Monday, March 28, 2016

Awareness of the term ‘mental illness’

What does it mean to have your mentality deemed ill? What does it mean to then have that ‘confirmed’ by the appointed ‘expert’? Does the majority of the population know what it is to be accused of something behind closed doors, that means you can be dragged off, confined and tortured twenty-four seven, without charge, without a court of law, without anything but that finger point and confirmation of ‘mental-illness’ given by a white-coat rubbing their greedy hands together with glee of transforming 13 billion in tax payers money into their enigma regime, that talks up how it ‘cares’, and how close they have been for the last 200 years to a ‘cure’, since the invention of the endlessly spinning chair, the ice-baths and burning rods, poisons, surgical mockery, and various adaptions of electrocution and seizure inducing routines.

                A variety of different punishments are employed in 2016 for those found mentally ill by ‘experts’ are used on the mentally ill including: forced commitment in a public hospital, poisoning under the guise of ‘medicine’, electroshock, mechanical holds, psychosurgery, verbal abuse, and threat of further punishment if a confession of being mentally ill and being in need of psychiatric treatments is not reached.

                Does the Medical Association even think how psychiatrists have brought their profession into disrepute? Do they do anything to stop the torture of quarter of the population? No, they just hush it up, lest they be called in to pay compensation for their incompetence over the last two centuries when they allowed for the witch hunter’s torturers to join their profession and call them mentality ill souls, instead of talking up a bedevilled souls. The claim of ‘madness’ or ‘insanity’ now turned into ‘illness’, as if calling a person’s mentality ‘ill’ is legitimate, when it’s a crime against a person’s perception.  

What if there was a Royal Commission, that looked into psychiatric tribunals and, ‘found scarcely one trial conducted legally’? In the same way as in 1700s the witch trials were acknowledged to have no legal substance. Let the expressions of skepticism be heard, as regarding psychiatric diagnosis. Difficulty in proving mental illness according to legal process, means counsellors should be advised to treat psychiatric diagnosis with caution, when taking part in Mental Health Tribunals where the issue is whether a person ‘appears to be mentally ill, or not.’

                While belief that Satan interferes in human affairs directly has begun to wane, people now believe that visions and other percipience is a disease of the brain! The artists of our time are being mauled by psychiatrists, who fry brains and poison bodies, of people which think outside the white-lines drawn to mark out the death of innovation and diversity, humour and creative arts.

Rationalist sceptics of the psychiatric tribunals must come to the opinion that the use of torture had resulted in erroneous testimony from plainsfolk, that just say what they’re told. No one can blame a person for going along with those who threaten our lives, it is just that it doesn’t help society see the propaganda machine, when it is backed up by confessions of mental illness and testimonies of torture being effective treatment for the said illness. This use of torture has been identified as a key factor in converting one accused as mentally ill into a wider social panic, as those being tortured are more likely to accuse a wide array of other local individuals of also being mentally ill.

Let the last execution of electroshock, poisoning, psycho surgery, commitment and mechanical holds, for mental-illness, be in 2016. See the end of the traditional form of  diagnosed mental illness as a legal offense. Those accused under the new act should be restricted to people who falsely pretended to be able to procure medicine, generally being the most dubious methods causing crimes against humanity, via psychiatrisms. Let it be known that lack of material wealth, being quarrelsome and aggressive natured, are not valid reasons to diagnose mentality as ‘ill’ enough to be poisoned, electrocuted, committed and verbally abused until a confession of agreeing with diagnosis is elicited. It is an outrage that such a piece of thuggery exists as the Mental Health Act, that delivers such torture to people it accuses in fraudulent tribunals.

The practical significance of the mental-illnessing mania therefore is that it shifted responsibility for social crisis from both commerce/industry and state to imaginary illness in psychiatric form. Medical authorities, in leading the mental-illnessing, not only exonerate themselves but make themselves indispensable, cementing their power. There is certainly evidence of misogyny in these diagnoses, when women are mentally-illed when exhausted after giving birth and subject to forced treatments and commitment, when women are diagnosed due to their menstrual cycles, or horribly abused by their male partners… There is also a huge component of racism, that attacks 1st Nations peoples of Australia, America and Canada in the diagnosis of visions/ voices and other percipience that make sense to the land and the people and their traditions.

Psychiatry is a pointless persecution. The persecuting culture that has resulted from allowing medical industry to run riot in its use of humans in experimental procedures and money making abuse that keeps the condemned in fear of worse, and the ‘experts’ unchecked and above the law. This state funding of the psychiatric regime for over 200 years in the mass scale torture/ disabling/ murder of those mentally-illed is an example of mass misjudgment, badmouthing and a huge need for revival of common sense among the population in regard to propaganda, and skepticism of medical diagnosis and its treatments that do more harm than good, rather than a hypnotic trust of Doctors, a misguided trust that ignores and condemns those who speak out against being mentally-illed and tortured by the psychiatric regime.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Open Paradigm Project - Celia Brown

UCLA/ISEPP - Laura Delano

Mad in America Film Festival - Panel

Psychiatry must die. If it doesn't die out through public ridicule of it's propaganda, it must be wiped out by the population asserting that no one should be enslaved as a laboratory animal, let alone quarter of the world's population. To say 'it isn't all good, and it isn't all bad,' (as Frances does) is not something you say about an organisation that has tortured people on such a mass scale for over 200 years, without any outcome, but ridiculous profits for the torturer claiming their torture is 'medicinal'. We need #AbsoluteProhibition of forced treatment and commitment.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Informed Consent for psychiatrists

I think the key here is that when a person 'refuses treatment' they are then diagnosed as being 'not be able to give informed consent.' They are then threatened with a more severe treatment like electroshock, longer commitment, added drugs, higher dose... until the person says exactly what they've been told they must agree to, or else. If the person then gets more and more disabled by the torture and complains, the label 'treatment resistant' is given. Which would be incredibly humorous in a comedy skit, if it weren't for the fact that so many people are being tortured to death by psychiatry every minute of the day. Of course the person is resisting the torturous treatments! People don't like being enslaved as laboratory animals. Medicine is meant to enable, not disable!

For those people who end up as Plainsfolk in advertisements for diabolical psychiatric torture procedures, think of any regime and how it uses its victims for propaganda routines to validate their horror as 'goodness.'

(from Insight SBS 2013 electroshock promo show, repeated recently in an awful campaign to make this brain bleeding device Class 2, the same as eye-glasses.)
'There are a group of people, as we've heard that because of the nature of their illness are so unwell, that they have no idea what their illness is about, and no idea what treatments work and no idea what the side-effects are to be and so on'... they're called psychiatrists.

Let's look at, say if...

 • Does the psychiatrist know what is happening?

 Not really. For instance the psychiatrist admits that they don't know how ECT works, they have no conclusive way of proving their diagnosis. No, the psychiatrist doesn't know what is happening at all, just that they'll get some $$$ if they do as the pharma says.

 • Can the psychiatrist weigh up the information?

 No, the psychiatrists leaves the drug weighing to the chemist.

 • Does the psychiatrist appreciate that they've got an illness?

 No, the psychiatrist believes they are a physician to the soul.

 • Does the psychiatrist recognise the array of treatments available in relation to the treatment of that illness?

 No, the psychiatrist narrowly focuses on assisted-harm as a cure and has done so for over 200 years, since they took over from the witchhunters. A psychiatrist doesn't recognise being kind, listening, or validating grief as treatments, the psychiatrist only sees profit in cruel treatments as the 'array.'

Therefore the psychiatrist cannot give informed consent according to their own belief of how-to obtain Informed Consent.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Five things psychiatric survivors are tired of hearing

I can think of too much said in ignorance, that should never be said about people who are suffering under the psychiatric regime. It's the most abusive regime in the world and has been going on for over 2 centuries. Quarter of the population is silenced into being enslaved laboratory animals, the rest swallows propaganda and vilifies psychiatry's victims as if they're the parasites, when it's psychiatry that is torturing people to death, using humans for diabolical experiments to gain wealth and power.

So, now you’ve to the basics of what psychiatry is, let’s start with 5 sayings that psychiatric regime survivors are tired of hearing, because they are propagated by the regime:

·         I know many people  who have benefited from psychiatric medicines

·         If psychiatrists didn’t forcefully drug on the mentally ill there’d be a lot of sick people running around

·         Marriages and relationships have been restored by psychiatric drugs

·         So what if people become suicidal on psychiatric drugs, mentally ill people are already suicidal.

·         People diagnosed with a mental illness are dangerous to society and need to be controlled by psychiatrists.

The only people that benefit from psychiatric medicines are the people who get paid to produce them, and the people who get paid to peddle and prescribe them. The enslaved laboratory animals, who happen to be human, have these drugs forced on them, or they are coerced to take the drugs, under threats and bogus theories that if the person doesn’t take them their condition will deteriorate. The person’s condition always deteriorates when taking these drugs, then the psychiatrist blames that on the person’s ‘illness’. Strangely, it won’t be written up in a psychiatrist’s notes when a person stops taking the pills and gets better able to have a conversation, exercise, remember information, gain employment and drive a vehicle, because they stopped taking the ‘medicine’. There are other people, abusive people, that ‘benefit’ from having people on psychiatric drugs. It’s horrible because people on psychiatric drugs are not able to fight back as easily, and, they fear if they speak out, they’ll be told they imagined the abuses.

Psychiatrists are the sickest people in the world. If their profession stopped forcing drugs and accusing people of having fictional illnesses that have no basis in science, then psychiatrists would be a lot less sick and ipso facto we’d have a lot less sick white-coats running around saying torture = care.

Let’s just say if any marriage or relationship has been restored by a psychiatric drug, then that relationship is bound to be horribly abusive to the person forced on the drugs, if not for the other half as well. Drugs are not a good way to gain better communication skills, they pretty much damn up any kind of communication that might otherwise have happened.

People are condemned as ‘mentally ill’ by psychiatrists for reasons that have nothing to do with being suicidal, such as grief, hearing voices, speaking out against abuse and unusual thinking… Even if a person was suicidal, it does not make sense to give drugs to a person and make them feel even more like dying!

The idea that people diagnosed with mental illness have a condition that turns them into a chaotic-killer, is total fiction. Dangerous people are criminals, people who are diagnosed by psychiatry are usually victims of crime. Isn’t it horrible, that the victims of crime get diagnosed with a label that makes them look like their abusers, who might also receive the same diagnosis? The public hear all about the abuser’s diagnosis in the media, but the victim of crime, is punished without the media talking about it, because they don’t wish to embarrass the innocent. Innocent people do not need to be controlled by anyone, let alone psychiatrists. So why are the public thinking of the innocent as equal to their abusers because they are being abused by psychiatry in the same way? Doctors are not police.  Let police deal with police matters, unless there is an actual medical emergency – that isn’t some fictional psychiatric money making scam.

I could give you 1001 things that psychiatric regime survivors are tired of hearing. But I’m going to stick to 5 and hope you’ll learn to tell everyone you know, that psychiatrisms are horrendous propaganda. We must have absolute prohibition of forced treatment and commitment in 2016. The psychiatric regime cannot continue its diabolical abuse of so many. Please be an ally and support this campaign.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Involuntary consumption?!

Consumers are people who freely choose to buy something. They not people who are used against their will in diabolical experiments via the psychiatric regime.
I speak as a psychiatric survivor. I find the term ‘consumer’ used for people abused by psychiatry really, really insulting.
Psychiatry’s white-coat horrorshop is a crime against humanity. Quarter of the population have suffered it. It is very hard to speak out against. But we’re hoping for Absolute Prohibition of forced treatment and commitment by June 2016.

I am experient of the MHS. I never wanted any of their ugly belittling 'services'. I want there to be real support for people in crisis, that makes sense on an individual basis. You know affordable housing, allergy testing, hope, decency, legal assistance, safe places to work through untangling the myriad of horrors and absences in a person's life. Our government wishes to use the term 'consumer' for people who are told (for the most part), when consulted, they have to choose... what would be best out of all the rubbish served up. Meanwhile these 'consumers' pay for the 'medications' they do not want, turn up to appointments to be interrogated as to whether they are compliant with the poisonous 'medications' they do not want, are electrocuted if they refuse 'medications', are locked away indefinitely if they refuse to 'admit they have a mental illness and need to take the medication as prescribed.' Consumers?! Do not call people who are enslaved human laboratory animals 'consumers'.