Thursday, July 20, 2017

Victims are not ‘users’ of perpetrators

‘We can only address concerns about a person's experience using the mental health system.’
Kaaren Dahl
Manager Resolutions and Review
Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

Victims are not ‘users’ of perpetrators. To have a false idea perpetuated in governing bodies that are meant to oversee corruption and abuse, to have a false idea that there are only ‘users’ of a system designed for exploitation, that arbitrarily detains and tortures 24/7 indefinitely, escalating the torture on those who do not submit and adhere, escalating pain-thresholds of human endurance until the person breaks down and submits to agree to the perpetrator’s wishes to perpetrate that false idea that victims are users of those perpetrating violence is horrendous. There are no ‘users’ of such violence upon their person. It is just such a ridiculous notion to say a victim asks for what they are assaulted with. Those who are government funded to do forced psychiatry are the exploiters. The exploited are not users or consumers of the forced psychiatry, that kind of horrendously violent, diabolically cruel exploitation can never be a consumer market.
                Hand-in-hand with the government, psychiatrists’ exploitation racket is designed to get overseas investments for human experimentation, forced human experimentation. ‘The clinical trials sector is worth around $1 billion per annum to Australia with direct foreign investment of over $450 million per annum. The pharmaceuticals industry has estimated that pharmaceuticals clinical trials alone are worth $450 million each year in Australia,’ pharmaceutical representatives of human research boasted in 2011.
The victims of this exploitation are told again and again that they must be agreeable to the treatment. These victims are agreeing under massive duress of 24/7 indefinite torture inflicted on them by government funded and legislated forced psychiatry. The cruelties inflicted are horrific for even one minute of enduring them, let alone knowing the 24/7 abuse is indefinite and the more the victim challenges the oppressing psychiatrists treatment, the more the poisons injected in will increase in dosage, additional electrocution will be added, isolation, increased dehumanisation, verbal disfiguring, interrogation, indoctrination, deprivations and fettering of limbs.
The person oppressed by torture, is not a user of torture, they are a victim, and though they may be a survivor, if the focus is on survivors, never victims, then those who fought and died are never acknowledged. Those whose potential is ruined by psychiatrists is not even given much thought, and the persecution, torture and oppression of victims is all too easily dismissed with victim-blaming mentality, that reverses the truth of the exploitation racket.
                No one enjoys saying that what was done to them has destroyed their life, especially people who fight, and don’t get totally destroyed, they get redirected down a very harsh, unpopular and financially unrewarding path of activism.
When life’s paths are blocked-off due to a person not being allowed to tell the truth of government legislated medico exploitation – that’s when a person should think about starting to use the word ‘victim’, because they are a victim of oppression.
Until the oppression shifts, the continual crushing of abilities, threats, violent exploitation and silencing will continue. Members of society (that have been taught to victim-blame, silence and oppress) need to start reaching out, supporting and enabling the oppressed to be acknowledged, heard, seen, made sense of, rather than attempting to speak for those they dub ‘voiceless’ (when talking over the top of some very loud voices, that have much to say when allowed, rather than denied, abused, threatened and belittled for speaking the truth). People must stop dismissing the outrage the victim suffered and is suffering and desperately trying to communicate as something else other than what it is. To dismiss victims of psychiatrists as ‘medical complaints’, is one of many ways the victims of psychiatrists continue to be silenced, and the corrupt medic-government exploitation racket continues.
Is there any limits to the pain-thresholds psychiatrists can inflict on persons that stand-strong and continue to say they have human rights? Even when a person dies, the data gathered from their exploitation by government legislated medico exploitation is sold and resold as ‘science.’
Who are the people that have lived in this society and have done nothing to stop this diabolical exploitation racket continuing? Too many, for too long, over 200 years too long. How cowardly is our society? How easily people just take to the propaganda, that can easily be seen for what it is, given the history of this government-medico exploitation racket. What kind of fools are the people the allow this to go on and on and on?
It is not ‘medicine’ just because the perpetrating psychiatrists say it is. This torture for the purposes of lucrative human experimentation is what Psychiatric Treatment is. The systematic cruelties are not inflicted by rogue psychiatrists, this is the Government Legislated Psychiatrists exploitation racket that’s been going on over 200 years too long, that is called ‘Mental Health Care’.
There is no way of reforming exploitation, it has to be stopped. No one is a USER of psychiatrists. If they say they are, it is only to be compliant, so that they are not subjected to more torture, oppression, denial, ostracization. The person who says they are a USER or CONSUMER, does it to please and they will continue to do so until there is another paradigm within which they can feel safe enough to survive without submitting and complying with violation. Exploitation is not a consumer market for those being exploited by force, or coercion that force will be used if they do not submit their bodies to be used by the exploiters. You cannot hold a person down and inject them with your product and demand that they agree it is good for them and increase the dose of the product that causes the person intense suffering, intense harm, and intentionally increase the dose or add other kinds of torturous ‘treatments’ until that persons submits to your will, then call that person a ‘consumer’ of your product. Yet, that’s exactly what psychiatrists hand-in-hand with government legislators and those commissioned to resolve and manage do. And, that is bloody ridiculous cruel, absolutely false concocting of public opinion to oppress victims further into a ‘consumer burden’ status.
The MHCC tell me that they only look at complaints from ‘users’ of ‘publically funded mental health services’. Users of psychiatrists? Where do these people get off calling victims that! Persecution-factory more like it. To be complicit in this exploitation racket, how disgusting! You’re afraid you’ll lose your job? Unless you’re being tortured, or under threat of potential torture, you’re part of the problem, particularly when the organisation you work for is set-up to sweep all the exploitation into the ‘medical complaints’ basket, and summarily dismiss the diabolical cruelty inflicted on victims by high-paid government-funded psychiatrists, as ‘consumerism’, when people who are subjected to forced psychiatry have no rights under consumer law as far as choosing to stop being subjected to torture.
Humans do not enjoy being tortured, they just do not want it, torturing a person the way psychiatrists do, is painful and is a slow death and maiming, without any kind of financial or social benefits. But yes, it is very easy to silence and victim-blame those who are exploited by psychiatrists and get them to submit to a term like ‘user/consumer’ if that is the only way they can survive the totalitarian dictatorship of their lives, that the rest of the population chooses not to recognise because they are not currently being oppressed by it.
If everyone was free to protest, then you’d see victims of psychiatrists in the street crying for freedom. When VOPs are not free, they’re trying to gain freedom and the most likely path to freedom, for a VOP, at the moment, is by pretending compliance. To openly defy psychiatrists you cannot be on a Treatment Order, financially and/or socially disenfranchised. To openly protest against psychiatrists you cannot be vulnerable in your workplace to dismissal for your activism. In effect rarely does a VOP have the right to protest without a very real threat of swift arbitrary detention and torture in the guise of care and medicine, when someone who knows they can be got at reports them for their activism. Any kind of criticism, protest and resistance to psychiatrists treatments is trained into nurses, medicos and social workers to be a ‘sign of being unwell.’ VOPs are literally not allowed protest without that being diagnosed when they are on treatment orders.
People must start standing with VOPs who are free enough to protest. Start making noise, particularly if someone is speaking out when a person is being arbitrarily detained and tortured.

The compliance pathway must not continue, its path to potential freedom, is not a pathway to follow, it is a perpetuation, a covering-up, a fearful shutting-down of the truth, and leaves a person open to the threat of forced psychiatry the rest of their life. Forcing people on mass to pretend compliance, or be indoctrinated into compliance is a massive silencing and victim-blaming that keeps Mental Health campaigns floating their disgusting scum propaganda funded by the bodies of those exploited, humans whose lives are disabled, ruined, destroyed, murdered… all for the mercenary government-medico legislated forced invasive, cruel, disabling murderous human research.

Australians can send OPCAT responses before 21/07/17

Yes, ALL forced psychiatry is TORTURE, no matter what the perpetrating psychiatrists call it. Psychiatrists torture systematically, intentially and knowingly causing harm. For a psychiatrist to say that they do not know of the effects of the drugs, is to say the psychiatrists have no knowledge of their pharmaceutical products, no listening skills when the people they are exploiting tell them of the harm happening to them from the drugs, and no observational skills to even observe harm caused by their forced treatments.
 Psychiatrists have an intent to cause increased harm to a person, until the person submits to the psychiatrist, a technique often used by torturers to gain various kinds of compliance with a cruel regime. The psychiatrists wants compliance so that the human experimentation inflicted, is done with the person’s agreement (the psychiatrist will say, it took the patient 2 weeks to ‘stablise’ and agree to their diagnosis and medical treatment.) Forcing agreement, is no agreement at all, particularly when you torture a person in the most cruel manner to get it, then use that to tick a box for human research sales. DISGUSTING.

1.    First, the Commission invites written responses to the guideline questions posed at part 5.1 of this Consultation Paper. Responses to the paper should be emailed to by 21 July 2017.
Please note that when making a submission, you are indicating that you have read and understood the Commission’s Submission Policy, which can be found at
2.    Secondly, the Commission will host a series of consultation roundtables in select capital cities seek views on the development and establishment of NPM bodies in each jurisdiction.
3.    The roundtables will draw on the expertise of relevant stakeholders to inform how OPCAT should be implemented in Australia.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Song for VOPs

Song for VOPs by Initially NO

Forced Human Experimentation is not okay
You’ve got to say it is not okay.

Equality before the Law
Is all we are asking for
Equality before the Law
Is not much to ask for.

Forced human experimentation is disgusting
You shouldn’t allow your governments to legislate such a thing
Forced human experimentation is diabolical
Stop this exploitation of human beings.
So when is the mainstream media
Going to discuss this disgusting breach of human rights.

Give our citizens freedom from torture
Repeal those nebulous laws
No more persecution
For diabolical exploitation.

Psychiatry should not be above the law
Discriminating on the basis of perceived disability,
That’s human traits, cognitive and social diversity.
It’s not in good faith, it’s not in good faith
Invasive, cruel, degrading forced human research.
It’s not in good faith, it’s not in good faith
Don’t say that they torture in good faith.
It’s not in good faith, it’s not in good faith
Don’t say that this is truly medicine.

Psychiatry should not be an arm of the law
Detaining whistle-blowers and victims of crime.
No one deserves to be a laboratory specimen.

Equality before the Law
Is all we are asking for
Equality before the Law
Is not much to ask for.

Forced Human Experimentation is not okay
You’ve got to say it is not okay.
Abolish psychiatry immediately
Stop this exploitation of human beings
Psychiatry’s abuse has been going on
200 years too long.
Replace this eugenics-based cruelty
With reparations that we need.
No more exploitation

Reparations are what we need.

for more about the VOP protest:

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Intersectionality of the sectioned

Ask anyone in the street what is required to arbitrarily detain a person under a Mental Health Act, and what do they say: Oh they have to be a harm to themselves or others.
Mental Health Act (MHA) is a piece of government legislation that restricts a person and forcibly drugs, electrocutes, fetters, interrogates, brainwashes... all under the guise of medicine. Of course it is actually Forced Human Experimentation, a lucrative exploitation that for over 200 years medicos and governments have utilised. That said, what does it require to detain a person, under such an act, given that no one deserves to be tortured 24/7 indefinitely, and, innocent people just shouldn't be subjected to restrictions.
Let's read Victoria's Mental Health Act, the spot where they section people, sectioning meaning arbitrarily detain and forcibly inject chemicals into a person's body, electrocute, put in a 4-point-fetter etc...


Criteria for an Assessment Order
The criteria for a person to be made subject to an Assessment Order are—
        (a)     the person appears to have mental illness; and
        (b)     because the person appears to have mental illness, the person appears to need immediate treatment to prevent—
              (i)     serious deterioration in the person's mental or physical health; or
              (ii)     serious harm to the person or to another person; and
        (c)     if the person is made subject to an Assessment Order, the person can be assessed; and
        (d)     there is no less restrictive means reasonably available to enable the person to be assessed.
This Government Legislation is located HERE

How many of the 4 criteria does a person have to meet to be sectioned? Even if it were said to be ALL 4 criteria that are met, you'll notice that B has two parts, which both do not need to be met.

So, the person 'appears to have a mental illness'. What is that? Cognitive and/ or social diversity. And this legislation actively lays out that it discriminates on that basis, of a perceived disability, human traits that no one should be arbitrarily detaining and torturing a person over under Government Legislation.

And, because of this perceived disability, or human trait, the person 'appears to need immediate treatment to prevent'... So, here we have perception, and prescience being put into Government Legislation, in order to exploit a person. The nature of the VMHA is such that it allows for the Human Research Code of Ethics loophole, of permitting Emergency Research. (Though the VMHA falls short of articulating itself to this purpose, you have to look at the Legislation that gaurds against medicos doing Human Research, to find out horror of horrors what they are permitted, most especially to those under this nebulous legislation that victim-blames for the purpose of exploiting those mentally-illed.)

What is 'serious deterioration in the person's mental or physical health' ? A nebulous line, that can discriminate against anyone on the basis of perceived disability, including whistle-blowers and victims of crime (that psychiatry has readily covered-up for by literally and violently shutting down and shutting up those people attempting to speak out against abuse and corruption. ie victims of church paedophilia, the corruption at the ATO, those speaking out against toxic substances in food, environment...) 

And then, look here, OR, is used or serious harm to the person or to another person. See, OR - a person doesn't have to meet that criteria, that particular criteria that a person on the street justifies restricting an innocent person and subjecting them to forced psychiatry, just isn't necessary to section a person.

People talk about Intersectionality, but what about those who are sectioned? What about Intersectionality of the Sectioned? These are a group of people who have been exploited most horribly for over 200 years, are still being exploited under government legislation and yet they're not part of your INTERSECTIONALITY? Because you think they're... what? Insert some ignorant prejudiced line here - 

The Victorian Mental Health Act is a nebulous piece of government legislation, designed to control anyone who attempts to speak out against corruption, and to make money from lucrative human experimentation on the most vulnerable sectors of the community - the financially and socially disenfranchised.

This is the truth of the VMHA, if you take out the doublespeak:


The four criteria are:
1.       You have human traits of cognitive and social diversity
2.       Because you have human traits you need immediate invasive, cruel forced human experiments conducted on you to cause:
a.       serious deterioration in cognitive social abilities and physical health
b.      serious harm to you and others connected to you
3.       You will be immediately silenced from any further whistle-blowing (through arbitrary detention) and tortured into submission if placed on a treatment order and used for lucrative human experimentation, as you are financially and/ or disenfranchised.

4.       There are no less restrictive means, reasonably available within the budget, for psychiatrists to get the required human specimens (of which you fit the criteria of) that is needed for this particular invasive, cruel, lucrative human research project.
          Please also see:


The Victorian Mental Health Tribunal can hold a hearing as soon as possible if it receives an urgent application because a psychiatrist says that electrocution under general anaesthetic is necessary to:
  1. ·         Destroy your life
  2. ·        Cause serious damage to your health, or
  3. ·        Cause you suffering or continual suffering, as well as significant pain or distress.

        So, think about it:

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Psychiatry: a deceiving

Psychiatry is a belief that, though false, has been surrendered to and accepted by society, in general, as a truth.

This is no accident, psychiatrists in 1840, were accused of being false medicine, and attempting to 'delude' or cause 'a deceiving'. Causing deception was exactly what psychiatrists were doing, but not wanting to have themselves exposed as charlatans, they decided to use the term 'delusions of grandeur' as a psychiatric label, and accuse other people of not being who they actually are, when they attempted to expose crimes or truths that psychiatrists and their buddy criminal network were up to.
A deception, that's what psychiatry's main propaganda tool is (the meaning of perpetrating delusion):
  1. Psychiatry is an impression that, though false, is entertained provisionally on the recommendation of the medico theories.
  2. Psychiatry makes no sense nor has any imagination in its ideas, but enforces full societal acceptance to influence political action.
  3. Psychiatrists have a false belief of their own importance, when they’re the biggest scum-buckets on earth, preying on the vulnerable and violently exploiting them.
  4. Interesting that psychiatrists think that megalomania, is not a delusion because psychiatrists are all obsessed with power & money.
  5. Psychiatrists inflict torture on people and call it medicine, convince Government Legislators to enforce this, despite superior evidence to the contrary that their torturous ‘treatments’ are harmful and not at all helpful and in no way have any scientific basis.
  6. You could say that psychiatry is a cult, or you could say it is a pathology, though it is not distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception. The idea that psychiatry is a 'disease' within our society has long been a way of explaining the ugly thing that it is, even Freud once admitted psychiatry was a plague, though of course psychiatrists disease label the population, to cover up what the psychiatrists are accused of, without any kind of test to prove their theories on dividing up human traits into 'diseases'.
  7. Psychiatrists hold false beliefs and harm the population with their dangerous poisons and other abusive ‘treatments’. These views that psychiatrists hold with certainty, they are not changeable, to the psychiatrists, by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary, even though psychiatrists ideas are implausible, bizarre and scandalously untrue and result in devastatingly violent actions being inflicted on people in their 'care'.
  8. Psychiatry indoctrinates a false belief into the population, via propaganda scams so extreme that the beliefs cannot be, or never can be proven true, but are enforced onto the population through threats of torture and dehumanisation, shame, financial and social disenfranchisement if people do not agree.
  9. Mental Health Acts are an exploit in misleading the population into believing victim-blaming propaganda has government approved validity. Look at what governs the perpetrators and know what the Mental Health campaigners are doing to cause the public to be deceived.
  10. The truth is, psychiatrists are deceiving the population into sending their loved-ones for violent, cruel, invasive forced and coerced human experimentation that until psychiatry is abolished and the Mental Health Acts repealed, the victims of psychiatrists will have difficulty escaping from the psychiatrists regime of cruelty.
Victoria, Australia is rather open about its human exploitation regime online. The population would be outraged, if they bothered to read this, instead the population are so used to 209 years of Mental Health/ Mental Hygiene/ Eugenics Campaigners, that they vilify the victims and worship the whitecoat perpetrators awarding those evil psychiatrists Medals of Australia, as if they've done something the population wanted!

Human Rights Activists vs Medical Research Campaigners

Those that call themselves 'Mental Health Campaigners' or even 'Mental Health Activists' are talking around the actual issue, the exploitation, and turning it into theories on victims to perpetrate blame and shame and further abuse in the guise of 'medicine'. Human Rights are what is needed, not what 'Mental Health' campaigns for , that is just more and more widespread Forced Human Experimentation, in the guise of medicine. Human Rights is about Equality before the Law, no more Forced Psychiatry, no more discrimination on the basis of perceived disability, supported decision making not substituted decision making.

Psychiatrists cause distress and interfere with functioning when they exploit people for human research in the guise of ‘medicine’ that SHOULD be considered socially unacceptable!

Society has developed victim-blaming as a sort of 'coping mechanism', sending people to psychiatrists to ‘fix’ for any accusation they do not wish to face-up-to.

Whenever someone has a question that is difficult to answer, or anxiety about something, or is wondering why something bad is happening the easiest 'solution' is created by bringing in a psychiatrist, as if they are some omnipotent being, when they're actually just a cruel manipulative exploiter of human lives.

Psychiatrists do not enable someone to function according to societal standards, they disable people and use them for experimentation.

Psychiatrists  decrease quality of life, break a person down, and disconnect them from their community.

When those running and directing society, are doing things that are really wrong, they should not be allowed to criticise shut up and shut down those who speak out against them and exploit them for horrific science experiments. But that's exactly what is happening in the guise of medicine.
Stop psychiatrists from their 209 years of playing a very deceiving game, that results in the arbitrary detention and 24/7 indefinite torture of so many, stop this murderous exploitation. Repeal the Mental Health Acts, that vilify the victims that psychiatrists exploit for Research Without Consent. Recognise the laws that the population should be having a conversation about: HUMAN RESEARCH codes, the unethical 'ethics' in legislations, force and coercion that is allowed, torture, murder, and 'in good faith' rule that allows psychiatrists to do what they want - that shouldn't be allowed.
Mental Health Campaigning (aka Medical Research Campaigning) that's just whitecoat advertise, they want to go and do more Forced & Coerced Human Experimentation on yet another sector of the population, nothing new, but what a ridiculous piece of propaganda for whitecoat profits. How deluded the population has become through their fear of not ahering to what psychiatrists want. Look at where our government allows Forced Human Experimentation on this massive, gross scale:


Sunday, March 5, 2017

World-wide protests May 13th 2017

World-wide protests
Forced & coerced 
under General Anaesthetic
MAY 13th 2017.

There is no excuse for this abuse of human lives.

There is no excuse for Forced Human Experimentation, especially when it is cruel, inhuman, causing massive brain-damage to the person it is inflicted on.

Did you know that last year 640 people, in Victoria, Australia, were forced to undergo electrocution under general anaesthetic? (usually over a dozen times in a year, no less, but often more. Garth Daniels was had this forced on him 115 times in a year.)

General Anaesthetic is dangerous enough, without adding electrocution to the mix. What is society doing allowing medicos to call this 'therapy'?

How can anyone be so apathetic to be bystanders to this, when populations protest about so many things in large numbers? But psychiatrists torturing citizens, citizens that get bad-mouthed and victim-blamed by psychiatrists, and this is perpetuated by the prejudices of mainstream-media? suddenly everyone is afraid of standing strong with the people most violated, in the largest numbers in this country.

Every day you see campaigns in Australia to stop torture, placing trade sanctions on countries that allow torture, yet Australia has systematically tortured its own population for 209 years and profited by it.

Let's look at the definition of Torture in Australia's Criminal Code.

1  At the end of Chapter 8 of the Criminal Code


             (1)  In this Division:

Convention means the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations at New York on 10 December 1984.

Note:          The text of the Convention is set out in Australian Treaty Series 1989 No. 21 ([1989] ATS 21). In 2010, the text of a Convention in the Australian Treaty Series was accessible through the Australian Treaties Library on the AustLII website (

             (2)  An expression that is used both in this Division and in the Convention (whether or not a particular meaning is given to it by the Convention) has, in this Division, the same meaning as it has in the Convention.

             (1)  A person (the perpetrator) commits an offence if the perpetrator:

                     (a)  engages in conduct that inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering on a person (the victim); and

                     (b)  the conduct is engaged in:
                              (i)  for the purpose of obtaining from the victim or from a third person information or a confession; or
                             (ii)  for the purpose of punishing the victim for an act which the victim or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed; or
                            (iii)  for the purpose of intimidating or coercing the victim or a third person; or
                            (iv)  for a purpose related to a purpose mentioned in subparagraph (i), (ii) or (iii); and
                     (c)  the perpetrator engages in the conduct:
                              (i)  in the capacity of a public official; or
                             (ii)  acting in an official capacity; or
                            (iii)  acting at the instigation, or with the consent or acquiescence, of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.
Penalty:  Imprisonment for 20 years.
             (2)  A person (the perpetrator) commits an offence if the perpetrator:
                     (a)  engages in conduct that inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering on a person; and
                     (b)  the conduct is engaged in for any reason based on discrimination of any kind; and
                     (c)  the perpetrator engages in the conduct:
                              (i)  in the capacity of a public official; or
                             (ii)  acting in an official capacity; or
                            (iii)  acting at the instigation, or with the consent or acquiescence, of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.
Penalty:  Imprisonment for 20 years.
             (3)  Absolute liability applies to paragraphs (1)(c) and (2)(c).
Note:          For absolute liability, see section 6.2.
             (4)  Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply to conduct arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions that are not inconsistent with the Articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (a copy of the English text of which is set out in Schedule 2 to the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986).
             (5)  Section 15.4 (extended geographical jurisdiction—category D) applies to an offence against subsection (1) or (2).

If you cannot stop torture in your own country,
where can you stop it?

Victims of Forced Electrocution Under General Anesthetic (Let's call that FEUGA, rather than the erroneous ECT, that tries to imply this is 'therapy'. It is NOT therapy, it is Torture. If people widely understood that ECT really stands for Electro-Convulsive Torture, then the acronym could stand. But let's use FEUGA to spell out what it actually is, what is actually done to the person.)

Note, the high-lighted parts of Australia's definition of Torture:
Yes, brain-damage is a very severe suffering, the pain caused by this to the victim of FEUGA is immense, and it is done (I know from my experience & the experiences of other psychsurvivors) to gain compliance, and a confession from the person that they are 'mentally-ill' and to force compliance with treatments, and force agreement that the psychiatrist is helpful.

'You must comply, you must be agreeable to the treatment regime, you must have insight into your mental illness,' is what was said to me, and many, many other people. To 'play the game' you have to agree that the torture of you is care, agree that you want to be tortured... it's horrible. You have to agree that you're 'sick' and tiny micro-expressions are condemned, as you 'mood' is monitored, as if having emotions is a crime.

Tortured, vilified, and disabled... friendly people find people that can better support their needs, their advancement in society, their status. They get bored with how shut-down you are, how afraid you are to exist. Then you're labelled with that horrible stuff that gets attached to murderers that get reported on the mainstream-media - 'loner, suspected Mental Health issues.'

Note that this Torture psychiatrists inflict, is also most likely done to gain INFORMATION (proof of this in research articles sold that contain the declarations: Research Without Consent/ EFIC Research/ Emergency Research. We're talking biological information from the victim, to be profited by in research, research that is done without the approval of the victim, and/ or their friends and family. Research that doesn't benefit humanity, but fattens the wallets of those who profit from using people in this diabolical way.

I know from my experience this Torture that psychiatry inflicts, is also intimidation and coercion. If you don't agree to what the psychiatrist wants, they threaten arbitrary detention, detain you, say they will put you on the depot, put you on the depot, they give a larger dose of chemicals, keep you in hospital longer, threaten electrocution, electrocute you, threaten to tie you up, tie you up in a 4-point, the psychiatrists also become more and more verbally abusive, the more you attempt to free yourself from them.

And what breaks people most to agree to a certain torture that psychiatry is dishing out? the dehumanisation - the constant bombardment from the treating medicos, to the effect that the victim's life is treated merely a specimen in a petri-dish. People under the psychiatric regime are treated, as just a bunch of symptoms, a case, to study. And the fact that the population is oblivious, fighting for the rights of convicted drug-dealers, while victims of psychiatry are being tortured to death and members of society (to a large extent) just believe the propaganda and call that 'health care.' It is just horrible. Silencing. You get more empathy if you're a convicted drug dealer, in Australia, than you do if you're being tortured to death by the psychiatric regime.

I know (from my experience & the experiences of other psychsurvivors) that psychiatry forces worse and worse torture on people, until the victim agrees to be compliant, until they say, 'Yes, I agree that I need this treatment. I agree that I'm mentally ill.'

I've also found, when I was a victim of psychiatry's regime of cruelty, if I gave an anecdote as to why I used to be 'ill' but am no longer, when I said something that I knew to be their medical paradigm and they wanted to hear, like, 'It was horrible I was hearing voices now I'm not thanks to your treatment' they let me out of hospital sooner. This is what I'm talking about. If that's not extracting a 'confession', then, you're thinking too narrowly. Psychiatrists demand that you speak in their whitecoat paradigm, and carry through with their threats, because they are backed up by Public Officials, who allow for the legislation of MHAs.

Who needs to repeal the Mental Health Acts? Who is responsible if we don't? Public Officials. Yes, the population is as well, but the population didn't sign and ratify the UN CRPD and agree to Equality Before Law for persons diagnosed with perceived/ actual disabilities. Public Officials also signed the Convention Against Torture, and will ratify it at the end of the year. For Australia to make agreements and fail to stop their most horrendous torture regime, that is Psychiatry, is very dishonest.

This torture of the psychiatric regime is entirely discriminatory against persons diagnosed with perceived or actual disabilities, and it is so degrading. Not only are the labels forced on the person, the dismissing of the person's point of view, the denying that these forced treatments cause massive damage, and the forcing of a person to agree to treatments, and visit the abusive psychiatrists they want nothing to do with, then the degrading forced injections that a person will eventually pull their own pants down to receive, so they are not forcefully held down and injected in the butt, or have electrocution forced on them, or be held in detention, or 4-point ties.

Note how Psychiatrist Paul Katz was electrocuting victim Garth Daniels (115 times in a year) likely because Garth & his family were stopping his attempts to force Clozapine on Garth. And it looks even more sinister when it is noted that Paul Katz received a grant from Pfizer, the manufacturers of Clozapine, to do Human Research. Exception to Informed Consent Research, or Research Without Consent it seems forms the regular fat in the wallets of these whitecoat criminals.
It didn't matter that to the whitecoat researchers that this was all Forced on the person, who actively, along with his family said no and meant it enough to get United Nations involvement to stop the abuse, enough to go public on the 7:30 report (ABC), where Paul Katz advertised his wish to force Clozapine on Garth.

Garth Daniels and his family escaped to Queensland, and there, because of his trauma at being a victim of Forced Human Experimentation, that was, and still is invalidated by the general public, and those with a vested interest in keeping the lucrative slave-trade in FHE going, Garth naturally had difficulty being able to express his OUTRAGE at what had happened to him for a huge portion of his life, and was taken into the psychiatric wards again, due to his attempts to be heard. This time they forced Clozapine, which has now caused a devastating heart condition (this is verified by the cardiologist and the Clozapine has been stopped, when it should never have been started.)

Garth Daniels was taken in his prime, like millions of other Australians, and subjected to the disgusting FHE of the psychiatric regime. The difference between Garth and other people, is that his family had survived South African apartheid, and could see-through Australia's 209 year-long thick propaganda routines, that dehumanised Garth in the public eye, so to more easily use him in FHE.

Electrocution under General Anaesthetic must stop. All forced psychiatry must stop, it is cruel, inhuman, degrading... and contradicts not only Australian laws of Torture & Servitude (under our Criminal Code), but for the States to keep up discriminatory Mental Health Acts that allow people to be tortured under the guise of medicine, and enslaved into Human Experimentation, is a Frustration of the International Conventions Australia has signed.

Join in telling our MPs, particularly our Prime Minister, our Health Minister, our Attorney General, our Human Rights Commissioners - to actively urge all States and Territories to repeal Mental Health Acts. (if you live in another country, let's make the action world-wide.)

Equality before law, is what we're asking for. There should be no laws in a democracy that discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived/ diagnosed disability, especially in this diabolical manner that Australia, and other so-called 'democracies' do.

There is no excuse for this abuse of human lives. No matter how many plainsfolk are brainwashed/ indoctrinated into vouching for their oppressors, in offensive propaganda spews that get them petted by whitecoats, for parroting the psychiatry's spiel. (That is what some people tortured and enslaved will do, in attempt to survive. And most people have to do at some point, even if not brain-washed, we know we 'play the game' to escape and humiliate ourselves by pretending to be compliant, but often there is no other choice.)

Let's give people a choice to protest against the abuse, that has happened to them, is happening to them, is threatening to be done to them. Let's make the psychiatric regime end in 2017.

There is no excuse for this disgusting abuse of human lives. No one deserves to be subjected to FORCED HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION. We need to end this. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stopping Oppression Globally

I am obsessed with getting off the ground and happening big time, any twinge of want for a macchiato, is directly linked to wanting to drive reachers into a successful fundraiser to change things globally for women & girls… and most especially stop Forced Human Experimentation.

I am not shy about promoting what I deem to be as one way forward to getting something done, I don’t think you should be either.

The idea that I’m not ‘acknowledging’ that people have human crisis, is ridiculous, when people get lumped into psychiatry’s Forced Human Experimentation for all sorts of reasons… when there’s no reason for them to be ever harmed in that way.

Female Genital Mutilation, can result in a person then being ALSO being subjected to psychiatric Forced Human Experimentation.

A person who is Homeless, often gets placed in the psychiatric system and subjected to FHE.

A woman or child subjected to male-violence/ family violence, often ends up being then subjected to forced psychiatric drugs, electrocution (referred to by psychiatrists as ECT) & arbitrary detention.

1st Nations People who have transgenerationally been oppressed and whose families and people have been subjected to genocide, are more likely than the rest of the population to then also be subjected to FHE, not only via psychiatry, but often via other medicos.

Acknowledging that Medicine is an Industry, rather than just a charitable organisation, is the first step towards acknowledging that Forced Human Experimentation has always occurred under the guise of ‘medicine’. And reading up on the loop-holes in the law that allow this enables us to understand that the term ‘emergency’ is used for psychiatry in an on-going basis, to allow Forced Human Experimentation to be indefinitely forced on quarter of the population, and perhaps more than quarter of the population, if this systematic abuse of human lives is allowed to continue.

So, this is my hope behind this grassroots organisation. Please sign up and make a page on, spread the word, to other people, make this happen. It’s been over 3 years in the making. Board Members are all lived-experience/ Experient, like myself, of various forms of oppression. I don’t want to live in a world where women and girls are horribly oppressed and medicos are allowed to forcefully experiment on people.

More info about the site, including required Government approvals (ACNC) as well as benevolent gift status here:

Just a reminder that this fundraiser is not connected to any government, nor a church-based organisation… reachers Philanthropy is an organisation set up to be run by PEOPLE POWER. 99.9% going directly to the organisations that are driven to make changes happen. And a (government approved) ‘benevolent gift’ going to one of those lucky $4 donators.

Make it happen!

When governments are oppressive and protests don't work, you need something that will drive funds to make huge changes globally for women.

reaching potential with for the self-empowerment of women & girls

Activism, petitions, commissions...

Feb 28, 2017 — Petition update
I sent this petition to the new Commissioner Edward Santow, at the Australian Human Rights Commission.…/u/19547105
He has your comments & signatures, but has not yet responded to our petition. So, let's REALLY let him know.

AHRC needs to hear from victims of psychiatry & those advocating on behalf of people who cannot gain access to internet to make a complaint, or are so shut-down by the torturous drugs & of psychiatric violence they cannot think what to say.

I filled the form in as an individual complaint, and said that needs to be recognised as one person among millions of Australians abused systematically by govt-psychiatry for Human Research purposes.
I ticked this:
*My human rights have been breached by a Commonwealth government agency. 

I pinned the culprits as RANZP & Alfred Burnet Viral Load Laboratory (Alfred Health), though, I could've looked at other organisations that are involved. This would not be the same for everyone, but RANZP is the governing body for psychiatrists in Australia.

I must also remind anyone who wants to make themselves heard about the widespread Forced Human Experimentation in the psychiatric regime, that asking for Research Without Consent/ Exception From Informed Consent research/ Emergency Research... to be recognised as an unethical, must fill in the online form before 11:59pm 28/02/17

Know also, that Psychiatrist Andrea Walker at Prince Charles Hospital Brisbane Queensland Reported to Federal and State Health Ministers et al for Potential Death-Risks
Garth Daniels’ ask for Freedom From Torture & arbitrary detention, and, freedom from Forced Human Experimentation

Don't forget to stand in the street when you've got a spare moment!