Friday, June 28, 2013

Stand up to the Mental Health Commission!

Yes, Mental Health Commission, I understand how psychiatric abuse produces ‘Stockholm syndrome’ in their victims (yes, a psychiatric term, which basically means brainwashed/ in an altered state of consciousness from being threatened and denying themselves their own opinion for personal safety, and trying to see the good in their abusers). So wonderful of you, MHC, to provide evidence of this, but where’s your psychiatric abuse awareness ribbon? Without something like that, your site could be mistaken for psychiatric propaganda. And people might be misled into not realising those hypnotised by the cult of psychiatry actually are terrorised into okaying this torturous horrific  organised crime the Australian Government has allowed for way too long, that hides its experiments under the guise of ‘medicine’. (As I understand it, now Rudd is in power, psychiatric survivors could be given an apology, if the Commission vouches for us. Rudd is good at apologies. Gillard had a father who was a psychiatric nurse, she was blinded by her love of him, and couldn't see how he was part of a practice that tortured people, who are not condemned to psychiatric torture anymore, that being homosexuals. Homosexuality was considered a 'mental illness' until 1973 and if people didn't keep quiet, they could be subjected to the various torture procedures that psychiatry offered at the time, without their consent. Gillard would've had to have had it out with her father if she wanted to stop psychiatric abuse, and, she couldn't do that because of her loyalty and the buckets of tears she'd have surging, if she recognised the horror her father was forced participate in, so that he could keep his job and feed her. Keeping this in mind, I suggest a reshuffle is also necessary for MHC, to give those with lived-experience more power to be progressive and validate human-rights.)

(You can easily make your own ribbon with similar colour scheme, but if you can't be bothered feel free to right click copy this one. You have my permission on this image of the psychiatric abuse awareness ribbon, NOT for other images in my blog though.)

The Commission wants to know how they're going. They want you to check in on them, say g’day and diagnose them. They might be treatment resistant though… because they're negotiating difficulties with red-tape etc.

One look, and you should realise the Commission’s website is offensive to uppity psychiatric survivors who have the impertinence to say that the way the Australian government treats people in crisis is human-rights abuse, and that this is a crime against humanity. These psychiatric survivors complain, saying terms like ‘mentally ill’ should not be used because it’s derogatory, threatening and triggers flash-backs to psychiatric abuse. Well! They’ve got to be put in their place! You tell them Commission! You tell them who they are!

Those psychiatric survivors think that they are entitled to freedom from torture and freedom of opinion. Yet, they don’t understand that no good mentally ill people must be kept docile and manageable. No one wants to hear about their ungrateful attitudes. Who cares if 25 years is taken off their life by forcing drugs on them? Who cares if electro-shock and these chemicals forced on them cause obvious brain-damage? The sooner they’re dead the better! Less burden on society then. Who cares if they can hardly move much or stay awake for long, because of the way these drugs affect the muscles? No one wants mentally ill people running around doing things and gaining power! The mentally ill are wrong. They’re mentally wrong. No one wants to hear what they say, unless they’re able to follow the script of their team of psychiatrists and preach all the good the government is doing for them to keep them manageable so they don’t upset the rest of the public.

Is that what you think?

Keep them shamed, keep them blamed, keep them very, very afraid. Give them no hope that their uppity protests will be heard and soon they’ll all be wiped out. Good riddance to them all!

Oh? It’s not genetic? Oh? It’s about other things the government has done like genocide, sexism, racism, war, discrimination and covering-up sexual abuse of children? Oh, we all could potentially develop ‘symptoms of psychosis’ if we were subjected to abuse and Gaslighting, lost our support network and felt alienated by a society that denied abuses that happened to us?  Really? Oh, well how are you going to cover up that one Commission? How are you going to cover up for the lists of horrific effects on the packets of these drugs that psychiatry forces on people? Hmm?

And… how are you going to shut me up now I’m networking with people all around the world and gaining support, getting my books published overseas, my protest T-shirts and other paraphernalia bought? The ‘Psychiatry must die! clock is ticking away and happens to be very popular.

You can’t stop sense, by calling human-rights nonsense. Progress is everything. Your website is so backward it is horrific. Change it now. Using the term ‘mentally ill’ is as offensive as the term ‘ape’.

I was asked to comment on what you’re doing, to make contact. I have. But the MHC's website is really offensive to me, you have to understand that. You have to also understand that psychiatrist’s parrots are not really someone I look up to. As for the 2nd and 3rd hand views of what it’s like to be a person put through psychiatry, well, they don’t know, they only know what they’ve been told by the ‘experts’, which are the falsely empowered psychiatrists, that know nothing about what it is to have artistic thinking. They condemn poetic memory to illness. That’s my people, the poets. I like symbolic thinking. I like non-invasive forms of therapeutic intervention, I like people communicating, I like diversity. I’m not interesting in repeating the psychiatric cult any more than I am interested in repeating what any other cults or religions say, that requires ‘faith’ , ‘blind obedience’ and ‘penance/medication’ such as the cult of psychiatry does.

Saying weird things, is neither being a harm to self or others, yet this has got me forcefully drugged many times over a 14 year period. Even the laws think they can be poetic. Poetic injustice I call psychiatric use of the Mental Health Act. Since when are painful, torturous, disabling, brain-damaging sickening neuroleptic drugs the ‘least restrictive measure’ to use on someone who is non-violent? So what if I was non-compliant? Of course I was. Anyone with any sense would be non-compliant with neuroleptic drugs, especially after they have felt the effects of them.

Why is it police can negotiate with terrorists in a crisis, but psychiatrists barge into a non-violent crisis, such as me in an altered state of consciousness, saying weird things, and  these government paid psychiatrists then use harmful traumatic damaging measures and don’t even try conversation. It’s as if they think I’m some sort of fruit-fly they can’t communicate with. They forget I’m human and symbology and poetic thinking is just as relevant, real and in touch with the emotional realm of feelings more than any other way of communicating. Surely it makes sense to communicate with a person, on their terms, during an emotional upheaval, such as grief. I wish websites like The Mental Health Commission would understand that point of view and realise it is more valid than the other invalidating point of view that psychiatry holds, which turns people into permanent drugged-up invalids.


If you want to know more about me, what I’ve been through, then by all means go for it. I’m a trained writer and editor. My books are available here:

                Australian publishers are ‘not ready’ for my views, they prefer to publish books by doctors, or those who have Stockholm syndrome, because the government isn’t ready to recognise their part in the 14 years of psychiatric abuse I’ve recently been put through, any more than the rest of the public who swallow psychiatric propaganda. People find it difficult to realise their part in the regime of terror on my body, as well as that of many, many others. It is terrifying when I hear these really beaten up broken down people repeat all the brainwashing lines I was subjected to, like a really sad, sad abused cult member, which they are not only like, they are, but they don't have to continue to be. They are so afraid, threatened, shamed and blamed for the corner society pushed them into and their reaction to being cornered. It’s horrible, but I do understand why people say what they do, when they feel the need to show compliance. It’s just very sad, when the public doesn’t understand why these people look so broken. And that that is an effect of psychiatry plus other abuses they've suffered and had diagnosed as their 'illness' their 'problem' their 'disease'. When trauma is not a disease and psychiatry has no scientific validity in saying that it is.


‘They complain that they are being abused

By the medicines that keep those savage people

Docile and manageable.

Those uppity mentally ill!’

Said the pill to the packet that was stacking odds

For the stock and crack it.



It is not okay, government of Australia, not okay. Change your ugly evil ways! Do a video or article that uncovers how psychiatric abuse produces ‘Stockholm syndrome’ in their victims, so that the public can understand what you’re saying, then say, perhaps we shouldn't call it that anymore since it is a psychiatric term.

Now, as your structural editor, MHC, I want to tell you that you lack clarity and sense. People will misinterpret you and think you’re a propaganda machine rather than a commission that inquires and attempts to improve social-justice, human-rights and health. You don’t want that do you? Now, be a good organisation and stick a psychiatric abuse awareness ribbon on your site somewhere. Or, at least, something to say sorry for what the government is still doing, in their name, to various people in Australia, or you are retraumatising people like me by the horror of what you seem to be saying okay to and not only allowing psychiatric abuse to continue, but encouraging it. I want your site to make it clear you want forced-drugging and electro-shock stopped immediately. In 2013 we must end this horrific regime. Australia is meant to be a democracy. Make it happen.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ODDie Awards and ODD ball

I'm performing at this event coming up. If you're in Melbourne, definitely worth attending. Perhaps ODDie award nights, will eventually become an event every country will hold, with activists gathering together to wrestle, recognise, speak out poetically and reclaim our rights to freedom of opinion, freedom from torture etc...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Media shlock and other perceptions

huh// huh//huh////? sssssssssssssssschhhhhhhhhhtttt
Dat were me eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ta huh ta huh okay okay okay okay
Not that again.
too much too much too much too much
Misinterpretation shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Film. Acuity of method. Round about. Hurt flash into
Those that think that... that perpetuate that tttttttttttt
But not that, not that not that, not that but access.

Sound poetry. With a hyperlink to a documentary film I'm in, recently out.
Oh, and you just thought I was going bananas eh?
I'm an artist, not a court room case! And if you really are a judge, lose your prejudice, and reserve your judgements and harsh sentences for your job!
So I can get back to my sound poetry.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cchchcaha haha hhahahah
Beings, book, beings second happenings and things
Expressions outside the range of understood sense
And getting into expressing the feeling, the sensory,
the society sense, my percipience of that I pick up,
Add up, look up, get, don't quite get, want to question,
Toss and turn at, worry I've stepped over a boundary,
Crash and burn the crap thrown at me, hurt, but,
Hardening, sshhhhhshshshtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Watching hours of YouTube comedy when work,
work work is nagging to be done, but the back of
My mind is saying, no way, there is no way I want
You to think of anything but the laugh for a while.
But I look up 'stand up comedy' and it's all men. So,
I look up, 'Stand up comedy women' and men are
Sprinkled in, not that I mind men's comedy,
it's just that for the moment I've had enough of listening
to their dick opinions that cunt me
And why they get the focus when I'm looking for women.
Too serious, too angry, too hurt, get away from it
And CHCHCHsssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttt out hhhhap.
You don't know what you do, society, society, society,
That echoes within where verbal abuse bruises
To shuttersssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttttttttttputt
Putt out eventually. I know it will eventually. These things
Must run out of their false esteem grime sheeeeeeeeeeem.
Whatever you do, don't post it. They'll think you are
um... you know, not gnawing the maul, like most glue.
Wha? I'm fine with myself, with everyone else
Just sometimes, what to say what's on my mind
Without thinking about how you might perceive it,
How you might think me wrong, weird, crazy, eeediot!
See lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
as AM sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppsssssss. You know I need to be out side the range of your sense
to get my sense of humour back and stop beating you
Over the head with my angry little blogging flogging grrr
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, you
should know that............ heee hah ha h a h hahah ha ha!

Laugh, laugh at that time I was dragged off screaming
people did, but they didn't realise, they did not realise,
that psychiatry is horrific, or they did and were glad
it was not them being taken in... 
the memory of what they did overbearing,
the emotional memory
is a bear, or lion eating my face off... as bad as that,
and then people have the gall to tell me I'm lying!
I fear the pain of what psychiatry has done to me,
As much as I fear the pain of some animal eating
My face off... and that's my perception, so,
make it funny, make me laugh that off, drag it out into a routine, make me beam that you've done a triple twist
on my painful memory, so that psychiatry
will stop their regime that threatens and harms
and never ever understands art or laughter, just diagnoses it.
The emotional memory hurts me when it gets triggered.
Yes, emotions, they hurt somewhat, but the pain,
The pain is my body saying: see this thing that happened,
Do something about it so society doesn't perpetuate it,
So they get it. People won't get that it's as bad to you,
As being mauled by hungry animals that just think
Of you as sustenance, except maybe in a picture... or
except maybe someone who's understanding
like your beautiful lover. Talk, make sounds, nonsense
even, until the consensual sense is thrashed out.
How to communicate with them, them, them, that cage
And hate my livid wrecking ball on their psychiatrist.
I'm talking stuff, but I'm far away from being lost
In alienation, far away from being lost in parallel
nightmare thinking, because I'm connecting, thinking,
getting stuff. And if I only get the sense of communication,
the sense of adding up sensory intake, that percipience, 
into sound expression, at the start
that should be okay; if it's only a scribbly image to start
that's okay, because, no one is ever perfectly clear
and succinct to everybody. Product is not there straight away for everyone. Besides, there is always someone
who is looking though their tints and veils
And Ned Kelly mask logos to fit you into them,
To say, yeah but... me, identify with my iconography!
Even if you find them unfitting and aahhhhhhhh
Goooooooooooooooooooow awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahy
they expect you to be the, because they think that they
they are the cream and when you say you don't eat
cream, that it's too rich, too sickening, they say,
don't you get the metaphor? and that's when I'm thinking
okay creamy pie endless factor in lies pill popper sty,
you talk metaphors, I think you're into poetry
so you might be into listening to the white noise hssssss
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry you
of sound sense sound sense sense censor reason


Friday, June 7, 2013

Forced and coerced penetration: it’s not okay

Methods and lines used         

to force and coerce sexual contact

to force and coerce psychiatric drugs

You’ll get used to it…
the unwanted touch or sexual contact that is upsetting you
the unwanted, harmful 'medication' you may well be highly allergic to, that is causing you discomfort
It's about finding the…
right position
right medication and dose
This works for most people…
sexual position
type of medication  and dose
If you don’t want it…
you’re not being a good girlfriend/boyfriend... I won't be your friend if you don't. You want to make me happy don't you?
you don’t have insight into your illness. You can't give informed consent. You want to get well don't you?
Ultimatums and threats…
you must have sex with me or else...
you must comply with treatment or else...
Use of force, penetration, violence and violation
When threats and intimidation are affective…
nice and accommodating
docile and compliant
Destruction of ability and violation of identity…
realising her/ his place
manageable and medicated

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Government farting of psychiatrisms!

Now, just a word about government initiatives in mental health. They are so out of date and offensive they are silly!

                Psychiatrisms being farted out all over the place and little scared psychiatrist’s parrots saying what they should, lest they be reminded of that time they maxed out their credit card and drove across several states without stopping. Or, even that time they started accusing people of poisoning their food, when they hadn’t heard that it was actually Monsanto doing it, not their sweet innocent cousins.

                There are a number of videos on this page that upset me (with the exception of Christopher who actually talks about the trauma and his recovery that happened through conversation and support.)

                Why would I listen to Kay Jamison’s view that psychiatric treatment is ‘important’? She is clearly suffering under the medication she takes. I can see the way it dulls her eyes and droops her face!

I haven’t got time to critique each video and say why they’re not positive representations for recovery and reducing stigma. They do nothing for validation, or enabling either. So, I’m going to focus on an actor who should know better, in hope to enlighten her as to why she is upsetting to so many (yes of course she will read my blog, she really wants to know a psychiatric survivor’s view for her next film role…)


Dear Glenn Close, saying, ‘drapetomania’ a billion times with actor’s glee, in 1851, would not make the word less offensive. Same with saying a person has a ‘sexual orientation disturbance’ in 1970. I mean, while people ‘joke’ about brides who run away in Hollywood movies, saying a person’s sexual orientation is a ‘disturbance', a 'deviation' or a 'disorder' when there is nothing wrong with their sexual choices, is about a societal disturbance. It is society being prejudiced. The fact is, sweetheart, psychiatry is disturbing and when you repeat words like ‘schizophrenia,’ and ‘mental illness’, they hurt people like me, because they remind me how I’ve been abducted, tortured, threatened, physically restrained and had to put up with the coercive-control brainwashing that goes on, as recently as 2011. And before you jump to conclusions that I was behaving like some Fatal attraction role you played, may I remind you, about the myth that so many people hold close to their heart that people with mental health problems are violent. Yes, it is a myth. And no, I wasn't being violent.

                Okay, you should’ve got that any way, because it’s on the website where you talk of your relatives and ‘their illness’. You seem to have little insight into why your relatives got so upset they went into an emotional discombobulated crisis. But you’re happy to give them labels that no one wants. (Except maybe the Bipolar. That one is new and sounds nice. Manic-depressive, people hated the sound of that. Schizophrenia, roll it on your tongue and it sounds like a cat saying, ‘back off!’ as for ‘mental illness’ being something to get used to, come off it!

                So, just to let you know, these words alarm me as much as racism and sexism, probably more, because they areused to harm, disable, threaten, brainwash, dehumanise and torture, yes, even the UN agrees that forced-drugging is torture. And the public seems oblivious to this.

                How could you be so stupid as not to be aware of this? Don’t you read?

                Stop farting psychiatrisms and get with it! Don't turn coping mechanisms and discombobulated responses to grief and trauma into 'symptoms'! And don't you dare ever use the 's' word where I can hear it again!



Initially NO

PS: If you like my poster of psychiatry farting, you can buy it at Redbubble. (Alright I'll send you a postcard I know stars expect everything for free.)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why Eddie McGuire should be put into a psych ward

The coloniser’s farts have

Odours that smell better,

Much better, because they’re…

Well, people are used

To what colonisers say and can

Stomach making sense of that gas,

Apparently, that’s why they’re

Listened to and given power.

Bastards who took and are

Still taking what is not rightly

Theirs to have –  the public’s esteem.

Shred them, make them gone,

Speak of how things should be

And get the population to recognise

How wrong it is to defend

The verbal abuse that puts

A gun to the face of victims

Of genocide, excused through

Phrenology, eugenics, psychiatry,

‘Public welfare’, ‘safety’ and ‘care’…

Strip the act where fighting back

Has been turned into a crime,

Where trying to verbalise this

Has been turned into ‘mental illness.’

What do you do when you

Can’t win the public esteem

Because those in authority

Say that you don’t make

As much sense as the good

Farts of your abusers?

And you hear them,

Those threats verbalised

Again and again in a sneer

Of indifference and clicky logic,

Marginalising and marginalising…

Anger is held in with a sigh,

Hope is lost of being given a turn

Of having a position like that,

To say what needs to be said,

As the indefensible is excused

While your job and contribution

Is seen as only existing though

The goodness of fat charity

That will place its mushy-pea plate

On you when you hope

To get a newspaper article

Written about the insightful

Work you do, that is not

Recognised because, because

Of the wonderful farts

That the coloniser does

To cologne the public

Who apply this odour liberally,

Defending themselves when

The stench gives a passer-by

An asthma attack, defending

Defending their wrongs,

Puffing up their chests and beating

Out their coloniser’s song –

‘Me, me, me, look at me,

Mine, mine, mine!

You go and mine for me!’

Think of yourself as the ball

Being kicked while others

Are having a ball at your expense,

But no, no one’s scrabbling for you,

Your existence is an abstraction,

The ball is the focus,

You’re not a coloniser’s cologne

So you’re just nonsense – that illogic.

Rip, rip straight into them, those

Bastards who took and are

Still taking what is not rightly

Theirs to have –  the public’s esteem.

Shred them, make them gone.

Threaten them with

What your government

Threatens you with;

Torture has been made legal so easily.

Make them fear for their lives

Like they have made you fear.

Make their gun in your face

Backfire and put people like

Eddie McGuire in the psych ward.

Tell him he’s the malfunction,

That he ‘doesn’t have the capacity to work’,

That people are ‘not interested in his story’,

That he should’ve been aborted,

That he must not have children,

That he can’t use heavy machinery,

That he needs to be tranquilised

And made manageable,

That everything he says is wrong

And he’s incapable of making informed consent,

That he doesn’t have to vote,

That he must comply with being

Subject matter for psychiatric research,

Must, must comply… or treatment gets worse.
Fair's fair, so let him be
'Cared' for properly, that poor, poor man
And his pomp of followers
Who can't help but fart out abuse.
He is a danger to himself and others
When he is running loose.