Friday, November 15, 2013

The symbolic language

From volume 4 of the BEINGS book series
 (enlarged versions of these pages, in the book, and also on the Beings books facebook page)


When an artist draws distress and the interpreters fail to see…

We don't want distressed young people strapped down on stretchers/ beds while psychiatrists get paid to tell nurses to stick pricks in the young person. We don't want that happening to adults either. But it happens all the time.

It's strange that the public doesn't recognise strapping a person down in a stretcher,  forced drugging and electrocution as abuse, when it's done by a psychiatrist's assistants.

That even though psychiatric abuse occurs so more often than other forms of ‘human trafficking’, it is not even considered as the cause of a distressed state. Such denial of reality the world has. That denial means a person tries other symbols to communicate the suffering that is denied. These symbols get diagnosed, instead of understood. A person's communication then is really violated. Literally gagged? Well, they don't tend to use literal gags, the white rag around the mouth killed too many and looked obviously violent.

It's strange that Australia still doesn't recognise that forced drugging is a horrific crime, accept in their signing of the UN CRPD ratification. Recognise if you are in the medical profession and ever do forcefully drug a person, you can be taken to court and if you are not convicted in Australian courts, you will be in the International Court. Psychiatric abuse is not okay, it never was.

the United Nation's CRPD ratification Australia has recently signed:

'Article 14 - Liberty and security of the person

1. States Parties shall ensure that persons with disabilities, on an equal basis with others:

(a) Enjoy the right to liberty and security of person;

(b) Are not deprived of their liberty unlawfully or arbitrarily, and that any deprivation of liberty is in conformity with the law, and that the existence of a disability shall in no case justify a deprivation of liberty.

2. States Parties shall ensure that if persons with disabilities are deprived of their liberty through any process, they are, on an equal basis with others, entitled to guarantees in accordance with international human rights law and shall be treated in compliance with the objectives and principles of this Convention, including by provision of reasonable accommodation.


Article 15 - Freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

1. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. In particular, no one shall be subjected without his or her free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.

2. States Parties shall take all effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent persons with disabilities, on an equal basis with others, from being subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.'

If you can't see how human rights can occur, try doodling for a bit to let the automatic part of your mind show you possibility that social restraints deny you... cities were built this way.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Na, we don’t have psychiatric abuse in Australia, I mean not often… na, na, na, banana sandwich!

Na this only happens in the UK, not Australia. Australians care about human rights, not like those horrible psychiatrists in the UK... you think?

Na, that only happens in the USA, not Australia, 'cause Australia has good doctors... yeah like that Patel, only psychiatrists are more commonly good at abusing:

Na, na psychiatric abuse, it only happens in Soviet countries, we don't have that in a democratic country like Australia. We wouldn't forcefully drug innocent civilians, they must be criminal or sick or, you know, people you don't want to know, that can be tortured over years with major tranquilisers that leave their brains damaged:

Na, na all these doctors must be Scientologist, oh Peter Breggin is Jewish? um... oops

Na na we're not like China we don't harvest body parts from unwilling prisoners, Australians go to China and receive them, also Australians go to China to test their new psychiatric drugs... on criminals, you know those awful Falun Gong practitioners!

Na na Australia doesn’t have any WMDs… only psychiatry

Na na Australian psychiatrists don’t do cover-ups for paedophiles… do they?

Yeah but, yeah but women are weaker than men that’s why there’s more of them in psychiatric wards… we don’t want them PMSing all over the shop!

Stop bothering normal people like us, we don’t want to know about suffering, we just want cheesy-pops and movie-stars who play gangsters so we can identify with… We don’t want to know about human rights abuse that can happen to us… we don’t want to know that ugly stuff is happening, just keep those white doors closed and keep calling it ‘good medicine’ and tell anyone who complains to shut up or you’ll get them medicated again… Eff off if you think psychiatrists did things in Nazi Germany, Freud may’ve drugged and sexually abused his patients, but he was Jewish! Even if there were such things as T4 and white-coats, that’s all over now, that’s in the past…

Around 2 million Australians every year are forcefully ‘treated’ by psychiatry (drugging, repeated sessions of electroshock under anaesthetic, psychosurgery...) This forced treatment falls under the definition of torture according to the United Nations, of which Australia is a signature to. Another 2.4 million Australians will be coerced into taking psychiatric treatments and ill-informed about the effects of drugs; many being told by their psychiatrists that the drug-effects are ‘symptoms of mental illness’ and rarely are patients told they need to reduce drugs slowly. ‘Nearly half (45%) of the population will experience a mental disorder at some stage in their lives.’ (SANE Australia) What? Half the Australian population have something wrong with their noggins?! Or… as reported about China… Na na na you say… Australia allows protest, just shut up about psychiatric abuse though, or you’ll be shut up!
If  you haven't signed this petition please do and pass it on to everyone who doesn't want to know, care to know, doesn't know enough about what's going on in the world. Give them some intelligence! Don't keep Australia dumb, with 45 per cent of us diagnosed as not thinking like a psychiatrist and therefore needing to be drugging and brainwashed by the acted on threats of coercive-control.
Sign this petition, it costs you nothing to do that, to give us some respect.
If you want my art, yes, it will cost you, but you can wipe your hands on it!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wrecking ball

I wrote a song called ‘Wrecking ball’ mid-2010. It was a thrash song about wanting the Junction Clinic St. Kilda, to be demolished. I dreamed that some renegades brought a wrecking ball to it in the night. And they needed me to cloak them with a song, so they wouldn’t be detected.

Lots of bar chords, gravelly voice and the feeling that every time I sang it I was getting closer to stopping the atrocities that were still happening to others and threatening to happen to me again.

I guess I’m like anyone who has been abused in a place, the building then becomes an icon of horror and hatred. We want it gone.

I was then forced to spend over a year going back to the Junction Clinic, for depot injections later that year and until the end of 2011. Forced to expose my butt and act like I thought it was all good for me. Then thank who ever put that sickening horrible stuff inside me, after they did it, in hope they’d eventually take me off the CTO and the violations would cease.

My menstrual cycle stopped. I slept 20 hours a day and still felt tired. My face drooped, my body twitched. I couldn’t retain information or read for very long. I couldn’t stand up for long without getting dizzy and falling over. Every day on those drugs was death.

I had to be so careful. I stopped playing songs of rebellion. I didn’t have the energy anyway. I exposed my butt for them to stick their pricks in. And said, ‘I have an epiphany. I realise now I was wrong. You are right Dr. I need to take neuroleptics the rest of my life, I just feel because I’m of a small build I don’t need as much as you’re giving me and I would be able to get up in the morning, rather than the afternoon, so I can get a job, if you lowered my dose a little…’

This affirming of the psychiatrist’s status and demands and nagging paid off eventually. I was let off the CTO in Sept 2011, but kept seeing the psychiatrist, knowing he could put me back on it in a snap, until he felt ready to discharge me to a GP in 2012.

The Junction Clinic moved recently and the place has been converted into apartments. My partner pointed them out as a bargain. And I said, ‘I would live anywhere with you, even live in a tent with you, but if you chose to live there, I’m sorry, but I could not be with you.’


In my imagination mid-2010, after the wrecking ball destroyed the Junction Clinic one night as I sang the song to back up the rebellion, people created a memorial on the site, to all those who had died at the hands of Melbourne psychiatrists and illegal government legislation that allows the torture of so many people. I thought that was all that could be made of that building.


Anyway, here’s the song I wrote mid-2010. It isn’t sexy, it’s a hard protest song. The word kiss in it, is more like the slang term ‘Scottish kiss’ and the love is just the love of seeing a monster destroyed and a people saved from its eyesore. I think the trouble with any kind of dream of destruction, it lends itself to looking violent. I didn’t want to look at all, in any way scary or threatening to anyone after being put on a CTO. I was sorry for existing, for asserting the need for things to change. I was being condemned for every tiny thing I did. I knew singing a song like that was evidence of me being wrong Being condemned for protesting against psychiatry and society’s cruel acceptance of the regime, meant I had no way to defend myself, for fear of being condemned and punished more than I had been with higher doses and other torture procedures such as electro-shock, which they called and still call ‘therapeutic’.

I realise now that, there were many other things I misdirected during 2010 including talking absurd parallels, making accusations that were incorrect, and while they were poetic truths, they were not direct truths. ‘Wrecking Ball’ actually had a focus, that was reasonable. I had been repeatedly violated in that building, of course it made sense that I felt the need to wreck it, as it had wrecked me. And I only did it through song. So what was the huge problem? Well, the Junction Clinic was, not me. But I got blamed for the upset it caused me.

I may have a recording somewhere, but I may not have recorded it being performed. Still remember the tune of the chorus though:


Wrecking ball

© Initially NO

Blast and damn blast and damn

Where are you now

I had you in my clutches

Now I’ve lost you in the mist

You’re being kissed

By a wrecking ball

By the wreck of all those things

You love to destroy.

And taken into sound

Of what people seek

When they’re in love

With the smashing energy

Of a building crashing down.

It was never meant to be

Never meant to exist

It’s smashing down

It’s smashing down

That building’s smashing down.


Don’t bleed me again

There’s no love in it

Only love in destroying it

That building’s smashing down

That building’s smashing down

Blast and damn blast and damn

Where are you now

I had you in my clutches

Now I’ve lost you in the mist

You’re being kissed

By a wrecking ball

By the wreck of all those things

You love to destroy.

Blast and damn blast and damn

Where are you now

All gone away

All gone away

All gone away.

When there are so many things going on that are wrong, it is hard to recognise that doctors can be wrong too. We want to trust someone. I broke my left pinkie while playing football at 18 and told the GP it was broken ,and he said, 'It's just a sprain'. It wasn't but for a month I believed him and it healed crookedly, according to the hospital staff that x-rayed it. So, after that, I took what arrogant doctors said, with a grain of scepticism.
           The heroic Sinead O'Conner has come to a similar conclusion about psychiatric diagnosis and drugs. I felt she would eventually, she didn't seem to altogether 'Wax' with them in other years. But then, she had so many other issues in Ireland and personal life to think about, that recognising malpracticing doctors would've been too hard to deal with. It's hard when those who are meant to help, are doing outrageous harm to you.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Can’t do this can’t do that you can’t!

The Can't shirt by Initially NO
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Impossible to please

Don’t get angry.

You’re suppressing your anger,

I can tell.

Don’t give me grief.

Don’t sook,

Don’t be down in the mouth.

What are you smirking about?

Cat’s licked the platter has it?

What are you all soppy for?

You’re all stupid and lovey dovey

Getting clucky or something are you?

There’s something wrong with you.

You have blunt-effect.

You must be a psychopath

If you can’t express emotions.

Everyone gets emotional,

Why don’t you?

Can’t you be real?

You seem so fake.
Yep... can't do this can't do that you can't!
Impossible to please.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Government money saving suggestion

The drain on the economy, is the backward government subsidised profession of psychiatry

I think if governments could stop spending money forcing psychiatric drugs on unwilling people and stop paying psychiatrists’ wages, the country could save so much, and they would be stopping psychiatric abuse and complying with International Laws against torture.

Apart from the obvious human-rights abuses that occur with these forced psychiatric treatments (brain-damage, damage to nervous system etc) people who are on psychiatric drugs have to sleep long hours that make getting up for work impossible, using machinery/ driving hazardous... Enable them rather than disable them, I say, and they're part of the workforce, contributing to making a healthy economy.

A crisis doesn't have to last a person's lifetime. It usually does when a person's trauma gets called a 'mental illness', a 'disease', as nonsense...

Change the law by complying with international agreements Australia has signed. That doesn't cost anything, so, what is the problem? Why can’t governments like Australia comply with decency and not experiment, torture and dehumanise people in crisis?

There is a matter of biopsychiatrists losing their jobs or having to retrain in other professions, where they don't need to be compassionate, caring, or helping another. But, redundancy happens in a lot of professions. Why should psychiatrists be immune when they aren't competitive, or meeting the consumer's needs, rather violating them?

The drain on the economy is psychiatrists, not those people psychiatrists are allowed to use violently as 'subject matter'. Unfortunate psychosocial situations, transgenerational trauma and suffering the social prejudice of others, are not diseases! But it is useful to hospital projects that they can use this term ‘disease’. It invokes fear in the population, that word.

People lose confidence when going through crisis and they can't get jobs, when they are falsely labelled by psychiatry. Active discrimination happens all the time, as people can 'tell' you're on psych drugs, or 'something', Tardive Dyskinesia makes you look like you've been in psychiatric hospital... Active discrimination happens for anything people don't understand.

There are better options to give people in crisis, so give them. Further abuse, via biopsychiatry of people alienated and traumatised, never helps. At the moment, the current system that 'cares' for those going through internal dilemmas, is one of further accusation and damning of that person, rarely validating horrific crimes people have suffered. I want this kind of biopsychiatry to stop ruling people's lives with its cruel regimes of torturous 'treatments’, its threats, accusations and damning of human lives.

Push people into corners and they do what they do to fight. Stop psychiatric abuse, ie forced drugging and electroshock and start allowing people to exist. It's not easy to get a flat that won't be invaded by the CAT team. It's not easy to get any shelter for long, without that invasion occurring, if perceived 'necessary', when it's not. Just because a person is talking usual experiences, doesn’t mean that person should be used by psychiatrists for inhumane experiments.

People who are abused, do what they can to cope, and of course they're angry. Psychiatry has tortured them, and their society doesn't even recognise that as abuse, calls it 'care'. That’s not okay. If you’re a person who has been saying that, please realise where you have been going wrong and change your unthinking attitude. The sooner people start listening, rather than reciting propaganda, the better. So, please get better!

AND, sign this petition to stop psychiatric abuse:
Psychiatry in jail! by Initially NO
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Excuses, politicians, Geneva, semantics of torture and koalas

UN, Geneva, 22nd session of the Human Rights Council p5, ‘Deprivation of liberty on grounds of mental illness is unjustified. Under the European Convention on Human Rights, mental disorder must be of a certain severity in order to justify detention. I believe that the severity of the mental illness cannot justify detention nor can it be justified by a motivation to protect the safety of the person or of others. Furthermore, deprivation of liberty that is based on the grounds of a disability and that inflicts severe pain or suffering falls under the scope of the Convention against Torture.’

Otherwise there is a link to a video recording of the  Special Rapporteur On Torture And Other Cruel, Inhuman Or Degrading Treatment Or Punishment, on YouTube, that is on my petition link (please sign.)

Deprivation of liberty? Understanding liberty involves how we imagine the individual's roles and responsibilities in society in relation to concepts of free will and determinism,’ says Wikipedia. You can go on to search what free will means and get tangled in the lovely semantics of determinism as well.

Let me just tell you this, to be deprived of intellect, that is have your neurotransmitters shut down by major tranquillizers forced on you by psychiatrists, because you are saying ‘unusual things’, is one of worst forms of depriving liberty. At least, if you are chained to a wall, you have your thoughts, your ability to think. But to cage a person, put restraint on a person’s ability to think at their normal capacity is what psychiatry does. Please stop them doing this. It is really, really wrong. Whoever thinks that the psychiatrists who did that to me were doing that ‘for my good’ really shouldn’t expect me to like them.

And to anyone who wants to say, ‘That was done to my daughter and it was the best thing for her,’ as a Greens member said to me today, with his flint eyes menacing like one those men who stand at abortion clinics and inflict verbal abuse on the women who go in…

Well, anyone who does that, I want to say this, ‘Yes, and I’m sure your great aunt lived to ninety odd and smoked two packs of ciggies a day, but if you think that that entitles you to blow smoke in my face, or near me, when I have an allergy to tobacco, you’re wrong.’

At least with my tobacco allergy, I had the backing of doctors, who agreed, it was something that was common for people to be allergic to. I wasn’t denied that the swelling and itching discomfort was real, I wasn’t told it was ‘psychosomatic’. However, with torturous psychiatric forced drugging, I can’t get the backing of many doctors, because doctors who go against their profession, they get vilified. Besides, they’re trained that these ‘medicines’ are ‘good for people’ and that ‘some people don’t know what’s good for them’ and that the ‘doctor knows best.’ This is despite the listing of horrific effects of psychiatric drugs, on each specific drug’s website:

Our current Australian government allows psychiatrists to do far more damage than smokers. Because, you can’t walk away from a psychiatrist. They are allowed via the government to abduct, unlawfully restrain and assault. Drugging someone is not only an intent to commit a crime, it is a crime. Drugging people without their consent is a criminal offense called assault and battery, wouldn’t you say? Electrocuting someone? Come on, work it out!

So, why is it okay to do that to some people and not others. Why does a psychiatric diagnosis mean a person can be inflicted with assault and battery?

Let’s look at the torture of the last drug I was forced to take, Abilify. ‘Most common side effects (>10%) from all clinical trials involving adults patients include:

… Nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache, dizziness, an inner sense of restlessness or need to move (akathisia), anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness’

There’s also a really long list of other things you could look at that happen to people who are tortured with this drug in the name of ‘care’,  which causes huge discomfort and permanent damage. These include, decreases in white blood cells, seizures, coma or death, muscle stiffening, weight gain, aspiration or choking, fainting, affects your judgment, thinking, or motor skills, an increased risk of stroke…

Any official psychiatric drug website will have long lists of such horrible effects. They have to, for legal reasons. Because the truth is, these horrible effects are what psychiatric drugs do best.

Now, just in case you think I’m badmouthing one drug over another, I’m here to tell you that I never found the ‘drug that works’ for me. I found conversation and art therapy, poetry, books, friends and love. These things enabled recovery.

So here’s another drug that I’ve been forced to take over the years that lists horrific effects on their official website: Olanzapine (Zyprexa), another atypical ‘popular’ drug. Popular with psychiatrists who prescribe it, that is.

There are many more drugs. They are pretty much as painful and horrific in their effects as any other.

Now, do you understand why forced drugging can definitely come under the definition of torture, enough for the UN Special Rapporteur On Torture And Other Cruel, Inhuman Or Degrading Treatment Or Punishment, to say so?

This is about a massive human rights movement, about stopping torture in the guise of medicine. About making transparent the lies and propaganda; the mass hypnosis of pseudo-science; the fear, shaming, dehumanising and ignorance. About establishing methods that actually do help people in crisis. Don’t leave your name off this document. Please sign this petition: to stop psychiatric abuse, including forced-drugging, electro-shock and other cruel inhumane treatments and get an apology for it ever having occurred.

Yes, this is addressed to Australian officials, however, what happens in one country, can mean things will be rectified in another.

Awareness is everything.

And, politicians who are at least polite, respectful and listen to what I have to say, without trying to excuse the torture I have received while their bosses have been in power, are doing something towards rectifying that ugly attitude so many hold, that I somehow ‘deserved’ to be harmed. Or even worse, denying what is so clearly on those the official websites of the drugs I have been forced to take.

Please, no further excuses. Recognise the wrong and do something to change the abuse that is still going on for so many Australians, as well as many other people in countries that have oppressive so called ‘health’ laws, that actively discriminate against people who are in crisis and have been through trauma, allowing psychiatrists to force harmful drugs into their bodies, amongst other cruel and inhumane practises.

Be aware and take action. Those who have been subjected to this are not from some gene pool that you don’t come from, it’s not about class, or classlessness, it’s not about caste, it’s not about anything but human experience, and human reactions to adversity.

Support is the most essential thing in a person recovering from crisis. Please do your own research on the Hearing Voices Movement by attending the congress hosted this year in Melbourne, and look at the fantastic results of Open Dialogue in Finland and other countries.

Open your mind. Recognise what enables and what disfigures. Recognise what enables also means better figures for your country, less reliance on welfare, less poverty and desperation.

People need to be heard, don’t force them into a corner by denial.

Changing laws to stop forced psychiatric treatments such as drugging and electro-shock will cost the government nothing, but the country will certainly gain something priceless, an ease on their conscience.

The politicians who put an end to forced treatments, will be heroes of their time. Psychiatric abuse has been going on for 202 years. It is really time the world recognised the voices of those who have been oppressed by the psychiatric regime for so long. We are most often victims of crime, rarely perpetrators and yet the media has vilified us so much that many people think that anyone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia is ‘dangerous’. It is the media, who do this, that are dangerous. They are, by delivering psychiatric propaganda, contributing to this huge crime against humanity.

Diversity is not something that should be medicalised. Diversity, is what keeps humanity alive. Allow for difference, allow for the unusual, allow for invention, allow for poetic truth and enable people to speak about what has been going on. Don’t put them in the closet and say their words are ‘psychotic.’

Thanks to the Australian Democrats for their policy that ‘Allows the right to refuse medical treatment, and to choose to die’.

Allowing a person the right to die enables people to actually assist with those whose lives/ circumstances could be changed, so they no longer wish to die.

Removing the perceived ‘crime’ and enabling people to speak without threat of forced psychiatric ‘treatments’, would be a huge relief for those in crisis and those who care for them. Also supporting ‘consumer involvement in the development and provision of health care services, policies and programs’ is thinking about what is really happening here, a transaction that involves a service and money being paid. Surely, the consumer should be asked what they want in the crisis industry’s feasibility studies?

Now, the Australian Democrats was not in the House of Representatives for me, only the Senate. So I had to choose someone who at least understood that stopping psychiatric abuse was something that needed looking into. I obviously wasn’t going to go with the party that I usually support, that wanted to deny what the UN has said to be torture. That party that wanted to, sort of, blow smoke in my face and tell me about their 2 pack a day ninety year old aunt… and how I was better off with smoke in my lungs than not… Whatever their other policies were, didn’t matter anymore once they insulted me, oops, I mean he, I’ve now condemned a whole party just because of one meanie eh? No, I had done prior asking, research, they were supposed to get my vote, so I gave them every chance to make amendments to their policies, but they didn’t hear me.

Being friendly always counts, but you do actually have to do something. Some politicians who have signed my petition, many thanks to them. I appreciate your support and understanding and your progressive humane thinking.

Also friends and acquaintances that have signed, as well as strangers, you make so much sense. Thank you. That is what you’re supposed to do when someone has suffered assault, particularly if their government was involved... mass signing of petitions and protests, if nothing is done.

It is strange that the mere mention that it is psychiatrists that did this to me, some people immediately dismiss what happened, despite the evidence, despite psychiatry’s widespread systematic abuse, despite the truth. They then turn and look at me and see me as ‘something wrong’, ‘something sick’, something that’s ‘other’ than them, something ‘subhuman’.

Those people who don't understand that psychiatric torture that gets called 'care' is still torture, are ridiculous, mean and stupid. They cannot be what I can like, or ever vote for unless they change their ignorant malicious ways.
The Koala drugged with major tranquilisers, for camera, so it looks cute and dopey and doesn’t rip anyone’s arms to shreds in order to escape, is not happy, not comfortable, not having the ‘best thing that happened’ to it. It is upset, experiencing a variety of really debilitating cruel effects of that drug. Which is why, any koala handler in their right mind would not give a koala a major tranquiliser on a daily basis. So, why on earth are humans subjected to this daily dosing with major tranquilisers for years by force, sometimes the term of their natural life? These humans haven’t ever ripped someone’s arm to shreds. Well, I certainly never did, nor have the many, many people I know who have been subjected to this. (Some have done that to their own arms, but their own arm is their property.) Anyway what I'm saying, just because an animal or a human is 'manageable' doesn't make what you're doing to them any less cruel, when there are so many less restrictive, less invasive options.
Psychiatric abuse has to stop. Change is inevitable. Just hurry up and do it sooner rather than later and stop thinking the sleepy, non-scratching koala is happy, when it is severely disturbed by the drugs forced upon it. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Two million people tortured every year in Australia’s psychiatric hospitals

Two million people tortured every year in Australia’s psychiatric hospitals. How can anyone ignore that?! That’s 10 per cent of the Australian population. How is it that despite the United Nations, agreeing that forced drugging and electro-shock and other inhumane psychiatric treatments are torture, so much of the population is in denial that this is happening?

UN declaration of psychiatric forced treatments to be torture

The government stats on how many people are tortured in psychiatric ‘hospitals’ are here:

·          ‘In 2007–08, around 12% of people aged 18 years and over experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress and a further 21% experienced moderate levels of psychological distress (similar to 2001 and 2004–05 rates).’

·         ‘In 2007–08 mental and behavioural problems (11% or 2.3 million people)’

·         ‘In 2007, 1.9 million Australians aged 16–85 years (12%) accessed services for mental health problems in the previous year’

‘The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture agrees, and has as recently as 2013 called for the abolition of forced psychiatric interventions’

David Oaks says because we  not just the 99% ‘We are the 100%’ because those harmed by psychiatry are inclusive of all humans, (yes, and other animals, if you want to know, I might add.)

‘Despite the significant strides made in the development of norms for the abolition of forced psychiatric interventions on the basis of disability alone as a form of torture and ill-treatment and the authoritative guidance provided by the CRPD, severe abuses continue to be committed in health-care settings where choices by people with disabilities are often overridden based on their supposed “best interests”, and where serious violations and discrimination against persons with disabilities may be masked as “good intentions” of health-care professionals.’

Do not deny this is happening. The evidence is all too obvious. Psychiatric forced drugging, electro shock and other cruel and humane practices are not ‘care’ or in anyway about ‘health’.

Please sign my petition to stop this torture in the guise of psychiatric 'care' from continuing to happen in our government's name. Help us also gain an apology for psychiatric abuse ever having occurred.

Thank you to everyone who has signed so far. Please pass on the petition link to as many people as you can.