Wednesday, February 27, 2013

‘The patient is always wrong,’ is that what’s taught at medical school?

I was talking recently about the current climate of denial still occurring in mental health and how, in the past, when I have suffered detrimental effects of psychiatric drugs, I have been still forced to take them.

                A psychiatric nurse at the talk wanted to dismiss the brain damage, caused by neuroleptics, and concurrent memory loss as ‘aging.’  I’m only forty! Besides, I felt the harm being caused to me. I felt the ongoing pain while taking the drugs. And I felt the very gradual recovery from those horrific damaging effects the neuroleptics caused, as well as what hasn’t recovered. Besides, it is well-known the drugs do this. It is even on the drug’s website.

                Then a psychiatrist issued a poor excuse rather than a question. Instead of apologising for the harm caused by his colleagues, he leapt to their defence and accused, ‘Patients don’t really know what’s going on, so it’s hard to tell if their complaints are valid.’

                In front of me he wanted to excuse the way he, most obviously, systematically invalidated his patient’s complaints about medications, made invalid the truth and left them wondering what truth is exactly. So many psychiatrists I’ve been forced to be patient to, agree with, submit to… it’s horrible this is crazy-making denial.

                I offered a concrete example of when I saw a GP for a broken finger, which I knew was broken, because I’d heard it snap, plus I’d had broken bones before, so I recognised the kind of pain associated with a break, just as I recognise the effects of neuroleptics after being force intermittently over a 14 year period to take them.

                The GP told me, ‘It’s only a sprain.’

                I was eighteen and I believed him. It took me another month before a work colleague insisted I go to hospital to get it x-rayed. And that proved it was broken, but it had started to mend so there was no way to set the bones in their right place. As a result I have a permanently gammy finger.

                It’s one thing to come to a doctor with something wrong and be denied the appropriate treatment you wish to have, it’s quite another thing to be dragged to a doctor and be physically harmed by forced treatment that causes your bones to become brittle. (Yes, osteoporosis is an effect of neuroleptics listed on drug websites. They stop a women’s menstrual cycle.)

                Refusal to take, ‘required medication’ should be understood better.

First of all, why is medication, ‘required’ when counselling, psychology or art therapy has not been tried? Why is it required when the patient is in no way violent? Why is it required when the patient knows from previous doses that they have suffered horribly on it?

When smoking was allowed in pubs around Australia, I developed an immune related allergy to second-hand tobacco smoke. People would deny and deny the validity of this. They would try to say I was imagining that my face swelled up and my eyes itched so like I wanted to remove them. I was lucky that a doctor, a GP, affirmed that this was a common reaction to tobacco smoke.

People don’t want to see themselves as a perpetrator of harmful actions, even if they are, because they then see themselves as a victim of accusation and so they quickly attempt to rescue themselves and end up accusing the victim of being the perpetrator.

It is extremely hard to get a doctor to affirm the harm caused by neuroleptics because they don’t want to end up transferred and thus be victimised. Humane psychiatrist Peter Breggin explains it does not make him popular amongst his colleagues, when he tells the truth about the harm psychiatrists cause on a regular basis to their patients. He is then accused of causing harm to his profession.

This  denial of what is clearly happening could be easily confirmed by looking at the offending drug’s website and finding that yes, what the patient is describing is a known effect of the medication that’s been prescribed for ‘treatment.’

Psychiatrists have not been sued in Australia for LSD tests in the 70s (patients were often given over a hundred tabs.) Psychiatrists have not been sued in Australia, for forcing drugs that cause diabetes, for causing Tardive Dyskinesia in so many of their patients. They have not been sued for causing osteoporosis, or epilepsy, memory-loss, for traumatising, for prescribing drugs that cause a person to feel so unwell they suicide, for causing chronic fatigue and nausea so a person is unable to work. For giving drugs that cause a person’s sight to blur so they can no longer study, then dismissing this effect of the drug as ‘psychosomatic,’ when it is listed on the drug’s website. Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals have not been sued for giving advice that is harmful, the number one offender being, ‘take your medication.’ Psychiatric drugs are harmful, so that is really dangerous advice to give anyone, particularly if you are a mental health professional.

Causing harm to others, is not okay. When a doctor causes harm, that doctor is not practising medicine, they are conducting experiments. When a patient says they don’t want to take harmful drugs because of the side-effects are too horrible and the doctor forces those drugs on the patient, this is torture. Psychiatric drugs are extremely painful physically and mentally, causing anguish over a long period, for 24 hours of the day, every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year, for how many years a psychiatrist keeps a patient on a treatment order.

Psychiatric drugs also cause permanent damage, which is often visible to others, particularly when the nervous system gets damaged, or memory becomes impaired.

Psychiatric drugs are extremely unsafe, harmful measures and to force such things on 20 per cent of our population is one of the ugliest regimes that has continued into the millennium. It is the total opposite of the terms it uses to advertise and advise. Psychiatry is not about ‘care’ and ‘health’ it is about abuse and control.

When I worked as a shop assistant from a young age, I was told a golden rule: ‘The customer is always right.’

Patients are customers. People become unwilling customers of psychiatry once they’ve experienced it, however, they still are, in a perverted way, customers. The psychiatrist is receiving money for the patients seen.

I think all doctors need to be retrained to realise, ‘The patient is always right.’

That’s probably a hard one to swallow for a psychiatrist who is used to dictating. It’s like saying, ‘Take a dose of your own medicine.’ Which psychiatrists won’t do.

If a Court Judge were to dismiss every case as invalid because the thinking was, ‘The witnesses don’t really understand legal matters, so it’s hard to tell if their complaints are valid,’ that would be really wrong. However, since there are lawyers representing each side of the cases in court the judges have interpreters.

Do patients, who have committed no crime, need to bring along medical interpreters to see their psychiatrists, so they are not condemned? Would that enable a person some respect?

Well, maybe, but those interpreters must not be desensitised by their training. They must be people schooled in medicine who still hold close the ethics to not cause harm. They must also be people who do not dehumanise and are not easily bribed.

If I was to propose changes, it would be that all doctors have to undergo new ethics training, to understand where their previous training and intern mentoring was horrifically wrong.

If they won’t, or are training-resistant and keep committing harm, then they have to retire from their profession.

Something like that would make sense and hopefully address and resolve the notion, that, ‘The patient is always wrong,’ which doctors seem to hold as an axiom.

Don’t pooh-pooh psychiatric abuse and condemn like Freud eventually did with his patients who talked about how his colleagues and esteemed friends had raped them when they were children. Don’t do that same thing the church and schools have done to cover up child abuse, which the population condemns. Protecting, ‘your own’ when they’ve caused harm, is denial of justice. That is not okay. It is not right. It is really, really, wrong to cover up and deny abuse.

The dehumanisation of those with a psychiatric diagnose and the following societal ignorance, blame and acceptance of the torture caused by psychiatric practises, is truly one of the most stupid and horrific government approved regimes. It is stupid because the internet enables the information about the effects of these drugs to be freely available. The internet also allows brave individuals with a conscience, knowledge or experience to speak up. For those with experience, like me, to speak I need support and at the moment I have that. Having someone who loves me enough to fight tooth and nail to make certain psychiatry will never harm me again, is a wonderful relief to my psyche. I can remain calm and say what needs to be said without freaking out that if I say something too edgy the bastards will come and get me and I’ll be the living-dead again, unable to think, work or play.

Forced-drugging and ECT needs to be stopped immediately (though for safety from withdrawal effects, all medications needs to be tapered slowly.) Peer-support groups can be set up to combat those suffering from the abuses of psychiatry. People may also wish to have trauma therapy related to their psychiatric abuse. At the moment, with such a widespread denial of psychiatric abuse, I would only go to a therapist who understood, or had lived-experience of psychiatric abuse. I wouldn’t want to be in therapy all vulnerable and opening up and have some shmuck who denied the validity of my experience and blamed me, like so many ignorant prejudiced people do.

People really need to get their facts straight and stop their stupidity. Backing up psychiatric practices that cause harm, is aiding and abetting. So stop it. You will be held accountable for your actions.

The patient is always right!
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Psychiatry must have insight into its illness

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Warning for those with shares in psychiatric drug companies

Denying reality is a dangerous practice!

Supporting the use of psychiatric drugs that cause a person devastating harm, is INSANE and UNSAFE! by Initially NO 
This is something every mental health professional needs on their wall to remind them of their responsibilities.  (To purchase or have a look at other options, such as stickers. Click here.)

If you are suffering the devastating effects of psychiatric drugs, it isn’t good when doctors and media Mental Health advisors, such as SANE Australia, deny that reality. The effects of these drugs are horrific and publically listed on the drug’s site, for legal reasons.

Denying reality, is a very dangerous practice. It is insane and unsafe to do this to people who are suffering the torturous effects of forced-drugging via psychiatrists. It also makes people extremely angry. Trauma and its effects are not a disease. No mental illness has been any where near proven to be hereditary or detectable via tests. And people do recover. Your diagnosis does not have to be not a life long illness. People just need support that is helpful, validating and encouraging them to exist. People also need for the traumatic torturous ‘care’ of psychiatry to be recognised for what it is. Denial of this reality is a very dangerous practice.

If you’re having horrible effects with your psych drug and decide you want to stop taking that drug, you MUST do it VERY, VERY SLOWLY. The withdrawal effects can be really dangerous. It is best to taper it, under supervision of an understanding doctor, who can prescribe you smaller and smaller doses. NEVER go off psychiatric drugs quickly, believe me, when I didn’t know that, I tried and it was horrible.

If you like the drugs, that’s where you’re at. I’m fine with people being allowed to make choices. I’m not happy, however, with the squashing of the voices of people who are not happy with psychiatric drugs. It is false to claim voices of protestors make others unsafe. It is very unsafe indeed to stay on a drug that is causing you harm. So many drugs are linked to suicide. And yes, SANE Australia the new atypical drugs do cause Tardive Dyskinesia, amongst other things. Think about the legal ramifications of making that false assurance that they don’t cause this horrific effect, next time you do your 'ph' sponsored government radio show. This is no 'porkie pie' Natasha discussed as justified on her earlier show. This lie Natasha tells, causes harm to others.
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Supporting the use of psychiatric drugs that cause a person devastating harm, is INSANE and UNSAFE! by Initially NO

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CAT is an ironic acronym

Too often psychiatrists ignore the fundamental axis iv in their diagnosis. Women and children who are in domestic violence, or verbally abusive situations often end up being given an axis i diagnosis, because talking about the person who is abusing, is difficult for a person still in the midst of it. People in abusive situations have been denied their opinion and reality for so long, they don’t think that a judgmental, police-like psychiatrist will understand. So, that person ends up on torturous psychiatric ‘treatment’ regimes that are of no help to their situation, or the trauma occurring, they feel doubly accused of being wrong. Once again the focus is on them, that they need to change, or are so ‘hopeless’ that they don’t have ‘insight’ they ‘can’t give informed consent’ and are ‘delusional’ and ‘sick.’


                This debate is much hushed by pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry and those who profit by the existence of these enterprises, who seek public acceptance of their nefarious plans.

                Opinions are being denied.

                The widely held position in relation to torture is that it, and related forms of inhuman behaviour are never acceptable. Never. The Convention Against Torture and Other Forms of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) finalised in 1984 and since ratified by 141 countries, emphasises this.

                The ‘ticking time bomb’ theory that all deemed mentally ill will commit crimes if not chemically shut down and restrained by chemical means, has the logic of a charlatan clairvoyant.

                Trainee torturers, such as psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists are desensitised to the task by indoctrinated beliefs about their victim’s inhumanity. Is it ever reasonable to ask someone to be trained like this? Can it be good for a society to create and empower people capable of such inhuman conduct? It is a horrific contravention of medical ethics!

                Psychiatric torture regimes must be stamped out. Reality of this torture must be recognised.

                CAT, as well as being an acronym for Convention against Torture… is also ironically the acronym in Australia for a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse and ambulance, who also have the power to call the police, even though there may be no threat of crime. This is so called the Crisis Assessment Treatment team. They take a person deemed mentally ill to a psychiatric facility (so called ‘hospital') to be tortured (so called ‘medical treatment’). If the person won’t go willingly in the ambulance, police are called to do the physical task of taking the passive protestor to the torture chambers of the psychiatric ‘hospital.’

                Teams of torturers never do make sense. Stamp them out. We must end the psychiatric regime in 2013!

                If not, when, when are these abusers who torture under the guise of ‘psychiatric care’ going to face justice? When is the public going to let go of their ‘security blanket’ that this torture is for the good of humanity? When are they going to stop thinking that this torture saves them from harm from much vilified ‘mentally ill’ people? When is the public going to stop denying the reality of what is really going on?

The sustained denial of human rights is a cause of high intensity conflict within a person. This often results in anxiety, heavy self-criticism, or disassociation from the memories into ‘personalities’ or ‘voices’ contiguous to the events denied justice, recognition of having occurred, or denied the reality of having harmful effects on the person. This denial, in psychiatric abuse, is despite the product ‘side-effects’ listed openly for the public and doctors to look at, which for psychiatric drugs is long, serious and harmful; this includes not obvious effects as well as obvious physically detectable things like Tardive Dyskinesia, weight gain, mensuration ceasing and memory loss etc.

                Denial of realities is a dangerous thing. It can cause a person to think that the imaginative/ symbolic part of thinking is a possible way to communicate what happened to them. People who do this are called ‘delusional’ and then subjected to an increase in torturous forced-drugging, ECT, judgement, threats, labels, stigma and condemnation by psychiatrists. They come to think that they are ‘faulty’, ‘ill’, ‘phobic’ the more their realities, including the symbolic parallel realities, are denied. This can make a person really depressed and angry.

Psychiatry allows for a horrible denial for human rights retraumatisation loop. Once diagnosed mentally ill by psychiatry, people are then denied their right to have freedom from torture as much as they are denied their right to an opinion.

                Respect for human rights and accommodation of diversity is a primary form of conflict prevention. Want someone to recognise consensual reality more? recognise what their realities are. Do not deny the harm that has been done to them, even if they are speaking in symbols because the trauma has gone on for so long and been denied for so long. And if you have harmed a person and regret it, apologise, even if you are a psychiatrist and think you’re somehow allowed to cause harm to others and they should be expected to put up with it and trust you.
Patient's rights by Initially NO
We must end the psychiatric regime in 2013 by Initially NO

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Psychiatry is corporal punishment

Ways to control,

Now not allowed

To beat and strap

And leaves marks

Others can see.

Ways to control

What was started

Through the ways

That cornered to

Control crazily to

Get what was wanted,

To feel big

By making another

Feel so small.

When those words

Come back with

More strength

Than expected,

When actions jump

In to chorus that,

Didn’t think

That there would

Be a mirror to

The ‘obvious superior,’

A mirror that smashed

The kingly into feeling

Like he’s so small.

What to do now

The wall of trust

Is broken down

Because authority

Didn’t make sense?

Revolting fighting

Puts everyone

Under stress,

Unless, unless…

There is a new form

Of corporal punishment

That can be used

To deter anyone fighting

Back against authority.

This corporal punishment

Is called psychiatry.

Through declaring

A human to be ‘ill’

And in need of ‘treatment,’

Child or adult will be

Subjected to such torture

Making it difficult

For them to defy,

Since society is in denial,

Saying it’s ‘for the best,’

That it’s the ‘help’

That person needs to

To ‘manage’ the ‘symptoms.’

Drugged up and feeling

Like they’d rather be dead

Than continually injected

And made to feel sick,

Disabled and humiliated,

Unrecognised and denied

Their rights to opinion

And their freedom from torture

Denied and denied.

And this corporal punishment

Is NOT about those

Who have committed a crime,

It’s about wanting to control

A mind that goes some place

Outside the range of understood

Sense and along a symbolic pathway

Hugging nightmares and dreams,

Buffering the trauma

Of those who wished to control,

Through any means,

What they never should control –

The diversity of humanity

And the ability of others

To express themselves differently.

This negative feedback

loop of manipulative authorities

Attempting to quell revolt

So they can quaff and chatter

About their established class,

Their control of community lives

Through diagnostic charts that

Smother potential and give

Nothing to help a person survive,

Meanwhile, just to hurt more

Their abusers thrive

In the knowledge that no one

Can make them feel small,

That they’ve got the ability

To make those who defy them

Stigmatised and sick.

That mirror is still there,

It grows even scarier

That more it is attacked.

The person keeps quiet,

Doesn’t yell or cry,

But draws the world’s awry.

And people remark,

‘How awful. Really upsetting

That kind of art!’

As they slurp their vintage

And eat another lemon tart.

Shut down, shut up

Keep yourself in a vice

And forget ever fighting

Psychiatry’s society’s

Bugger-up device.
Peer-support is not  a psychiatrist's parrot pillow
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Or formally tie the conversation up!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Suicidal from birth

There was story was about

A child whose parents

Made YouTube videos

Claiming the child was

‘Suicidal from birth’

Because the child

Was born with the umbilical

Cord around her neck, almost

Out of breath and blue,

Then fell out of the cradle,

Got into the dishwashing

Liquid, the dog’s do-do,

The medicine cabinet,

The power-points,

Ate dirt and mud and sand,

Ran onto the road,

Jumped out of a window,

Cut herself with glass,

Swallowed razor blades,

Crawled under an elephant,

Opened the car door,

While the vehicle was going,

And generally caused

Life-threatening havoc

That left her almost dead.

The parents questioned

Why the child was wanting

To kill herself so often

And the doctors said take

Such and such and such

So you don’t get stressed

And give her such and such

Or you’ll have to be cruel

And put her in a sand bag

So she can’t act upon her

Suicidal disease instincts

She inherited from you.

They took the drugs

And their baby took the drugs

And everything was peachy

After that, well, sort of better

Than it was, the parents said,

Thanks to the wondrous drugs.

This story was told again

And again many times

And was very popular

Moral tale for parents,

For a while, during the early

Millennium, but then

They were all druggies

Back then, in those days.

Weird, weird the times

Psychiatry must die II Spiral Notebooks

Friday, February 1, 2013

Diagnosis of articles on mental health from ABC: idiot eugenicists!

But then she totally fucks up, ‘But the findings can't prove the punishments themselves caused the children to develop mood and personality disorders, with Knox pointing out that interviewees may not have known if their parents were treated for mental illness. Depression and anxiety are known to be at least partly genetic.’

Um… what does genetics have to do with it? A triple J interview says even if relatives have had a mental illness there is only ten per cent likelihood of it being passed on.

But, what genetics are linked to psychiatrically diagnosed ‘mental illness’? Um… they’re keen to find it but, hopeless at getting results, so those eugenically inclined thinkers can take action.

Just so you know from a person with lived-experience, symptoms of schizophrenia are not so much about not being able to discern what’s real from what’s not real, as not being able to distinguish from symbology of the oneiric and consensual reality during a psychotic episode or period of altered state of consciousness. And schizophrenia is not a disease it is a stress/ trauma related coping-mechanism, more akin the stupid bodily reaction of making a mosquito bite itch, that some people have more than others. It is nothing like diabetes!

There was an article on army deployment and bodily stress that got measured, but that didn’t mean there weren’t psychological problems like PTSD that continued or happened a year later or more. And I wonder… are they any closer to perfecting a human android with this information?

As for the bullshit about money centred tests! For one they were not testing people with schizophrenia, they were testing people who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and were taking mind altering, debilitating atypical drugs that shut down everything! Of course the people on drugs had impaired functioning. That’s what atypical neuroleptics do, things like, make people, ‘not able to tell the difference between expected and unexpected rewards.’ Duh!

And then to conclude, ‘People with schizophrenia often have difficulty determining what is beneficial for them and what is not, so they have trouble taking cues from their environment and, consequently, can make some bad decisions.’

Well, I just think you utter, utter bastards thinking you can take our opinions away from us and damn us to forced-drugging because of your flawed experimental conclusions.

Then there was an article that started reasonably, ‘Rural men are more likely than their urban counterparts to commit suicide during a drought, a new Australian study has found.’

And I thought, of course drought does that. Clearly drought means bad things and stress for farmers, loss of income etc!

But then he concludes, ‘the reasons why rural men are at higher risk during drought are still not clear.’

Um… I don’t see why the reasons are unclear. Droughts are a huge stress, loss of income etc… oh do I have to repeat myself?!

And then a psychiatrist with sleazy looking eyes, who wants to be better funded than Hollywood by diagnosing facial expressions. He says, ‘We know that people with schizophrenia, particularly if they've had schizophrenia for some time have … almost no emotional expression.’

What a freaking idiot! Doesn’t even recognise side-effects of drugs! I have been told many times, especially in my early 20s that I'm expressive and readable and yes, I’ve been diagnosed schizophrenic. However when I was forced to take neuroleptics via a CTO, I not only looked expressionless, my eyes looked like a dead-fish. Drugs do that to you. Stress, coping mechanisms to stress and trauma do not quite as readily, even if they can be categorised into ‘symptoms of schizophrenia.’

Sometimes I go and read up and see what the media is doing with the idea of mental health. I want to check on them like a doting mother or something, hoping, just hoping they’ll get over their stupid psychiatric eugenics disease… but they still haven’t.

Now I’ve released all that rage against government funded stupidity, I’ll go play my song about fighting such abuses.
It's called, 'I want to live.'
Like most people, I want to be more than a stupid labrat to forced regimes of psychiatric horror. I want to see society getting better. I want society to recognise what is real and what isn't real. There's plenty of books out there that write well about mental health issues, so I'll be looking at them. I'll throw you a good one, Patricia Evans, 'Verbal abuse'. Really life changing book, when you need the definition and expansive thought about this subject matter. Inspired me to kick start a fight and get back into music after being battered by abusive (ie threatening, critical, judging, withholding...) nurses who drugged me and wanted me to sit and watch television rather than play guitar.

I want to share another video, it is about a physical health condition caused by mental health problems. I want people to understand that it is through rehabilitation, people believing in you, being allowed to heal, that recovery can be accomplished with all mental health conditions. They are not diseases. People diagnosed with 'schizophrenia' should not be condemned to the psychiatric bin of 'management' which means disabling with drugs to the point where ability to walk, talk and think much at all is severely handicapped. Watch this video and think about that: