Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Eugenicists are not legitimate in debates

Eugenicists are not normal, a construct designed to target groups of the population for exploitation, utilising science-is-golden campaigning as well as religious preaching to achieve control over the population, enabling a range of scam marketing to occur. Terms like 'hygiene' and 'health', as well as 'care' and 'protection' and of course 'medicine' have been totally perverted by eugenicists' propaganda, put into government advice, not just advertise. 

Eugenicists target what they term 'human stigmas' and made handshakes with government legislators in the mid 20th century, in order to profit from the violent exploitation that is Forced Human Experimentation.
read Emily Jane Wilson's book, Eugenic Ideology & racial fitness in QLD here

For a public broadcaster, or anyone to say that they should not censor any debate conducted ‘in good faith’ is to not realise the in good faith rule is used to exploit millions of Australians every year forcibly for human experimentation in the guise of ‘care’ and ‘medicine.’ The term 'in good faith' gives medicos that violently exploit people for cruel, inhuman degrading medical experiments a status that is 'above the law', that is they cannot be charged with the crime of torture, assault or servitude, that they regularly inflict on people under Mental Health Legislation ( in Australia each state/ territory has a Mental Health Act that likely can only be repealed should a Federal Human Rights Act come about to over-turn these nebulous, exploitative, cruel Mental Health Acts.)

Is it okay, or not okay to victimise some people on the basis of perceived disability? That's not even debated, the ABC is FULL bias on that. There is little thought for Intersectionality of those Sectioned. Just more campaigns to sell cruel experimental products as 'health' and 'cures'.

It’s not okay, however, to put people into this Sectioned (under the Mental Health Act) category anymore on the basis of the being same-sex attracted, though there are still attempts from the eugenicists/ psychiatrists/ psychologists to do just that. That said, while there is still a group of people being targeted for victimisation under statute law, there is no real equality before the law, not for anyone. Government Eugenics laws for 'protection' have even arbitrarily detained journalist and human rights defender Jill Jolliffe, who can articulate her rights very clearly. Eugenicists have really, really worn out that word 'protection' in Australia, what with the repealed Protectionist Act, but it doesn't make the public wise to the eugenics antics, of those the public see as 'elite scientists' chattering the psychobabble illogical of eugenics.

                Eugenicists will always claim to want to deny equality for some groups of people in the name of ‘protection’ of something else. So when lobbyists for equality ask to be afforded ‘the same rights and protections’ as everyone else, it is a laughable construct for the eugenicists who swoop in and babble the need to ‘protect’ this or that, as a reason for inequality, or for violent, horrific intrusions on human lives.

okay, here's a game...
Being ____ is not against the law in any state. ____  are normal people. ____ should be treated equally. It’s simple. ____ are not exempt from the Anti-Discrimination Act.

You can’t breed us out of existence because we do originate mostly from _____ people. We are 25 to 50 %. But it’s not like there’s an army of us who are going to take over. We just want to have the same rights, and not be discriminated against on the basis of _______.

(Acknowledging Magda Szubanski here for the sentence modelling, and YES YES YES definitely YES.)

And now I think of it 25% to 50% is a large number of people to dehumanise, so there is in a way an army of VOP ready to take over, but psychiatrists kill us off 25 years earlier than the rest of the population, keep us in arbitrary detention, torturing us with drugs that have our nervous system shut-down 24/7 indefinitely, then vilify us in the public eye, so we're either pitifully discredited as 'consumer burden' or vilified as violent and resistant. VOP army? Na. There's all of two or a few at the State Library at best, who dare say the forced treatment must be stopped, even though there are 1.5 billion world-wide that would definitely protest if they didn't fear far worse happening to them via violent eugenics-based Mental Health Acts, than has already inflicted on them. 

Please sign Bernard Daniels petition. His son is still being tortured by psychiatrists, and vilified for standing up for his rights, vilified for iatrogenic suffering. But Garth Daniels is not the only VOP being maimed, there are around 100,000 VOP murdered by psychiatrists every year in Australia, who of course murdered in good faith. Who has faith in that? Those people indoctrinated by eugenicists do. Get stuffed if you are one of them and you 'other' VOP, or any other group of people that has been targeted by eugenicists for vilification, exploitation and denial. Please also sign Canada's Petition to stop Electrocution under GA. And Japan's Petition to stop people being put into mechanical ties for months.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Julie Greene: My Experience With an Eating Disorder

Whenever I listen to someone talking about eating disorders, I get a bowl of something I've cooked from scratch & eat it. No propylene glycol or other preservatives in it to make me feel like not eating it. Cheers. Studies on little animals, bigger animals & humans in the early to mid 20th century have statistics to say that Propylene Glycol causes loss of appetite in large doses, and larger appetite in smaller doses, of course there are variants to that rule, because animals/ humans vary. Propylene Glycol is a petroleum-based substance that is put into nearly all food-based products, especially confectionery (not something you can eat after starving because it is an unfood). Cooking from scratch can mean avoiding a lot of that. Breathing Propylene Glycol in the air is a different matter. I'm currently petitioning the government to get this poison out of personal products & workplaces. Please sign & share if you can: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Petitions_General/Petitions_List?id=EN0359

Also Forced Psychiatry must be stopped, no more forced human experimentation:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kerry O'Malley: Community Treatment Orders and the Mental Health Tribunal

'Health Department Rejected Media Release October 17, 2017 Mental health consumers have won another battle against the use of forced medication. After years of being subject to Community Treatment Orders (CTO), 71 year old Kerry O’Malley today won agreement from the Mental Health Review Tribunal to reject the CTO against her. A forced injection is the antithesis of health care disgracing all who say nothing. This afternoon Kerry said “There were a number of prayer requests that went up from my friends but I still needed all of you to get Victory. I am very grateful”.'

read more HERE

Forced Psychiatry must be stopped, it is a human rights issue, not a medical issue. While DNA dose may seem supportive, it is not a human-rights based approach, it is further medico experimentation.

Please sign these 2 important government-based petitions.


& EN0359: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Petitions/House_of_Representatives_Petitions/Petitions_General/Petitions_List?id=EN0359