Monday, June 23, 2014

Ugly regime

An ugly mongrel group of people gained authority from my government to threaten me, humiliate me, attempt to brainwash me, then torture me by injecting various chemicals into my blood-stream for nearly 14 years.

I was afraid to speak about who they were lest people judge me, not employ me, or condemn me to further assaults on my body, that could include electrocution and lengthy captivity.

It is an horrific regime that still thrives in my country. Please find a way to stop the cult of psychiatry infiltrating government policy. This regime of terror is not medicine, it is a crime against humanity. It must be stopped. The regime’s propaganda may make you victim-blame, criminalising the innocent (some of psychiatry’s victims are younger than two years old, many are women or teenagers who have been bullied and violently abused.) Try to look beyond what you have had preached to you by psychiatry.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 26 is the International Day in Solidarity with Victims of Torture

On June 26th the mainstream media must talk about psychiatric abuse, otherwise they’re being extremely insensitive by neglecting to do so. Psychiatric survivors need validation.

There must be huge recognition, on June 26th of the torture regime psychiatric survivors suffered, are suffering, and those who have died from it, as well as those who comply with the brain-washing, because they have little choice now they are addicted to cocktails of harmful psych drugs. The 25 years that are taken away, the abilities that are destroyed, the disabling of so many by force. It is the use of force, in psychiatry, that must stop.

Most psychiatric survivors have never committed a crime, but they are victims of crime. Society punishes those grieving, unless the grieving person has support. Support for those that are unusual, different, before their time, is not a given in most societies, especially Australia. Australia has a tendency to alienate diversity. Alienating a person, causes grief. People want and need to connect to the rest of society, and it is distressing when they cannot because of societal fears and prejudices based on ugly regimes that do not help society ameliorate, or improve society's ethics.

Australia has signed the United Nation’s CRPD. This means that use of psychiatric force on citizens of this country who have not committed a crime, is illegal.

‘The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture in March 2013 called for an absolute ban on nonconsensual psychiatric interventions, including restraint, solitary confinement, and nonconsensual administration of electroshock, psychosurgery and mind-altering drugs such as neuroleptics.  He also urged repeal of legal provisions authorizing confinement and compulsory treatment in mental health settings, and said that detention on mental health grounds is unjustified.’ (

‘Tina Minkowitz has proposed that we use June 26 as a day to write blogs and statements on psychiatric torture. This can be done as a response to or reflection on the UN rapporteur on torture's recommendations that forced psychiatric treatment of all kind be banned, or however you might think to raise awareness on the topic.’ (
 Psychiatry needs to be put in its place, and psychiatric survivors need society to recognise the torture they have suffered and are still suffering while the psychiatric regime is allowed to thrive, continuing to perpetrate horrendous crimes.
Speak out against psychiatric abuse on JUNE 26th this year.