Friday, May 25, 2018

Burn the Mental Health Act


The significant impacts of repealing the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014
1. Freedom from torture
2. Freedom from arbitrary detention
3. No more legislated discrimination on the basis of psychiatrists’ accusations
4. No more forced human experimentation and exploitative profits for those perpetrating this
Apparently there would be a requirement to rewrite a number of other pieces of legislation, including the Health Records Act 2001 and the Crimes (Mental Impairment and Unfitness to be Tried Act 1997), to name just two.

Government Legislators are responsible for the unlawful Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 and for acts of violence, cruel, inhuman and degrading that continue to be perpetrated by the state and its medico alliance, for obscene exploitative profits through this Act of Parliament.
The Australian Government (which includes the State of Victoria) has been asked by the UN CRPD committee to abolish all Mental Health Legislation that forces psychiatry on people. Last year there were 10,000 forced orders in Victoria, and many other people too frightened by the threats of forced treatments, the repeat of arbitrary detention and even worse torture, such that they comply and are dubbed 'voluntary.' They are not really voluntary in a system of forced psychiatry. No one is voluntary in a system of force.

Australia is ruthlessly injecting toxic chemicals into people they forcibly enslave as human laboratory specimens, exploiting them for lucrative human research, under Public Health Orders.
When psychiatrists can force a drug on a person that causes epilepsy (amongst other suffering) then point at the person and say, ‘they’re mentally deficient’ – and experiment on them to see if they can stop the epilepsy with another drug, all the while knowingly causing it with the first poison they forced on the person… that’s just a really diabolical situation to be in. Total denial. No one believes your government is doing it. So horrible, so painful and so utterly vile.
Please - if you live in the State of Victoria, Australia, that has the highest rate per capita for forced psychiatry in the world - please sign both these e-petitions 63 & 67 to abolish forced psychiatry by repealing the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014. There are so many reasons to repeal this nebulous piece of unlawful legislation.
Those who get platforms to chatter allowed to accuse groups of persecuted people, with the horrible violator’s rhetoric – but the victims are seeming vilified even more if they try to speak out against the people who do that. At what point do the victims get heard? What do they have to break through to be heard and recognised?