Sunday, November 25, 2018

Election day and no promises to abolish forced psychiatry

People doing what they can to keep up the protest, while working in a lovely little shop called The Painter & The Writer Gallery - 42 Main St Maldon, Victoria - in Australia. Or maybe it was just that the shop liked a picture of a protest on polling day, and they just stuck it in there out front, because it's art and they're an art shop and there's no need to hide a painting about the civil rights movement of the millennium.

Health Australia Party has not yet put into policy that they will abolish forced psychiatry in line with the UN CRPD, though, though have indicated that they will move towards this at the Federal election.

Thing is, forced psychiatry has to be abolished by each State. And Victoria, being the worst place in the world, per capita, for forced psychiatry, really should be the starting place.

To not say you'll abolish forced psychiatry, is really being anti-human rights. No one should abide by forced human experimentation, of the vile, cruel kind that psychiatry, in Victoria Australia consists of. You are not meant to be okay with forced human experimentation that kills and maims thousands of people in Victoria, Australia every year.

No one should abide by a government that promises a Royal Commission into Mental Health, then, sleazily adds that a psychiatrist will be chairing it. That's like having a CEO of Bank do a Royal Commission into banking, it's like having a CEO of an accused Church do a Royal Commission into Institutional Abuse. Churches colluded, it was proven, so did banks. They close ranks, they cover up, unless they're an ally to victims. And Patrick McGorry is DEFINITELY NOT in ANY WAY an ally to Victims of Psychiatrists. It's an utterly ridiculous, horrible thing, to have victims being represented and chaired by perpetrators and their coterie - but that's the nature of a country that has a regime of vile, cruel exploitation, such as Australia, Victoria does. They want to keep it running, cover it up to make it look like benevolent charity to those who haven't been violated by it, and deny any victim the right to speak out against it fully and be heard by the population.

People can, and do stand on the street and protest. People do refuse psychiatrists for years while being locked in a psychward. They can apply under to the UN under Special Procedures, to be release from arbitrary detention.

Make noise, be heard, in any way you can, is the only way this vile, cruel exploitation can be stopped.

Yes, there has been a precedent in the Supreme Court ofVictoria due to the courage of NJE & PBU, putting up a fight against forced electrocution, that had been rubber stamped by the Victorian Administrative Tribunal, they would not have been permitted to fight in the court, if they had not been part of the 10% subjected to forced psychiatry that were given access to Legal Aid. Which means 90% of people fight, then are violently and horribly electrocuted because they do not get any access to Legal Aid, at a Tribunal, or VCAT, let alone to challenge VCAT in the Supreme Court. But even with this precedent, and an admittance by ECTmachine makers that their product causes brain damage, even so, with this, ECT can still be forced on people in Victoria, Australia.

There is nothing to stop arbitrary detention and 24/7 torture under the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 being increased once again from 10,000 forced orders in 2017, to however many more will tally in 2019.

The way the re-elected government talks about the Royal Commission into Mental Health, that is going to cost the tax-payer $13.5 million - isn't from the perspective of those who are being violated by psychiatrists, it's from the perspective of whitecoat greed and their politicians who have a vested interest in keeping on using people, as a pound of flesh, to be examined, injected and observed as live specimens, then written up to be published for vast sums of money.

Just as animals are violated in laboratories, so too are humans, under the vile cruel Mental Health Acts in each State/ Territory of Australia. 

Animal rights? Yes and - don't forget human rights, right here, in Victoria, Australia, or you might find one day, you're one of the millions being locked away arbitrarily and exploited in the most horrible fashion that nightmares are made of.

Think of the artists over time, attempting to speak through visuals when speaking got them into threats and strife -

  • Francisco de Goya's fear of being thrown in a pit, where they put people who said too much about organised crime, corruption, and didn't paint royalty in the way they wanted to be painted, people who were honest about what was happening around them, to their neighbours, friends, family - were thrown  into pits and called 'mad' as they suffered the horrors of that; 
  • Edvard Munch's 'The Scream' - fear he'd be put where his sister was put away for whatever it was she didn't obey. Perhaps she just didn't marry who she was told she had to. Perhaps she spoke out against a paedophile. Perhaps she just smiled or frown or expressed herself too much for some ugly jealous thug in power.

It is important that people don't let killing machines go on and on in their country ever increasing with attempts to control of the population by fear, torture, arbitrary detention and vilification of victims. Eugenics doctrine, that is the Mental Health legislation - it must be stopped, now, not later.

It is important that people recognise what is happening close to them, rather than in a country they haven't visited, where a picture of a child is being dangled to raise funds for the so-called charities that are causing starvation, disease, poisoning and all kinds of horror, causing, via their alliance with other companies that have very lucrative cruel agendas on their board room table. Force feeding  overseas and here with toxic rot is happening. It's horrific and all done in the name of benevolence.

And unless you know that, you think the charity is benevolent.

Changing legislation should not be about charity, that is asking for more funds, and nor should a Royal Commission be about spending more funds - it should be about recognising that it is never okay to exploit by force, never okay to legislate to violently exploit people to the point of maiming and killing them, then call that benevolence. It should be about hearing the people that have been violated more and more every time they attempted to speak out against the vile, corrupt perpetrators that are arbitrarily detaining and exploiting them most horribly. Society needs to recognise, that and so much more that victims of psychiatrists have to say.

At what point are people going to see the human rights movement of the millenium - to abolish this vile cruel forced human experimentation done under mental health legislation? At what point are they going to be horrified enough to stop the horror.

Think of - 

Garth Daniels. He was horribly abused in Victoria, under the re-elected Government, electrocuted 150 times, dosed up on horrifically large quantities of neuroleptics, tied to a bed for 69 days. He skipped to QLD and found the same government governing QLD.

Why is it that Garth is still not free from arbitrary detention & torture? Because he does not consent to take neuroleptics that are going to cause him cardio problems. He does not consent to having his physical abilities shut down, so he cannot physically do what he'd easily be capable of, when having those neuroleptics shoved into him.

Garth Daniels has fought for his freedom, had support to do this from his family (which most families don't do, they back-peddle and go along with authorities gone wrong and have their own flesh and blood been done in by the ugly whitecoats. Some will later claim they trusted the whitecoats more than their family member. Why? Why would you do that? Trust the people you know, unless you already know they're ugly whitecoats and want nothing to do with them.)

Family & friends can assist a person in arbitrary detention to apply to the UN CRPD committee under Special Procedures, to demand the government release the person they unlawfully are detaining and torturing.

Garth Daniels got an advocate through his father Bernard Daniels to put a request in to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. He has also given permission to release a video of him being abused by psychiatrists, after he said, 'I do not consent'. It should be enough, when a person verbally says they do not consent to have a product injected into them, it really should. No one should have some ugly whitecoat company's product forced on them.

This is Garth Daniels, being tortured like this repeatedly, in QLD as we type this blog. He did not consent to be harmed this way, he actively said: I DO NOT CONSENT

Please free Victorians & people in Queensland Australia from this vile, cruel corrupt governing force, that condemns people to a life of forced servitude, as a human laboratory specimens, with no reprieve, no mercy, a life condemned to a situation far worse than anything else in the world. Far worse, because no politician even dares speak out against it. And the Labour government of Victoria & Queensland enslaves people, by force, under their legislation, to be used in these horrifically violent human research studies they do, without consent.