Monday, June 23, 2014

Ugly regime

An ugly mongrel group of people gained authority from my government to threaten me, humiliate me, attempt to brainwash me, then torture me by injecting various chemicals into my blood-stream for nearly 14 years.

I was afraid to speak about who they were lest people judge me, not employ me, or condemn me to further assaults on my body, that could include electrocution and lengthy captivity.

It is an horrific regime that still thrives in my country. Please find a way to stop the cult of psychiatry infiltrating government policy. This regime of terror is not medicine, it is a crime against humanity. It must be stopped. The regime’s propaganda may make you victim-blame, criminalising the innocent (some of psychiatry’s victims are younger than two years old, many are women or teenagers who have been bullied and violently abused.) Try to look beyond what you have had preached to you by psychiatry.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

June 26 is the International Day in Solidarity with Victims of Torture

On June 26th the mainstream media must talk about psychiatric abuse, otherwise they’re being extremely insensitive by neglecting to do so. Psychiatric survivors need validation.

There must be huge recognition, on June 26th of the torture regime psychiatric survivors suffered, are suffering, and those who have died from it, as well as those who comply with the brain-washing, because they have little choice now they are addicted to cocktails of harmful psych drugs. The 25 years that are taken away, the abilities that are destroyed, the disabling of so many by force. It is the use of force, in psychiatry, that must stop.

Most psychiatric survivors have never committed a crime, but they are victims of crime. Society punishes those grieving, unless the grieving person has support. Support for those that are unusual, different, before their time, is not a given in most societies, especially Australia. Australia has a tendency to alienate diversity. Alienating a person, causes grief. People want and need to connect to the rest of society, and it is distressing when they cannot because of societal fears and prejudices based on ugly regimes that do not help society ameliorate, or improve society's ethics.

Australia has signed the United Nation’s CRPD. This means that use of psychiatric force on citizens of this country who have not committed a crime, is illegal.

‘The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture in March 2013 called for an absolute ban on nonconsensual psychiatric interventions, including restraint, solitary confinement, and nonconsensual administration of electroshock, psychosurgery and mind-altering drugs such as neuroleptics.  He also urged repeal of legal provisions authorizing confinement and compulsory treatment in mental health settings, and said that detention on mental health grounds is unjustified.’ (

‘Tina Minkowitz has proposed that we use June 26 as a day to write blogs and statements on psychiatric torture. This can be done as a response to or reflection on the UN rapporteur on torture's recommendations that forced psychiatric treatment of all kind be banned, or however you might think to raise awareness on the topic.’ (
 Psychiatry needs to be put in its place, and psychiatric survivors need society to recognise the torture they have suffered and are still suffering while the psychiatric regime is allowed to thrive, continuing to perpetrate horrendous crimes.
Speak out against psychiatric abuse on JUNE 26th this year.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

More than 24 million people abused, worldwide, by medical practitioners

24 million people worldwide, that’s more than 22.68 million, which is the population of Australia. So, more people than the population of Australia are forcefully injected with neuroleptics, by psychiatrists world-wide, horrible dangerous substances, that were torturous to me, are put into their bloodstream. That’s not a tiny amount of people.

What’s contained in neuroleptics?


The petroleum based chemicals is contained in all neuroleptics:

Propylene glycol (pharmaceutical grade anti-freeze) is highly toxic to have in the body every second of your life. It’s not okay for more than 24 million people to be injected with this stuff against their will. It’s not even okay to market this stuff as a product. FDA is really negligent.

Basically, dancing to the same tune as Propylene glycol, which I’m definitely allergic to. There are many, many other awful chemicals here too beside the antifreeze derivatives: lactose, maize starch, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, plenty of GMO products etc…

Psychiatrists have given me a healthy disrespect for medical practitioners in general. I see doctors for the sales people they are. They’re unethical and break their own codes on a regular basis. ‘Do no harm’ is their first up, and they harm so much more than any other profession on earth. GPs have never helped me, but have often hindered me, by thinking they’re right and stopping me from getting x-rays that I then get later, revealing bones healed crookedly. The latest was a GP who though he could arrogantly assert that an allergy doesn’t happen with enlargements of lymph nodes and that I needed anti-biotics. Doctors are into the ANTI marketing: anti-psychotics, anti-depressives… twits.

The Australian government is reducing its funding of doctors. While I empathise with those who want appointments with doctors, I can’t help but think, good, I don’t want medical doctors to be funded, I think they’re pretty useless and destructive and I’d rather have other sectors of the community funded. Dentists aren’t funded. I’ve found dentists far more useful than GPs and psychiatrists. Psychologists aren’t funded, Art Therapists aren’t funded. Artists aren’t funded.

Oh, and if I have another workplace boss that tells me I need to go to a GP to get a medical certificate for a migraine, to take the day of, which is impossible, because I wouldn’t make it to the GP without my entire body shutting down, I just think: don’t. If you don’t trust your employees, you shouldn’t be employing them. Besides, there’s only a certain number of days that can be taken off, with pay, if any.

So, over 24 million people are told they are ‘psychotic’ in their expression and get labelled 'schizophrenic' and other such and such million 'bipolar' another such and such million yep... People are being vilified and not allowed to tell their story through any means. They are denied validation, told they are sick and then tortured for being incomprehensible, then compared to murderers and violent criminals, who are the only people that find psychiatry helpful, in that it means they don't have to go to court for the crime they committed. Nice world we live in thanks to modern medicine.

Toxic psychiatry indeed:

Friday, May 2, 2014

What do neuroleptics, cigarette smoke, some wines, and dental anaesthetics have in common? Propylene glycol

I'm thinking that propylene glycol might be a huge culprit for me, allergy wise. Second-hand smoke from normal tobacco, also e-cigs, theatre smoke, nasty effects to my body, itching, swelling, immune system goes berserk. Some wines, that had propylene glycol used as a cooling agent, particularly reds, nasty for me, lymph swellings. Also, dental injections, (Inferior alveolar nerve anaesthesia) that GPs can also give in the arm for a skin sample, have propylene glycol in them, do nasty reactions like heavy nose bleeds. I use organic skin/ hair products these days for obvious reasons. Neuroleptics... very nasty reactions on my body, including hair loss. All neuroleptics seem to have propylene glycol in them. I’m not saying it’s the only product in neuroleptics that is harmful, however…

It should be mandatory for all people to be tested for propylene glycol allergy, before they are forcefully drugged by psychiatrists. It is far worse to be forced to take neuroleptic tablets on a daily basis, forced, because otherwise you’ll injected with long acting neuroleptics that also contain propylene glycol. The neuroleptics are in the body all the time, meant to be, according to psychiatrists.

Escaping red wine, cigarette users and dental numbing is far easier than escaping psychiatrists who burst into your living space unwelcomed and unwanted, and forcefully drag you off so they can get propylene glycol into you, in sickly high doses.

Yep. I think if people tested for propylene glycol allergy, those people couldn’t easily be injected with neuroleptics, if they’ve written it into an Advanced Statement. Fear of malpractice suits being launched might prevail. Just thinking of ways…

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stop massive pollutants entering our foods and water supply

Part of being Green Globally, should be stopping the forced drugging of people. Neuroleptics/ SSRIs enter our water supply, the food we eat, as well as the victims of these crimes against humanity.

If I had $5 billion, stopping psychiatric abuse, and therefore the pollution involved in the psychiatric industries, would enable people, animals and ecosystems to be so much healthier. Why invest in stopping a powerful organisation that does so much harm? Well, the $5 billion could be spent on alternatives such the Finnish Open Dialogue style of communication approaches, that actually enable people to become all they're meant to be. When people can't communicate with others there's a break-down. This often happens when a person is trying to let the rest of the community know that something is wrong. The community at first denies. We can't move towards a green economy, when the community's name is being used to torture people with pollutants, violating them by injecting these psychiatric drugs into their bloodstream. So many creative, innovative ideas have been damaged through psychiatry. The DSM5 more or less diagnoses creativity as a disorder. So many creative minds are being destroyed while in the womb, by psychiatry and the governments that allow it to use force on so many people who have never committed a crime. 50 per cent of Australians have either been forcefully drugged by psychiatry, or persuaded to take psychiatric drugs. Most of these people were going through grief.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Paint jobs

I would love one day to see,

A psychiatric hospital

Painted up

As nicely

On the anniversary

Of the British invasion.


My body feels the attacks,

The utter fear of being

Knocked down, in such pain,

Unable to communicate

Or stay awake.

The memory locks me

Like an animal on a road

With headlights in its eyes.

I wait for such validation,

But who would do such a dare?


For psych survivors,
The fear is too great,

Of being locked up and tortured,

Without a habeas corpus.

We keep within the law

And still get done in.

So, how much worse would it be

If we did some graffiti?

We’d be too easy

For the labs to target

As a perpetual animal for their profits

Painted up as ‘unruly’ and ‘sick’

Needing to be ‘managed’,

White-gaffa on our mouths,

Ropes around our internal organs,

To keep our emotions numb,

Our thoughts quiet and scared.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I’m not suffering

I’m not suffering,

I’m just annoying

To people who want to give me more grief

Than I have already had.

They tell me to shut up

About double-standards they like to promote as valid opinions,

Saying, if I don’t modify my ways to fit with my gender,

They can shut me up

And have me tortured, or at least, they hint at that,

Without actually being the villain enough

To finish me that way, just curb

Through a look or by saying,

That certain words or phrases are a trigger

To not listen properly,

Or some faff of an excuse for prejudice to disclude,

Vilify, label and alienate.

They smile as they think

How they can get me down,

To their heel hobble mannerisms.

I can’t be given a scholarship

For a disability I don’t have,

When I have get-up-and-go ability,

Now that I’m not tied down

With track-marks on my butt

From psychiatrists’ disabling fortnightly injections,

That had all I’m meant to be and do

Flushed down by their pooh-pooh pulpit.

Society is very pushy,

But once you’ve been tortured in the community’s name,

You fear your own expression,

You fear your own perseverance,

Try to never push back, apologise way too readily…

You rarely express needs, wants,

Certainly fear asking for decency, with a forthright tone,

Lest you be considered ‘aggressive’.

I am not suffering,

So I want to have my say

About what is happening,

What has happened

And what should not be happening.

I will not be told some nonsense

From a prejudiced mouth

That wants keep brutal control 

Of language and opinions.

I have to survive more than that,

Otherwise I am being held back,

Humanity is being held back

And suffering as a result.

Monday, March 24, 2014

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Taking the rot

Psychiatrist’s parrots –

Scared little things

With clipped wings

Repeating as well

As they can remember

The accumulated brainwashing,

Pegging it out to dry,

To re-wear torn and threadbare.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Protest? Me? In the street? In Queen Victoria?
When, I was under my last treatment order, uncertain if I’d ever be able to get off it, placed on a depot injection that left me no possibility of not having the neuroleptics doing their damage to me, during that time, I felt like I was awaiting execution, or rather I was being executed slowly, painfully, every day as the neuroleptics mangled, bashed and eroded my ability, thinking and happiness with constant pain and numbing of physical movement and intellect, uglifying, stupefying – destroying me.
Image (c) Initially NO

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sensibly exposing the abuse

Remembering a time

I couldn’t talk about

How psychiatry had harmed me,

Lest someone think that I was ill,

Because I was accusing ‘health providers’,

Of abusing me.

So my mind, in confusion, and overwhelming

Grief at their outrageous denial, took a parallel path

And said some things

That were symbolic of what

Had happened to me,

Hoping that would be understood better.

But those things weren’t. Anything I said,

Got me put in the hands of my abusers.

It did take longer to be abducted, though,

When I didn’t mention psychiatry,

People didn’t immediately assume I was psychiatry’s lab-human

And needed to be returned to their laboratory.

I knew the sort of person I shouldn’t talk to, by then,

But understanding was still absent then, in pretty much everyone,

To my courtroom truths, as well as my poetic truths.

All paths to exposing the abuse were

Blocked into further threats to me,

That eventually got carried out.

That kind of pressure, that kind of denial,

It’s too much to handle and still be sensible.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Deep fried logic

Researchers have found
That after inducing psychosis
In rats by feeding them C10H15N,
That if you take
Deep fried chips
And inject that into
The veins of the ‘psychotic’ rats,
The rats become placid.
Scientists advocate,
The use of deep fried chips
For schizophrenia,
Could produce
Promising results.
 (Above image can be purchased or perused further by clicking HERE.)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

When pills are in your life rather than people

And, for the public’s information and safety, films like ‘Osage County’ need to not mislead the public. A person addicted to as many barbiturates and SSRIs as the mother in this film is, cannot go cold turkey, or reduce quickly without a huge risk of heart attack occurring.

             When a person takes substances every day for weeks, or months, the body and mind adjusts to the chemicals, when they’re withdrawn, the body and mind goes into shock and doesn’t know how to adjust, and that can be fatal.

             Alcoholics have to dry out carefully. I don’t understand how this film got past the censors. If someone copies what the Julia Roberts character did in the film, they could kill the person who is addicted to such substances.
Anyway until all Medical Practitioners agree to help people safely withdraw from psychiatric drugs, there's  a free guide HERE as well as the new ICARUS project guide

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Some people who profit by bio-psychiatry, or think they do because they've been inducted by the advertising, would like to tell me not to talk about psychiatry truthfully, even though I'm a psychiatric survivor who experienced 14 years of torture, via the hands of psychiatrists and my government that supports forced drugging and electrocution. I'd happily stop talking about the abuses of psychiatry, if psychiatry stopped abusing people. I'd happily ignore it. But, right now, the reality is:

(I'll just rephrase that a bit for those who didn't think that poster was clear enough.) Psychiatrists get monetary power-trip enjoyment out of harming people, fucking them, whoring them for drug testing, making them feel like something far less relevant than animals, who have activists signing up corporations and famous movie stars to aid in their fight to stop animals being harmed.

I hope you understand by now, and I don't have to reiterate in yet another way what's happening to people in Australia,  to children, adults, the elderly... Nearly 50 per cent of the population, according to Better, are 'mentally ill'. Nearly 50 per cent of Australians are um... huh? Hypnotised into thinking they can have a panacea for emotional pain. Sorry folks grief is natural, hearing voices is often an aspect of letting go of a loved one, or loved life-style, as well as depression, anxiety, and doing rituals and... psychiatry is a weird cult you don't want to get into. I've never got into religions or cults, that's why psychiatry immediately struck me as non-medical, not scientific, not helpful and a self-serving suck on government funds. Please read enough to know what makes genuine sense and what doesn't.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stigma? Oh that, it's never going to go away...

Father of the shooter believed that the mass murderer’s artistic skills, masked his football aptitudes. ‘Footballers hurt people, artists just don’t,’ he said. ‘I’ve been scouring job recruiting articles for an answer, that’s what I think it is. He was footballistic, not just artistic.’
An analogy, yes... so understand,
It's not okay to use the same terms of abuse for victims of crimes, that are used for perpetrators ie 'schizophrenia'. It is not okay to use a medical diagnosis to condemn a person to torture. Hearing voices is a natural human experience, it is NOT an indication of being inhumane, it's actually about people who attempt to think about other's points of view, that the individual does not agree with, but because those opinions have been imposed on people, the cornered person has to think about them, in a way that doesn't change their core identity. When a person is upset by voices, it's generally an indication of a societal problem, a silence, abuse, vilification and secrecy, that needs to have open, but safe discussion with people who are trustworthy, not bio-psychiatrists who are liable to drug a child/ adult for attempting to speak out against bullying and discrimination, because they are expressing this in a symbolic way, or from another point of view, as well displaying emotional distress, or shock.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Seclusion and restraint of the alien

Dragged in, as I passively

Resist – no kicking, no punching

And yet they restrain me

On a stretcher, arms and legs

Tied down in the ambulance

As I am taken to the unit

Where there’s a room

With a mattress on the floor.

They hold me down

And inject me

With Acuphase,

Used on cattle, a major tranquiliser

That causes utter pain and fatigue.

I know they will use this on me indefinitely,

As they have before. I know, I am in for,

At least a year of this drug, or many, many more.

But I still hope, my friends will burst in,

Tell the psychiatrists to go to hell,

Drag the bastards into court, or threaten to

And I’ll be released from the massive suffering

They’ve begun to subject me to.

But at that time, I had no friends that supportive.

Flash back to the muscle-memory of

The nurses undressing me

And putting their ugly baggy pyjamas

On my body.

Then, they locked the door, locked me in.

I, singing and moving around

Until I’m thirsty

And tired from the chemicals

And need to urinate.

I bang on the door,

Demanding what I need, bang for quite a while

Before they give me

A bedpan and a cup of water

On the floor

And the door is locked again

For many more hours.

I can't get away from that horrible feeling easily

That memory of being violated with the approval of government.

If I’d been violent,

I’d be so ashamed

And fearful of myself,

I doubt I would ever

Fight the wall of prejudice

Enough to be heard.

I’d probably agree

To be compliant

With continuing prescriptions

That rotted my insides

And kept me sleepy,

Shamed and disabled,

Hating myself

Until I died swallowing

Their lies and abuse.

My life shortened –

Only two thirds of what

It should be.

My suffering not allowed,

Not given validation,

Made the subject of ‘jokes’,

Of prejudiced accusations,

My life turned into

Someone else’s living.

Their intelligence qualified,

My thoughts and insights

Derided and shut down.

But I was not violent,

So they had no reason

To attack me,

No warrant for arrest,

No crime to be confessed.

I was outraged;

I was protesting in symbology;

I wanted something to shift

In them and me,

So I didn’t feel like an alien

And they didn’t act

Like I was nobody

And tell me what I had to say was nothing.

I heard crap on the radio,

I heard piss on the television,

Nothing but psychiatrisms

Eroding my life with  forced treatment regimes.

But the internet changed everything.

Suddenly gone were the censors

And those who labelled me.

I got to choose

Who I connected with.

I got to agree

And gain agreements,

Even tell my story

And attend a like-minded conference.

So long had my thoughts

Been trapped in seclusion

And actively restrained

By a derogatory word,

Or look from those

Who were not my friends,

That threatened more violations

Should I attempt to argue back.

They could make that call,

They could put me away

Have me drugged

And so scared of knock-out

Anaesthetics and electro-shocks,

Or higher doses of what I was given,

That I’d let them mock me,

And let their voices echo

Within me to make redundant

My bright insightful intelligence

That kicked their bigot nonsense.

I turned into self-hate,

Instead of protesting

What made me furious.

So long had bastards

Been standing on my breasts,

I could hardly breathe without

Thinking if it was okay with them.

But I could not say

I needed to get things

Off my chest, if I did,

I’d be dragged off again.

So many times they did that,

For so much of my youth.

But now I’m speaking

And people are starting to listen.

Society is coming out of its trance.

They don’t all agree

To salute psychiatry.

Protest is being allowed.

Sometimes that protest

Even peeps into television and radio

And the public glean

An inkling of our distress.

It’ll be a long time

Before people stop using

The derogatory terms.

It’ll be a long time

Before people understand

How to assist a person in crisis

Without getting frightened and angry

At the person’s grief, causing more distress.

It has to be soon,

Our government must stop

Allowing psychiatry to abuse us.

They harm us without us committing a crime,

They harm us for one reason –

We are already in distress.

Give us validation,

Give us understanding,

Actively listen

And realise it is in your interest.

We are all different,

But we are part of one thing,

A planet called Earth,

Even if we feel like an alien.
(image (c) Initially NO, volume 6 of the adult picture book series BEINGS. The CAT team are, a group of thugs who drag people away to psychiatric facilities, drug and electrocute them, and that's not fiction anymore than the above confessional poem. The CAT team think they are 'trained' to be the handler of people, who are in crisis and their torturous handling can be called 'care'.)