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Freud's fraud: apology for psychiatric abuse


Think of the charges that could be brought against Sigmund Freud. He would only be able to offer an apology and a pitiful excuse. The evidence is all too evident.

Freud says to the court room, ‘I’m sorry I stopped listening to my patients when they told me some of my esteemed colleagues and financers had sexually abused them during their childhood. I’m sorry I denied and blamed my patients, turning their trauma into Greek myths. I am sorry psychiatry still follows this model of blaming the patient and never listening. I’m sorry, but I was under the influence of cocaine at the time and couldn’t help it…’

Yes, Sigmund Freud is dead and he can't apologise, but all those psychiatrists still alive that have caused harm to those in their care can. Perhaps our legal systems could start with the psychiatric practices that are no longer acceptable for psychiatrists to use to harm people with ie insulin shock, lobotomy, LSD testing (and other horrific practices)...

Then the legal system might want to think about how psychiatrists have been allowed to profit from their crimes for so long. Heinous crimes of physical abuse, justified through fraudulent claims.

Then perhaps I can get an apology from the psychiatrists who abused me with the drug Acuphase, which is not for human use in most parts of the world, just for big Zoo animals... but never in the huge doses psychiatrists used on me. Zoo animals are too expensive to wreck! Can't have their tongues moving all over the place so they can't eat properly! (This was one of the horrific effects I had on this drug).

But maybe most of my society thinks I’m a piece of a fruit-fly that should be experimented on, harmed for the benefit of perhaps finding a chemical panacea for humanity, or that I should be happy to involuntarily be made part of experiments that enable the creation of androids that mimic humans… that sort of thing… Yeah?

'Hitler never gave the order to kill patients with mental illness. He only permitted it in a letter written in October 1939 and backdated to September 1, 1939. Psychiatrists were therefore never ordered to facilitate the process or carry out the murder of mentally ill...they were empowered to do so. Activity by psychiatrists and psychiatric institutions thus constituted the connection between euthanasia and the larger scale annihilation of Jews and other "undesirables" such as homosexuals in what came to be known as the Holocaust.' 

(Psychiatry during the Nazi era,
Rael D Strous)
Psychiatrists are still permitted to commit atrocities, in my country, not told to, but given permission through legislation that empowers them with the right to forcefully drug, brainwash, abduct, electrocute etc... Sometimes people die very quickly and the psychiatrist is said to have, 'done all they could', even when it was because the psychiatrist forcefully drugged the person that they died. Other times people die slowly and painfully and 25 years or so is stripped from their lives via the chemicals the psych-diagnosed are forced to take.
This permission for psychiatrists to be allowed to harm humans, must be stopped.

Validation via an apology is very necessary to many who have been abused by psychiatry. It's time more psychiatrists stepped up, stopped any harmful practices they have committed and apologised for their past abuse. Yes it is hard being an intern being told to do ethically unsound things.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Allergic to what's vital

DSM and social justice Ngram...
(Shows books with the use of the acronym 'DSM' compared to books with the words 'social justice' over  200 years. The Ngram also indicates where certain titles have been oppressed due to propaganda.)
I feel books about psychiatric abuse have not been allowed to thrive, while the psychiatric series of DSM have been meted out as 'required.' There are changes happening now, that the Ngram isn't up to date with. These changes will mean significant hope for skilled authors who want to write about psychiatric abuse, who are currently having their books buried under psychiatric propaganda that their views are 'unsafe' and may cause 'potentially-violent-mentally-ill' people to 'go off their meds'. Because of course all people who are diagnosed mentally ill are potentially violent in the eyes of the public swallowing the propaganda slung at them. And of course, the meds work... the expert psychiatrists say they do. So what if mentally-ill people say they don't? they're mentally ill, so they can't be trusted... yep swallow that.
Significant changes have happened, due to psychiatry's laziness in its style of propaganda and the unchanged flawed chemical imbalance theory ideas (that no one really knows how  exactly the 'medicines' for this 'chemical imbalance condition' work, but they will give their theories without saying they're just theories and force drugs without any proof they are helpful). Because of this laziness, people have been able to repeatedly challenge the 'expert' psychiatrists and changes have arisen allowing people to speak about things like hearing voices. The lid has been lifted, somewhat -  on society's fears of reprisal, threats, being labelled, losing income, jail or other forms of damning -  if they criticise psychiatry... I find just talking to people about recovery, healing and psychiatric abuse has changed from a slam and a 'shut up' to an opening and listening. Society has still got a fair way to go yet, but at least it is changing.
Take a look at what people are saying:

NIMH drops use of DSM
Temple Gradin article on the diversity of humanity and the narrowness of the DSM
Laura Delano article on psychiatric indoctrination and the DSM
ABC lateline on the uselessness of the new DSM new edition...
Open Paradigm Project - Dorothy Dundas

When can we say ding-dong the book is dead! that nasty book is dead! and kick up our heels to celebrate?

Then books by psychiatric survivors, books about psychiatric abuse, those with lived-experience of altered states of consciousness and unusual sensory experience will be given some public awareness. Those authors will have authority over their own lives, as they should always have been granted. Those authors won't be told that the public would rather hear an inauthentic 'expert' psychiatrist talk about treatments of 'subject matter' rather than personal experiences. And then the world will gain ability.

I'm thinking that's going to happen... soon. Here's a few of my publically buried, but available books:
More Initially NO books click HERE

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Schizophrenia awareness week

I'm a person who has been physically active all my life. I'm a person who is natural on the thin side. I'm a person who likes eating healthy foods. But I am also a person who got diagnosed schizophrenic and was subjected to forced 'medication' regimes over a 14 year period. At first I tried what the psychiatrists said would help me. When I found psychiatric drugs didn't help, rather harmed me to such an extent that I couldn't do physical exercise easily, lost 20 degrees of flexibility, lost my ability to balance, had dizzy spells, was constantly fatigued and even put on weight, I decided that the neuroleptics that the psychiatrists insisted I take were no good for me. I then went off them, recovered my ability to exercise, got back to my normal weight and also recovered my ability to think and read. I didn't receive help for trauma, so then I ended back in psychiatrists hands several more times, after being reported for saying strange things, forced to take their horrific debilitating chemicals again and again.

       Now when the MIFA, wants to blame those diagnosed schizophrenic for being lazy and not exercising, that makes me angry. MIFA's denial of what actually happened to me, a physically fit person, that was harmed by the drugs repeated effect every time I was forced to take them, is horrible. It's like having holocaust deniers in your face all the time, it's like misogynists who want to say things about women not being good at sport, about certain races of people being lazy, or stupid...

       Neuroleptics shorten people’s lives by around 25 years and psychiatrists have the power under my government to keep people, diagnosed with schizophrenia on these drugs forever.

       I was not a hard case. I was open to talking the first time I met a psychiatrist. I closed my mouth and went mute for a year after finding that talking only got me harmed. I could easily have recovered quickly if my government was funding such programs as Voice Dialoguing or Open Dialogue, or even good old person centred one on one art therapy. But my government doesn’t do that, my government forcefully drugs people with harmful chemicals that shorten lives by 25 years, making any years alive on those drugs emotionally and physically painful. They claim this is the ‘least restrictive measure’. They claim to ‘do no harm’. Absolute lies! Then they lie that the effects of the drugs are 'symptoms of schizophrenia'! Those kind of lies can really make a person already questioning reality due to other abuse, to wonder further more what is real and what is not.

       Be aware of propaganda from places like MIFA. I like the idea of physical exercise programs, but get it right, people’s lives are not shorten by voices and other unusual sensory experiences any more than altered states of consciousness. When a person is in a crisis they need to be helped, not battered by drugs and accusations of being a ‘sick mind.’ They need understanding and validation, housing, training, employment, friendly people, rather than damning and disabling psychiatrists and their cronies that tell really upsetting lies.

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Also, part 4 of a series on YouTube about how a person can get diagnosed with 'schizophrenia' when their identity and  sexuality is oppressed by their society. How forcing medications that don't help, rather harm, is not okay.
              It is not uncommon to hear voices of what society picks on you about, what society says you can't be, or do, what society says didn't happen. The struggle to be ourselves, when we also need to be what society expects of us, for our own safety and reasons of acceptance, can build into a crisis, where our dreams and nightmares make themselves heard while we are awake. It is the individual's attempt to be heard, as well as society's collective unrest emerging in that person. When society fears conflict, society tries to shut down people who tune into their psyche and speak about it. You have to have a lot of support to be able to gather your thoughts and help society understand that what is not accepted, what it is denied, could actually help society be more than it is.
Give people awareness. Send them a greeting card. Let them know how 'ripped off' you feel.

What's the awareness ribbon for psychiatric abuse?

And I don't just mean the findings of the Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) revealing '45 per cent of women in the state's psychiatric hospitals have been sexually assaulted in their care.'
I mean what Jaana Satu Castella said at a recent talk, that the world will look back on the use of neuroleptics, in the same way people now find the idea of lobotomies horrific.
Jaana works with Open Dialogue techniques in Denmark and Finland. It makes sense to have conversation. It makes sense to understand, to validate and to listen. Humans are not fruit-flies (although David Anderson may think some humans are). And a crisis is often a response to loss, to alienation, to pressure, to change… That is not something that can be healed easily without the cooperation of society. It is so important to be aware of abuse. It is so important never to deny it. Because if your society denies your abuse, then they have aided and abetted the abuse and then not only obstructed justice but concealed facts and that makes  society an Accessory After the Fact. And when that all still remains hidden with no public awareness happening, that makes victims really, really angry.
Yes, I live in Australia, this isn't the place where children are sold off and married, or people are forced to work 2 days non-stop in factories... No, but it is a place where psychiatry abuses ritually, without a qualm.
If everyone else in the world thought neuroleptics were a good treatment for a person in crisis, who'd experienced significant loss, like I had when I was forced to take high doses of these drugs, it still wouldn't be okay. If everyone in the world said, yes neuroleptics really do work and they don't harm at all, it still wouldn't be okay to force them on people. If the world said things like that, which they don't, what happened to me would still not be okay. Psychiatrists don't take into account allergies to their 'medications' unless you are dying from them. They ignore patient discomforts with their treatments. They say like things like, 'you'll get used to it.' That, is really, really bad thinking. But it wasn't just one psychiatrist that said that to me, it was many, many psychiatrists who told me that. So, I can only conclude that they're trained to tell people to get used to things they're allergic to.
Ridiculous that psychiatrists can get away with this abuse, isn't it?
So, I suggest we stop psychiatric abuse. Be aware of what is happening in your country. Do not excuse it. Do not justify it. We are not fruit-flies, we can be communicated with.
And ask yourself... why after 202 years of psychiatric abuse, horrific torturous horrible things that have happen to people, who are not fruit-flies, or criminals, horrific things like lobotomies only last century and chemical and electro-shock lobotomies still happening... yet, psychiatric abuse does not have a ribbon for awareness. Why?
Where, where's our ribbon?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Labels: Anxiety versus PS

Diagnosis that advertisers can make you identify with and feel okay about attaching to yours... And those that you give to others to accuse and excuse their behaviour.

No advertise for paranoid schizophrenia would try to lull a person into seeing a psychiatrist by talking in second-person, as if the viewer should agree that they have PS. Yet current pharmaceutical advertisers, part of a psychiatric ‘awareness’ campaign are attempting to do this with ‘anxiety’. Obviously there will be a new pill on the market to ‘manage’ anxiety. This is usually what happens after these 'awareness' campaigns. 
               I think the card, the archetype 'Anxiety' hands out in the end of this recent pharm advertise subliminally reads, 'Psychiatrist'. Because that's what psychiatrists do, make people anxious. They make me shake even before they've tortured me, because from my experience I know they're going to do that and there is nothing I can do to stop them. This shaking is then seen as a sign of my 'illness'. It is quite rational really. I do however have irrational anxiety when I hear an ambulance siren. I've found many other psychiatric survivors also have this. It is irrational because ambulances don't put on their siren to pick up those who are sectioned by psychiatry and I know it, but my body can't help but panic in memory of the times I've been strapped down in an ambulance, because I passively resisted going with them, because I knew I'd be harmed, not helped. The so called mental health system in my country has given me anxiety I would otherwise not have. But I have a well-developed rational self that helps talk me through my body's spontaneous distress reaction. Developing part of you that can do that helps. I also find automatic drawing helps. Writing a poem helps. Drumming, or playing guitar and singing, helps. I don't think this anxiety advertise is advocating natural coping methods. I wish it was. It's 'see your doctor' and think about it, what does a doctor do? Give you a prescription for a drug, rarely much else. They're not taught much else these days. They're almost completely ignorant of natural coping methods.

                Advertisements to get a person diagnosed with PS are different, because schizophrenia isn’t an everyday word like ‘anxiety’ or ‘depression’ and even 'paranoid' has connotations of not being 'normal' even though it is a very necessary survival reaction. Paranoid schizophrenia is  medical terminology that is recognised, by the public, from publicised court cases where people plea mentally unfit. Most people diagnosed with PS, however, have never been violent and probably never will. There’s around the same per cent violence in the general public as with people diagnosed with PS. The especially violent groups in society are binge drinking young males and footballers, where the per cent of violence is so much higher than the rest of society.

                To advertise PS, the public is urged to ‘get them to take medication’ to ‘screen them early’ to ‘look for warning signs’… more or less dob on a person who might have PS to medical authorities… to prevent, you know. They don’t say what you know is, other than 'worsening of the condition'. But people do think they know, they think they know because the propaganda tells them so, that people who get diagnosed with PS are violent in some way, even if they’re not yet… they will be if they don’t take the psychiatrist’s ‘prevention’ pill, is the thinking. It's a them and us propaganda technique. It helps sales and the perpetuation of psychiatric regimes even the UN has said fall under the definition of torture.

                Ads for anxiety are about saying there’s help to make you feel better. Ads for PS are about saying there’s help for making you feel better once these people with PS are diagnosed and on medications.

                Who are you?

                Well the only you that really benefits here is the whole industry of psychiatry, if people agree with their advertise and go on drugs for being human.

                I know the repeated words and phrases of psychiatry's advertise get in your head. But, honestly, you don’t have to go with them. You could think a little more. Don't fall for psychiatrism and yap about how ‘mentally ill people are so violent it’s horrible. I know it’s not their fault but it’s frightening’ in the street like a racist person linking blacks to violence and using the ‘n’ word to describe them. You're offensive when you do that! Don't know better? Change. Recognise that maybe you didn't grow up in the most humane society, but you're more intelligent than propaganda, surely. I mean, I know the jingle from Hungry Jack's, but I do not think their burgers are 'better'. I know they taste awful. So I don't eat them. I like real food, fresh stuff, vegetables, not chemical emulsifiers.
                Think about how offensive psychiatrism is the next time you use the word ‘sick’ or 'ill' to describe a person’s mind, when they actually haven’t done anything horrible enough to label their thoughts that way. Weirdness, strangeness, symbolism… that’s a communication barrier, it’s not a disease anymore than homosexuality was prior to 1973 when it was in the DSM as a mental illness.

                I was listening to an author on radio talk show about anxiety and in-between him talking was a horrible paedophile’s movie exerts. I never liked Woody Allen and his going off with young women in every movie, even before he violated his adopted daughter. I didn’t find him funny. I found him sick. And yet here’s an author and radio program acting like that sickness was okay and that anxiety is somehow funny whereas things like paranoid schizophrenia he says, 'cannot be.'

                Perception. I once wrote a book about that. Perception that is outside the range of most people’s understood sense. It is a humour book. You can still get it. But, because I’m not ugly like Woody Allen and because I actively try to stop psychiatrism, I don’t get radio interviews to publicise what is possible. If you look, there are reviews of my book that agree that this is a humour book, but it is also a book about a person who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, who while writing the book experienced unusual sensory experiences (including voices) and had been doing so for nearly a decade, who finished a diploma in writing and editing while having these unusual experiences and who had some rather spooky coincidences that created a kind of unusual humour that is confronting to many people. I have written another book about these unusual experiences, since then, that is slightly less humorous. Since that book, 'Naked ladies,' I have been through psychiatry's brainwashing, humiliations, horrific treatment regimes of forced-drugging with powerful chemicals in doses no zoo-keeper would give to a giraffe. I have decided that humour did not work. I have to be very straight forward for a while until the public get what is and isn't okay. Forced drugging is not okay. Labelling with me or others with unhelpful derogatory psychiatrisms, is offensive and really abusive.
           And, by the way anxiety is very like what gets diagnosed as PS. Only with PS the person thinks about what other people might think about the situation that is causing the anxiety and that tends to get put into 'voices'. What the hell is so much more disturbing about that, than any other kind of anxiety? Terms, it just comes down to bloody terms. Think about this though... if people didn't have spontaneous thoughts/ voices, there would be no novelists and certainly no playwrights or movie script writers. Need to think what others think in order to make leaps of understanding. But in order for you to do this safely, you need people who support what you do, or you wonder what is and what isn't and try to make bigger and bigger leaps of understanding despite not getting any support, hoping people will understand how much you're trying to do something they will like. But usually, they don't, because you're if leaping in a direction propaganda and advertising do not advise, you're not going to penetrate the minds of the hypnotised.
         I just want to add here, for anyone going to a psychiatrist for their anxiety they didn't know they had, that they're now aware of thanks to the wonderful Beyond Blue. I'd be careful. The doc may diagnose you with anxiety at first. But then after you take their drugs and decide you don't like them and try to come off them, 9 times out of 10 this will cause some kind of weird thinking, usually  'hallucinations' could be auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory or somatic, or a combination of them. You may also slip into a waking-nightmare ie become 'deluded'. That's when you'll get the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. No amount of trying to scrape that diagnosis off will rid it from your medical records. So, think about it, do you even want a mild label of 'anxiety' that fits another the other labels 'mentally ill' and 'psychiatric condition'? And... do you really want to become a drug addict into the bargain? Well, you like those sort of things go for it. But please do not recommend others follow your path to chronic sickness. Other people like being healthy. And do not allow your government to forcefully-drug people via psychiatry, especially when they are not at all violent.

I just want to give some direction here for anyone that is afraid and doesn't know what to do. People do have crisis periods. I know that. People do need support and assistance. I know that. But I do not think they should be abused because they hear voices. Anyway here's a link to a film about The Hearing Voices Movement that gives me hope.
Also here's Eleanor, a voice-hearer, who got diagnosed with PS, speaking about her experience and the way society and psychiatrists exacerbated her trauma.


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Outrage in Australia!

OIA! publishing is seeking expressions of interest.
Submissions welcome.
Please send writing or pictures for the 2013 book about experiences  of psychiatrism, psychiatric abuse, or anything close to that theme.
Submissions for 2013 close June.
Send to your work to notachemicalimbalance at gmail dot com.
Payment, if your work is published in this book, at this stage, will be with a free copy of the book.

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We are not crazy. We are not mad. We are outraged! And we do not want to be subject matter in future science experiments conducted via psychiatry, just because we have unusual coping mechanisms for grief, crisis, trauma etc.