Thursday, April 30, 2015

World Wide protest against Electroshock May 16th

If you cannot attend the Melbourne protest against electroshock, please show your support. Share this link, and comment, give other people who can attend courage to be there. If you don't understand yet, you're not really thinking, definitely not caring enough to protect all those people coming here from war-torn countries, people suffering crisis, who will no doubt be subjected to psychiatric torture practices that will make their distress worse that make getting a job impossible, which slowly kills them. All the refugees trying to seek asylum in Australia, don't know that we have a regime that will persecute them here, if they're marginalised and suffering, they don't know about the horrific regime called psychiatry. It persecutes and tortures to death marginalised non-violent citizens under the guise of 'care' and 'medicine'. Psychiatry is using people as laboratory subjects has done so for so long, society has forgotten to notice. Spouting such propaganda, to smear innocent people with psychiatry advertises their wares and bewares to the mass media. People seeking asylum here didn't see that in the tourist campaigns. They’re in for more than one kind of

Long, long have been. And I know so many who have suffered this way and will not speak up for fear. Please don't refuse to attend, and don't tell me you're on our side, or I'll be concerned for your intellect.

In Victoria, Australia
Your tax goes on torturing 5700 unwilling innocent Victorians every year made 'involuntary' subject matter for white-coat thugs.
Stop torturing marginalised people! you silly tax payers:


Friday, April 17, 2015

The Heresy of Materialistic Psychiatry: The Story of Russ

The Heresy of Materialistic Psychiatry: The Story of Russ: [The beginning is inspired by the recording of Peter and the Wolf by Leonard Bernstein that I grew up with.] This is Russell Grigaitis, ...