Thursday, March 8, 2018


Disabled by government violations on #InternationalWomensDay, that means having your nervous system shut down, by torturous neuroleptics injected into you, arbitrarily detained - indefinitely. 70% of people subjected to electroshock torture are women.
Disabled means shut-down, oppressed, violated, stopped, not allowed free-speech, not allowed traditional human rights & freedoms, exploited forcibly for human experimentation. Being disabled by your government is NOT empowering, NOT okay. #Discrimination on #InternationalWomensDay
Being disabled means being forced to undergo a hysterectomy, or other surgery or forced treatment because a mean money-grubbing whitecoat demands it and threatens you with the Mental Health Act, if you don't comply with his #ForcedHumanExperimentation #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled means that nothing of what you say will ever be spoken about, and those who perpetrated abuses on you get to have conversations with the government & media in ways to get more funds to continue diabolical #ForcedPsychiatry on women on #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled means being maimed by government legislated #ForcedPsychiatry then killed, and no one protests or says anything hardly, except the UN CRPD Committee and victim-survivors of forced psychiatry about abuse of women by whitecoats & govt on #InternationalWomensDay
Being labelled with a term that denigrates and dehumanises you in the eyes of the population, so that society see you through whitecoat propaganda lenses & don't care if you are #disabled by forced poisons, electrocution & arbitrary detained on #InternationalWomensDay
The chattering classes talking about their raspberry sundae dress-ups, while women & girls are being killed & maimed by government legislated #ForcedPsychiatry on #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled by medicine is not about accidentally going to a bad rogue medico, it's about governments legislating #ForcedPsychiatry despite that being a #humanrights violation, massively traumatising & disabling to all women, not only rape victims on #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled by the government violence that is #ForcedPsychiatry, is not about being #othered or asking for #donations for access to success. It's about stopping government legislated violent exploitation, on silenced women & girls #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled by government #ForcedPsychiatry means begging again & again for your rights to be upheld, writing to the UN CRPD, & your government, friends & family saying that the torture is good for you, because Mr Whitecoat Perpetrator said it is. #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled by govt #ForcedPsychiatry means not able to write, think clearly because the forced drugs have shut your abilities down 24/7, which cruelly the psychiatrist says to your friends that what they did to you is deterioration of 'disease'. #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled by government #ForcedPsychiatry means being injected with chemicals that empty your womb of blood & leave you barren of your period for a however long you're forced to suffer the torturous #neuroleptics be that years or months denying women’s rights on #InternationalWomensDay
Being #disabled by govt #ForcedPsychiatry means not able to write, think clearly because the forced drugs have shut your abilities down 24/7, which cruelly the psychiatrist says to your friends that what they did to you is deterioration of 'disease'. They don’t let their victims celebrate #InternationalWomensDay or any day.
Being #disabled by government #ForcedPsychiatry means not having the right to protest, not having the right to free speech, being arbitrarily detained & tortured 24/ 7 indefinitely when you want to be with #InternationalWomensDay you're forced to submit to a male nurse's prick.
Being #disabled by government #ForcedPsychiatry means recognizing any kind of government discriminatory legislation is wrong, it doesn’t matter who it is being discriminated against, arbitrary detention & torture is wrong, not allowing people equal recognition before the law is wrong, enabling perpetrators to have power over their victims, by speaking for them, while taking their rights to equal recognition before the law is wrong. Because any government that legislates that kind of abuse, propagates lies that it is care, while leaving so many people homeless, as they up the funds for Mental Health Research, have got to recognise that while some members of the population are disabled and not given permission to be heard, those who have had the wool pulled over their eyes, cannot stay that dull for ever.
Women and girls remain the most persecuted by a male led torture regime that is government #forcedpsychiatry disabling the screams of women and girls as well as men and boys into silence. Rights for people persecuted on the basis of mentality, disabled by forced psychiatry, must be implemented. No more disabling of people through government forced psychiatry, no more disabling of people on the basis medical labels. No more forced psychiatry.
Don’t disable women’s and girls ability to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay by ignoring the rights of people denied this year by government legislated forced psychiatry #InYourName.

Stop treating her like a robot. 
Just because you don't understand her, and want to call her a witch, but cannot hunt her for that anymore, so now you medicalise her, and condemn her to death or maiming.

Happy International Women’s Day!

COMMON QUESTION FOR THE CHATTERING CLASSES: why doesn’t she leave the abusive situation to escape 24/7 indefinite torture & arbitrary detention?

BLOODY ANSWER: In Australia 2018, Greg Hunt MP will have her hunted down for absconding & the pain-thresholds of forced treatments will be increased. And he’ll say that the invasive, cruel, forced human research was done for her benefit and the benefit of so many other women. Paid Shills will sing Greg Hunt’s propaganda tune, and the hunt for women to exploit forcibly for human experimentation will continue, while the public believe the perpetrators are benevolent.

Limerick: the MP named Hunt
There was an MP called Greg Hunt
Who was a bloody thirsty front
For the whitecoat pricks
And their poisonous tricks
Talking up their exploitation shunt.
(Greg Hunt MP, showing his ghoulish true form)

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


When: This Wed 7th March at 2.15pm.
Where: Brisbane Supreme Court, 415 George St, 6th Floor, Room 16.
Garth's father, Bernard, will represent him (no lawyer)
and he and the family need all the support they can get.
*Please share this.*
NOTE: Suzanne is flying from Perth to attend, will be in Brisbane at 5.30am.
If you'd like to know more, private message Suzanne Covich
for her phone number today (Mon) or tomorrow (Tues).

Garth does not deserve to be maimed, silenced and eventually murdered by psychiatrists, for the purpose of cruel, invasive lucrative forced human research. Be with Garth and other Victims of Psychiatrists when they tell you -

Solidarity with Garth Daniels and all the VOP that have and do try to fight off torturers, then are silenced, their mentality discredited, and denied a plea of self defence when putting up a resistance to being attacked by torturing psychiatrists & coterie. Stop these outrageous lies written up by the torturing psychiatrists. Garth is fighting for his life! Everyone deserves to be allowed to live and defend themselves against the horrendous violence the psychiatrists inflict.

The requirement that a person comply with torture in restrictive settings without any resistance, in order that they might be released into the community, where they will still be required to comply with torture, or be put back in detention is OUTRAGEOUS. This is not democratic, it doesn't give a person any chance to refuse 'medical treatment', or have any kind of autonomy over their lives. It turns humans into laboratory specimens, giving them no chance to form friendships, fall in love, no career prospects... total exploitation, servitude for the benefits of whitecoats and their coterie gaining more and more money and control to propagate the lies that they are benevolent doctors to people like Garth they are abusing. To abuse people like this does not make a safer more peaceful society! When psychiatrists poison people, it hurts the victim, their friends, their family and the rest of the community.

Neuroleptics, that is antipsychotics are extremely painful, disabling, debilitating, they shut down the nervous system and cause something like the symptoms of stroke, only the victim of psychiatrists is not allowed recovery, they have these neurotoxins forced into their body 24/7 indefinitely. They are chemicals that are not recommended for long-term use. Peter C Goetzche says, 'These forced Treatments must be stopped'. They are neither ethical treatments, nor helpful treatments, they are horrifying chemicals that kill and maim. Forced psychiatry is not medicine, it is forced human experimentation.
Yet Australia continues to force this horrible cruel violent human research on people that demand for it to be stopped. Hold people down, inject them, tie them up, isolate them, interrogate them, increase the dosage, add electricity, hold the person indefinitely in arbitrary detention. In Australia terrorists have more rights than people subjected to forced psychiatry.
How is forced psychiatry Legal? How can a democratic country be putting legislation in writing and making verbal demands that victims be submissive to their own torture? How is breaking someone under torture by demanding they comply with the abuse inflicted on them by psychiatrists in any way okay? How is expecting victims to suck up to their torturers in any way okay? Let alone criticise the victim when they don't do kiss-arse authentically enough!
Yet this is what is said, agree to your own torture again and again, this systematic humiliation, to get people to comply in hope for a modicum of freedom, all in order for those doing the human research to tick the box that says, 'Complied with treatment eventually'. Evil.

These terms, why are they permitted as diagnosis from a psychiatrist that has been inflicting torture, and used to justify such things as denying legal process or other human rights ?

  • Blunt affect (ie forced drugs causing a partial shut-down of the nervous system)
  • Fluctuating mental state (ie fear of the torturer, attempt to assert strength of identity, autonomy, careful to say the right thing, careful not to say too much, fear, outrage, pain…)
  • Social withdrawal (ie no one enjoys talking to torturers)
  • Superficial engagement (ie pretending to be friendly & engaging to a vicious dehumanising torturer isn’t easy.)
  • Guarded (ie Who wouldn’t be guarded around a torturer)
  • Insight poor (ie Torturers who expect their victims to all be indoctrinated into total submission with their horrific demands)
  • Talking to self (ie When you’re isolated and being tortured, who else is friendly enough to talk to? And, you have to thrash things out with someone, so why not a role-play. Besides sometimes the constant infliction of torture causes spontaneous speech. So what.)
  • Poverty of thinking (ie don’t want to talk the torturer)
  • Difficult to engage (ie Who doesn’t have difficulties engaging with torturers?)

This template of derisive terms is used systematically on people by their torturing psychiatrist to deny victims leave, legal process, lowered doses, and any kind of autonomy. It is applied like a template. I was given this template. I've seen other people's files with identical terms. Just terms to deride. 

Forced psychiatry cannot be holistic, to say it can is perverting language.

Psychiatry is disordered, resistant and severely ill-informed about what humanity is about. Filtering people, for exploitation, on the basis of targeting - 

  • Difference
  • Exclusion
  • Subtraction
  • Division
Australian Psychiatrists are disabling people, then saying victims have no rights to claim this is discrimination. OUTRAGEOUS. YOU CANNOT SAY THIS IS OKAY.
Psychiatrists attempt to excuse violent exploitation as 'medical treatment' for disability. OUTRAGEOUS. NOT OKAY.
Yet Australia has signed & ratified the CRPD. And the CRPD Committee says:

Forced psychiatry on the basis of the justification of what ever terms governments use to attempt to excuse their exploitation is a crime.
Same in Australia as China.
Australia just doesn't have Hong Kong protesters. 
And China doesn't lie that it is a democracy.

His family has fought with him, more than my family or any other family in Australia has fought for their family member who is being arbitrarily detained & tortured 24/7 indefinitely by psychiatrists. 
Don't let psychiatrists keep increasing their pain-thresholds on Garth, because he is not alone and not easily broken down by the torturing psychiatrists! Resistance must NOT be futile, we cannot give in to the psychiatrists abuse of human lives, for their money making scams.

Support for Garth Daniels is 
is support to free all Australians from forced human experimentation.
Every one of us could potentially become a victim of psychiatrists!
We, Victims of Psychiatrists, are 40% of the Australian population -