Saturday, December 24, 2016

Scam Industries should not be funded & enforced by government policy

People want to want to call people out as ‘crazy’ and not be told that that is unacceptable, that is one thing, then there are those people who do whitecoterie and think they're PC. Usually what people don’t get is that it is the terms they think are PC that are unacceptable to psychsurvivors. People have to recognise the regime we’re living under. And they're not going to be told that by the mainstream media, today... let's hope they will tomorrow.

I like people who make sense. I sometimes feel though, even those who make sense in one way, don’t understand something else, and think they do. Those who use whitecoterie terms of abuse, accuse, label, say that you, or they, 'have to work on mental health’… or use the term, 'I am... [insert derogatory fictional DSM diagnosis]'. I just think, stop it, stop repeating the sheep-bleat psychiatric prayers. People who might’ve made sense, in another way, but what’s the point if they have no idea about the thing that makes the world so messed up? The point can be, they're just saying it, because they feel if they don't, they'll be hauled off to hospital when they want to spend Christmas & New Year with their families & friends.

Psychiatry is eugenics, the Mental Health Association, formally the Mental Hygiene Association, ideology is eugenics, and funded by eugenics enforcers. You are totally stupefied propaganda and/or just evil if you subscribe to the nonsense that is psychiatry and the Mental Health Association's systematic abuse of human lives.

Media haven't been all that responsible in reporting Forced Human Experimentation via the psychiatric regime. They've created this mess by advertising way too much to be legitimate. And mainstream media prefer aggressive people, to psychsurvivors who have been poisoned, electrocuted and verbally abused for years and years...

Whitecoat 'feminists', do they exist in an entire profession that is misogynist? No. Whitecoats are liars by trade, and they attempt to usurp activists so they can write propaganda more effectively. This is a scam, a mass-marketing of misogynistic madness and should not be funded and enforced by government policy, but at the moment, it still is, as it has been for over 208 years.

Whitecoats are not an ally to any oppressed group of people. They may call themselves 'feminists' when that's not who they are. Hell, we live in a world where men will claim to be 'feminist', when they're not in any way even an ally to feminists.

‘Consciousness alone does not necessarily mean that patients are competent to make decisions about treatment or participation in research trials' says well it wouldn't to those who have no conscience and are in the psychiatric department and want to force participation in 'research trials'! Misogynists have a habit of using people for what they want if they can de-humanise the person enough.

I don’t think some people understand what it is to be female and a psychsurvivor, then told by whitecoats who call themselves ‘feminists’ that we have to STFU.

This is what Monash whitecoats think JUSTICE is, ‘although it may seem unfair to conduct research on people who are in emergency care situations, where the research merit principle is fulfilled, there must be fair access to participation opportunities.’

Yeah, they want 'fair access' to our bodies, to do what they like with. And, they get it, through Mental Health Laws, that those whitecoat 'feminists' think need to be kept so they can continue to encroach on us for profits, power and muck.

'Unfair'?! it is one of the most hideous human rights violations, to use people, against their will for invasive torturous human experimentation and call this 'necessary treatment'.

Alarming isn't it? ‘Research without consent (RWC) is currently permissible in certain situations under specific conditions in the US, EU member states, Canada, and Australasia.’

The reason why when psychiatry does a bring-in, it is called 'an emergency' and the person is said to have 'impaired decision-making capacity'.

Most people don't know this is the way it is though. If they did, they would be protesting against it.

Psychiatry is the reason there is the trans industry lobby with BIG MONEY behind it, it is the reason that women who stand up to misogyny can be so beaten up by this 'western' regime of cruelty so that they don't bother ever saying anything again, even when cornered by violators. Psychiatry is a regime that attacks marginalised people, or people that support marginalised people. If marginalised/ oppressed people support psychiatry they are betraying their own people and in the pay of whitecoats, or really, really gullible (often they are in the corner and think it is the only way to survive). If feminists support psychiatry they are NOT feminists. They usually work, or benefit from Scam Industries either financially, or socially. Scam industries: Body Modification Industry, Porn, Psychiatry, Fashion Industry, Pharms... doing misogynist 'Transformations'. I'm amazed that this trans propaganda has got people to volunteer for these procedures... proves that whitecoats can sell anything, especially when they hijack activism, and have a lot of money to pay for making sure the 'trans' story is put in front of any real activism. Solution #AbolishPsychiatry they're the crazy-making spin-doctors who are still forcefully using people for Human Experimentation and peddling this nonsense. 

'Gender Dysphoria' is one of the many fictional 'mental illnesses' concocted by psychiatrists in the DSM 5. The DSM is the eugenics bible, it propagates lies about humanity via government policy and in some countries will forcefully drug, electrocute or do surgery on people due to them being diagnosed. In Iran, homosexuals are diagnosed with 'Gender Dysphoria' and forced to undergo invasive reassignment surgeries and chemical injections. There are many activists that are mentally-illed for political reasons. Psychiatry has been doing Forced Human Experiments for 208 years on the population, and relies on this enslaving of the population to test drugs & procedures, there are some people who are coerced (under duress, or in the same way as scam industries do with other kinds of surgery, fashion & pills). 'Mental illness' is a slur, because the psychiatric regime, is a regime of huge oppression for over 1/4 of the population, subjecting them to 24/7 indefinite torture and arbitrary detention. At the moment in most countries those diagnosed with 'Gender Dysphoria' are not subject a forced Human Experiment (though it has been so in the past.)

There is no trans 'movement', it is psychiatry, the psychiatric regime, and they don't have to borrow anything, that's just what they have always used for 'early intervention' as an excuse for enslaving children into Human Laboratory Experiments. Bogus science, harmful industry. #AbolishPsychiatry.

Everything is all the go in the acting/ performance industry, you can be a tree or the rear-end of a donkey. You can act for money, or you can do it for ‘fun’ (on amateur circuits) but you know, it is acting. Sometimes acting is more bound by stereotypes than any other industry, which makes watching TV and mainstream films really annoying. But when people go around saying they’re the rear-end of a donkey, and I must refer to them as that in real life, then I’m waiting for the point where you’re going to wrap-up the joke you’re telling, because I’m then going to pin you as a comedian, because acting off stage, generally means someone is spieling for some industry… You want to spiel for the fashion and body modification industry, I’m not interested. You want to spiel for psychiatry, go to HELL. Hurry up and get to the point of your transformation joke 'butterfly', I don't want your yellow dye margarine you spouted for years was more healthy than butter until you got exposed. Keep up your farting while your front end brays, 'rear end' I'm not buying into what you're selling and if you're not making me laugh with you, then I'm thinking you have no idea you are a joke... and that's really sad, and you're likely trying to sell me some scam of whatever I don't want, and hope you can pull off the 'illusion'.

I’m thinking of all the people who have been shut-up and shut down this holiday season, while everyone else is partying. I’m thinking of those people who are being Forcefully used for Human Experimentation, enslaved as laboratory specimens by the psychiatric regime. I want my community to start protesting for these people subjected to 24/7 indefinite torture and arbitrary detention. Children subjected to forced neuroleptics and other harmful drugs are given no choice, neither are adults in their prime, or the elderly who are abused (often fingered to whitecoats by relatives, or people they thought they trusted). Really sad when my state, Victoria, actually wants to also put in force 'Euthanasia legislation' to bump of those they are torturing, so to trial their death drugs. People coerced under duress are not voluntary, but that won't stop the whitecoats.

The transformation of intelligent people, attempting to speak out against traumatising social circumstances (or past abuses) into shut-down twitching poisoned beaten up people is horrendous. The effects of those horrible drugs forced into them are not ‘progression of the disease’ it is people suffering forced poisoning via government legislated psychiatry forced on them. There is no excuse for it that isn’t horrific victim-blaming propaganda. How could any parent do this to an innocent child? They trust medicos and don’t even listen to what their child is saying.

You want to modify your body with chemicals and surgeries and fashion industry scams… you do it, but do NOT do it to others, and you do not coerce  or force children or vulnerable adults in into it. Do not allow the laws of your country to continue forcing this horror on people. Don’t be a bystander, or go along with those paid shrills who use plainsfolk propaganda to pretend they’re not a whitecoat troll on the payroll.

I had hoped the psychiatric regime would end in 2016. Obviously there needs to be more effort on the part of the population that is too stupified to think through the propaganda of whitecoats and their attempt to pose as ‘activists’ for those they mentally-ill. And I mean it, if you subscribe to whitecoat propaganda you really, really, really don’t think much at all beyond what you’re fed, taught and told to think say and do.

'My views are not based on research published in reputable scientific publications. My opinions are empirically founded: I have personal experience from being a psychiatric patient for 23 years. I have been harassed, treated with utter disrespect and sheer physical violence. (Please note: I have never been harmful to myself nor others.) I’ve been subject to dramatic involuntary commitment and forced medical treatment. All of which resulted in emotional and physical damage I still suffer from today. It would probably be easier to live with my horrific memories had my own experiences been unfortunate and based on unprecedented interventions which my perpetrators were punished for committing. The sad fact is that nobody apologizes. Nobody was punished.'

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

208 years of Forced Human Experimentation

Insulin Shock, was considered to be a 'cure' from the 1920s until the 1960s, when it was replaced by neuroleptic chemical lobotomies. It wasn't a cure, or help (like most of psychiatry's abuses on humans) it killed many, caused brain-damage, and none of those people who survived the suffering of it were compensated, or allowed to speak to mainstream media to gain validation for being forced into these horrible human experiments.

A survivor of Insulin Shock writes,'My insulin-induced hunger or forced starvation was intense and excruciatingly painful. It went to the core of my very being. There are two types of insulin shock – coma and subcoma, I got the latter. However, I once went into a coma which Dr. Sharpe and other psychiatrists never warned me about, and which is carefully omitted on my medical chart.'

Society must start to consider how insulin is NOW being used by medicos to murder people. That this FORCED human experimentation, has yielded data on how to kill people, that medicos have access to the precise details of. Here's some articles that expose those murdering medicos:

It is understood that a certain dose of Clozapine will kill people, just as insulin will. Clozapine is being currently experimented on, in Australia, over and above other kinds of drugs in psychiatry's array of chemicals, even though it is an old drug, that prior to 2014, was forced, or coerced on people (under duress) as a 'last resort', because it was highly dangerous and needed to be monitored, and often killed people. There is most likely a vested interest in finding out whether it is reliable to kill people, or perhaps being used for trials to do with lowing the white blood-cell count. Companies that do Human Research into blood disorders, may be beneficiaries of people who are enslaved into this human experimentation. These companies may well even pay for the data. If that is not going on, then, there's a lot of extra monitoring of people's blood and heart etc... because they've been placed on this drug, often with other drugs, to see the effects. And, in Australia a $60 billion dollar tax bill per year, to pay for this unwanted Forced Human Experimentation, that causes 24/7 indefinite torture to millions of Australians every year.

'A senior psychiatric practitioner made the verbatim statement that, Quote: “Eastern Health (Upton House) has no other effective treatment options other than ECT, as the family refuses to consider clozapine. We believe his (Garth’s) current medication regime is ineffective”. Unquote. Such an admission in our view, "we say" contravenes both agreed medical conventions on this very high-risk forced medication approach.'

This is obviously a grant to look at the effects of Clozapine on diabetes and heart conditions. (MECTA that make ECT machines, linked to Pfizer via an umbrella pharmaceutical company, most likely also involved. Although ECT is often just used as a threat that is carried through to get a person to agree to whatever the psychiatrist wants).

There are probably experiments perhaps done on changing person's blood-type, but I'm not sure why this would be immediately financed or of interest to those investing in it. I'm just aware that mine changed, and there is, if you look it up a medical understanding on how a disease like rubella, or other stressors can change a person's blood-type.

Psychiatric drugs, particularly the neuroleptics, are one of the most horrendous tortures in the world, shutting down a person's ability to self-advocate, making a person an invalid, making a person in constant pain, as well as inarticulate.

NB: The approvals covered access to medical records without patient consent

Look further at this document here:

208 years of Forced Human Experimentation, that is the history of psychiatry, and it hasn't stopped, it has increased. It is time for Investigative Journalists to start really looking into what the psychiatric regime is doing in Australia and other countries in the world. Robert Whitaker (Investigative Journalist, USA) has been marvellous in being able to understand and listen to people who have suffered psychiatry, and get their point of view heard. However, it is rare in Australia, for journalists to take our side, and in speaking to journalists hoping they are on our side, we often find that they have vested interests and they end up writing for those who perpetrate the wrongs on us, distorting and misquoting us. It is horrible, as psychsurvivors to constantly see the perpetrators of forced human experimentation, being allowed their point-of-view, because of the greed of journalists and publications.

I'm thinking the vested interest for most journalists in their pitching of a story to magazines, TV, or radio, is advertising, and while psychiatric drugs are not directly advertised on TV, the company that makes the popular toothpaste advertisement, the shampoo, the skin cream... is the same company that makes the neuroleptics forced on Australian Citizens against their will.

Then, there are the donations to the political parties... and that means ABC will be put under some kind of pressure, probably more than commercial media, no matter what party gets in. To do an expose on government crimes against citizens, is one thing, to expose their sponsors, another.