neurotoxins forced on her.
Fiona should be allowed the right to withdraw from these neurotoxins (Risperidone/ Respirdal) and not be labelled with vicious slurs as a result of withdrawal symptoms.
Fiona is an engaging and intelligent woman who speaks the truth. Support from lawyers into clarifying that truths she writes and speaks of, into that which is suitable to a court of law, is the support Fiona Smith needs, not further exploitation from Mental Health Personnel, who need to be prosecuted.
Fiona Smith is an active protester, UN Reporter and petitioner in the legitimate right to refuse forced psychiatry and forced human research, a right that is supported by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Arbitrary detention and inflicting medical research on a person on the basis of accused disability MUST be considered abhorrent for very obvious ethical reasons.
Please urge Royal Melbourne John Cade to release Fiona Smith, and stop forcing Risperdal/ Risperdone Consta injections. Demand Fiona Smith be immediately released from arbitrary detention at Royal Melbourne John Cade and permitted to choose a medical practitioner that supports her in withdrawing from these neurotoxins that Royal Melbourne John Cade Mental Health Personnel have forced into her body putting her life in danger. Fiona Smith must also have the right to refuse a medical practitioner that doesn’t suit her.
Fiona Smith also has duties concerning animal welfare, and needs to return to her flat ASAP to look after her cat.
There must be no more harassment at Fiona Smith’s flat, by Mental Health Personnel, who insist on maintaining her as a cash-cow tied to their services, products, procedures, research and programs, that she does not want to participate in. To bundle housing into a coercive-control as well as forced psychiatry and forced human research is just hideously unethical and not socially supportive at all, rather corrupt and violating.
Fiona Smith must be permitted to disengage from people who she does not want in her life. She should not have to fear that another person, whom she does not trust, has the key to her home.
Harassment and threats to animal life must be taken seriously by housing providers and stopped. A grievance this serious must be investigated. The person who reports (the harassment, and threats to animal life) such as Fiona Smith did, should not be then silenced by forced psychiatry, such as Fiona Smith has been. This victim-blaming is lazy and cruel for a housing provider.
A person who has information on the violence, abuse and neglect in the Mental Health System, should be supported in reporting through correct channels, such as the Federal Royal Commission; rather than left to despair that no one will do anything to stop the violence, abuse and neglect of persons with disabilities.
This is not about what psychiatrists accuse Fiona Smith of, this is about what Fiona accuses the treating and consultant psychiatrists of, and whether those psychiatrists need to be jailed for their violations of Fiona Smith. It is the supervising, researching, treating and consultant psychiatrists and the other Mental Health Personnel involved, that have committed a violent crime against Fiona Smith, and there is no accusation which makes their violations of her body, for their profit, a lawful ethical thing to do.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Free Fiona Smith, #Right2Refuse protester & platypus advocate

Fiona Smith, platypus advocate & #Right2Refuse protester is being arbitrarily detained & tortured at Royal Melbourne John Cade, forcibly for disgusting, vile, cruel human research of forced Risperdal Consta injections

This trial is being conducted forcibly and is a clear violation of 8.2 of the Code of Responsible Research.

Fiona wanted to speak at a fully approved Canberra Rally about synthetic drugs that end up in the rivers, because they cannot be removed from waste water, killing river life such as platypus, a violation of 8.3 of the Code of Responsible Research.

Fiona was tapering Risperdal tablets responsibly with a GP, on 1 mg and feeling like she was getting her abilities back. She wanted to also speak at the rally about what she's suffered as a Victim of Psychiatrists (VOP), as well as what other VOP have suffered (some VOP of which have been killed by forced psychiatry, and there is a need to grieve and for the officials and public to acknowledge these people were killed by forced psychiatry.)

On Saturday 28th Mental Health Personnel dragged Fiona from her home, into the Psychiatric unit, for the alleged purposes of exploiting her for this research and silencing her petitions and protests, which include a co-written alternative report from VOP in Australia, to the UN CRPD committee. 

Fiona Smith needs to be freed from arbitrary detention and these horrendous violations, and the violators prosecuted under 8.2 and 8.3 of the Federal Code for Responsible Research.

Fiona Smith was to attend International Victims of Psychiatrists Day on 10th Oct 2pm - 5pm, at Canberra Parliament AAA. This is about a protester & human rights defender being silenced by the vile cruel exploitation legislation that is the MHA.
Risperdal Consta is causing Fiona Smith horrific pain and damage to her body, disfiguring, disabling and retarding of her abilities -
-changes in vision, including blurred vision
-difficulty concentrating
-difficulty speaking or swallowing
-inability to move the eyes
-increase in amount of urine
-loss of balance control
-mask-like face
-memory problems
-muscle spasms of the face, neck, and back
-problems with urination
-restlessness or need to keep moving (severe)
-shuffling walk
-skin rash or itching
-stiffness or weakness of the arms or legs
-tic-like or twitching movements
-trembling and shaking of the fingers and hands
-trouble sleeping
-twisting body movements
This is outrageously cruel drug to forcibly subject Fiona Smith to. Her skin was torn when they forcibly injected her in her arm, causing her to bleed, and as she said 'blood everywhere all over the bed where they held me down.'
Victorians must think of human rights and dignity, before the money made from human research. It is a disgusting thing for a State Government, and a Federal Government to profit from. Forced Human Experimentation, and the psychiatrists that torture people for profit, must be utterly condemned and immediately stopped.
For a state such as Victoria to train psychiatrists to torture little animals in their research, then move on to humans is disgusting. For these psychiatrists to take pleasure in the power they have to break people under torture, into servitude as research specimens, and be allowed to do that through State legislation, is so vile and evil.
That the State Legislators have given violating psychiatrists loopholes such as Emergency Treatment/ Research, and the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014, is not something that should be allowed. No State/ Territory in Australia, or any other place in the world, should be allowing psychiatrists to force their products, procedures, programs, beds and research on people. And the life of our rivers, as Fiona Smith has been advocating must also be considered. The river water would not be any where near as polluted as it is if there was no forced psychiatry.
Victoria and the rest of Australia must implement international agreements, such as the UN CRPD, stop violating Fiona Smith, the people she's being protesting for, and the river life she's also been advocating for.
Forced psychiatry should be considered a servitude offense, and the Code violations, for the human research people have been forcibly subjected be recognised and subjected to the full force of the law.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Sustainability is about abolishing forced psychiatry

Little shop in Maldon, Victoria, Australia -

Working on the easily understood, not up for debate, need to reduce human exposure to toxic substances, which we petitioned our parliamentarians on - 

The inaction on the obvious, and the action on what is merely a roll out of another experimental product, induction technology, is what society is too easily duped into following up on and rallying for the implementation of. 

They should be asking for reduction of the obvious pollutants, but they're not. They're creating a build up and debate about whose technology is permitted to have government backing. That's what happened when plastic bags replaced paperbags, instead of encouraging string-bags, which the hippies all had, they wanted to roll out their plastics, and make them profitable.

It's obvious that propylene glycol & polypropylene glycol are causing massive hazards for the environment and us. But, people keep selling their toxic rot, and wearing it, even while touting for 'Climate Change Action'. The stink at a Climate Change Rally from the toxic fumes the protesters wear - not even recognised as one of the main climates of toxic rot that need to be recognised and stopped.

The touted 'safe' e-cigarettes, now recognised to cause fatty growths inside the lungs. And regular tobacco still kept 'fresh' with over loads of propylene glycol.  (Perhaps the actual tobacco plant, a natural mosquito repellent, wasn't the real issue.)

Propylene Glycol should not be labelled 'carbohydrate' on packages but still is. It shouldn't be put into food, but it still is. A lot of dairy products have a scary amount of it in them (not labelled), though of course confectionery, cigarettes, alcohol and medicines remain the worst offenders. Bread, you've got to really think about that one too, make it yourself if you can.

And how-to travel?
A 23 hour flight to Geneva is out of the question, once you've been exposed to too much PG and are sensitive, allergic etc.
The mask I have would not work that long. My eyes, my skin get exposed, and blister, and take in the toxin. I'm open to suggestions, though, I think the best thing to do would be to ban the toxic Personal Products.

And accommodation? Ooo. Cannot sleep in those toxic sheets full of crude-cracker fumes.

And people who are forcibly subjected to psychiatric drugs, have this substance, and other toxic crude-cracker synthetic substances forced into their bodies. A lot of us are now sensitive or allergic to chemicals we could previously tolerate. But, now I think about it, no one should be tolerating. They're responsible for so much suffering, fatigue, unexplained anxiety, sadness, or irritation. Sit in an office full of that for a life-time, you'll end up with cancer, if you don't get an allergy to prevent you sitting through more of the unnecessary, horribly offensive stink people were indoctrinated to put on their bodies by the Mental Hygiene propaganda.

And that part again, the forced psychiatry, the intrusive cruel forced injections of huge amounts of synthetic crude-cracker chemicals. That use of force, on people, is so disturbing, people should have shop window displays all the time telling people why that's not okay, why that isn't sustainable, why it is UTTERLY SHAMEFUL to have in government legislation, and live in a society, and do nothing to stop that legislated use of force, utterly shameful. DO SOMETHING!

When there's that kind of use of force, that exploitative use of force to give a product a market, when no one is choosing to have the product, you've got something seriously wrong with the authority figures in your society that legislate that. 

Do people remember being told to 'not be a baby' when your parents doused your hair with toxic poo, and told you that this sham was 'gentle compared to the rest'. Remember also that prisoners were coerced to have this squirted in their eyes, in early stages of developing the product. I doubt they listened to any of the prisoners' suffering from the shampoo, because the product they ended up with caused babies to cry.

The Painter & The Writer Gallery in Maldon, suggests you wash your hair in garden weeds (in soft water this works very well.) Much nicer to use milk thistle boiled up, or chickweed, than make your baby cry.

Deodorant, was another invention of the toxic Mental Hygiene/ Mental Health industry, that touted how-to work and play and have a nice day, and kill anyone who doesn't comply with the social experiments of the crude-cracker toxic rot dressed up as 'hygiene'.

Little shop in Main St, Maldon, says  non-toxic deodorant grows on a tree. lemons are a deodorant, and they're not going to burn your pits, cause allergies, cause asthma and stink up the world and pollute the rivers and our seas, kill our coral reef, and contribute to CO2. Keep them fresh in a jar of water, after cutting off a slice. Use the left-over peel. So much more decent and understanding to your friends, colleagues, and the life around you.

Now, you know why psychiatry must die, so we all can thrive and this propaganda machine, the Mental Hygiene/ Mental Health industry must not be reinvented, it must end, for the ecology to thrive. Sustainability is about abolishing forced psychiatry.

Implement CRPD & the right2Refuse Psychiatrists

Standing at the Victorian Parliament, every month in 2019, to demand that Victims of Psychiatrists be heard in the Victorian Royal Commission into the Mental Health System of this State, to demand that we have the #Right2Refuse psychiatrists' products, procedures and their bloody beds, and that the lies told that VOP want to get into psychiatrists' beds, are the vile disgusting lies of the psychiatric regime, the exploitation racket that has gone on way too long.

Just as we stood at the State Library every week from 2015 - 2018, to ask the Library, the keepers of definition, ideas and the public's understanding and historical records - to recognise Victims of Psychiatrists, and the need for an end to the vile, cruel exploitation racket, free the people who are currently being tortured and abolish forced psychiatry.

Oct 10th 2019, we take our protest to Canberra
Demanding that Federal parliamentarians put pressure on the States to repeal forced psychiatry, as the UN CRPD Committee has asked Australia to do.

VOP sent a report to the UN CRPD committee this year, and are pleased to say many of our requests were understood, as these requests have long been part of what victims of psychiatrists and their allies have been reporting to the UN.

Not everyone is putting their name down on this list, as people are wary of having their names attached to such protests. That's okay, however I do urge you to contact me, Initially NO, via my twitter, facebook etc, to let me know you'll be there, and it'll just be to do with numbers in the authorised area of Canberra's parliament that authorities want to know about.

Federal Prosecution via the Code of Responsible Research, under 8.2
For the horrific forced human experimentation, that is systematic in all State/ Territories of Australia, and the profits HUGE for the psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies and government investors.
Keeping these jobs, these jobs that kill and maim people, exploit in the most vile, cruel ways - is just not something that can EVER be considered democratic. And if Australia does not abolish this legislated exploitation racket, then it cannot be considered a democracy.

As well as prosecution under 8.3, because we've really got to think about where all these chemicals that people don't want forced into their bodies are going, into waste water, and they cannot be removed, and we put it to the environment protection authorities, and the people who love to live in Australia, or visit Australia - that it is these extra psychiatric drugs, forced on people (every day for a life-time, on average 9 different psychdrugs per person) is what is causing the excess pollution that is killing platypus and other river life.

Also got to think about the excess plastics thereby used, as all these pills are packaged, and medicine cups are used and thrown away, needles are of course used and throw  away... and hospital burning this waste, putting toxins in the air, including CO2. That's without mentioning that pharmaceutical companies are by far the biggest polluters in the world, with far greater CO2 emissions than the automotive industry.

The #Right2Refuse psychiatrists' bloody beds, think about that, when you see 60 minutes reporting psychiatrists now jailed for pedophilia, and news reports on lewd assault from psychiatrists. How is it that the State/ Territories can force people into psychiatrists' beds, allow psychiatrists legislation that enables them to forcibly drug and inflict various procedures and cruelties on people in order to break them under this torture, to agree to do as the psychiatrists dictate?

There's still time to send in reports to the Federal Royal Commission into the bloody violations done in the name of care, help and medicine. We need the Federal RC to investigate, and expose, and put pressure on the State/ Territories to abolish forced psychiatry. 

We cannot have these monsters covering up for pedophiles, forcing mothers into forced psychiatry, c-sections, take their children away unless they comply with psychiatrists' demands. It's just not something a decent society does, it's what a vile, cruel exploitative dictatorship does, then, of course rolls out the victim-blaming propaganda.

Give the public a reminder of how many people were killed by psychiatrists in Australia last year, and the year before that, and the year before that...

We need the parliamentarians to start recognising that we, the people, who are victims of psychiatrists, need an abolition of forced psychiatry, and an apology for it ever having occurred. We are people foremost, but we are Victims of Psychiatrists (VOP) because we have received no notice that forced psychiatry will be abolished in Australia, nor any kind of reparations. Therefore, like any other victims of exploitation, violence, abuse... we need justice - the #Right2Refuse psychiatrists products, procedures, programs and their bloody beds.

We suggest a repeal of all legislated forced/ coerced Mental Health.