Friday, August 16, 2019

When Britney Spears disappears people notice

People have to recognise how wrong it is to subject a person to forced psychiatry, deny their civil, political and social rights, then claim this is in the best interests of the person, when that's not what is happening at all.

When Britney Spears disappears, people take notice, but really have to recognise how outrageous it is to do this to her, this controlling and exploiting and denying her freedoms she has every right to have.

When someone unknown disappears, very few take notice.

Right now, in Australia, people who protested with Garth Daniels and his family for over a decade to have him freed, have no way of knowing what is happening to him, now that his father Bernard is no longer alive and fighting in the courts to have him freed. People call the psychiatric unit where he was last locked away and are told they cannot be told anything. last entry by Bernard Daniels in 2018, before could no longer blog for his son. yes, people have sent communication to journalists, asking organisations like 4 Corners to investigate, but so far nothing.

There are many people that just disappear into psychiatrists' exploitation rackets and cannot be contacted again.

This must not be allowed to continue. Keep protesting, keep reporting, and demanding that Mental Health/ Mental Hygiene legislation be abolished.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Vic Royal Commission without Psychiatrists - Melb demo

How many young people has
McGorry killed in his numerous clozapine experiments?
How can this be
investigated when he's the chair of the advisory committee to the Victorian
Royal Commission into Mental Health?
live in Victoria? You
must sign