Saturday, August 11, 2018

Killer whitecoat terms

Kristian Silva (paid by the tax payer's ABC) reports on how a workplace dispute leaves a man
  •         feeling persecuted, particularly after he seeks support
  •         feeling a failure & feeling humiliating misery
  •         Attempting suicide but not succeeding
  •         Unable to find a place to live
  •         Accused of being delusional
  •         Arbitrarily detained
  •      Subjected to torturous forced drugging 24/7 indefinitely under a public health order
  •          Resenting people who have a job, a home and whom can smile enough to seem happy

This man misdirects his anger at everyone except the psychiatrists who abused him the most, and, commits an unconscionable crime, of which there is no excuse.

Then, because he committed an horrific crime, psychiatrists are paid through tax-funds as ‘expert witnesses’ in the courts, to conflate his unconscionable crime with the psychiatrists’ pet diagnosis for indefinite arbitrary detention and torture.

The man was 'psycho' the psychiatrists say, in the ‘shitzo’ category the psychiatrists say (they might as well) as they continue - commonly called ‘mad’ the psychiatrists say. And don’t mention that’s the same thing that a child is accused of when the child tries to report a pedophile. The same thing women are accused of by psychiatrists, and condemned to when they try to talk or leave a violent domestic situation. The same thing that over 600,000 people in Australia this year have been labelled with. But the 600,000 people who have been arbitrarily detained and tortured under Australia’s Mental Health legislation, they have not committed unconscionable crimes. They haven’t committed ANY crimes.

Who commits the worst crimes?  Who murders the most? The psychiatrists – then they get up in the court and defend murderers! And get paid by the tax-payer to do that.

Murderers don’t need excuses. They did the crime, it was clearly not self-defence, they get the punishment – not more or less punishment than anyone else who does the same crime. There needs to be equality before the law.

Stop this outrageous eugenics term ‘mental fitness’ and ‘fitness to plead’ and try and stop attempting to excuse violence, in order to allow the whitecoats to exploit not only those who are convicted of crimes, but people attempting to report crimes, bullying, corruption, pollution… start thinking beyond the ridiculous propaganda the Australian Broadcasting Association serves, through Kristian Silva to continue bio-medico-exploitation.

Terms like ‘mentally sick’ used to talk up the idea of locking them up and throwing away the key, denying human rights on the basis of some psychiatrists accusation. Do people even know what goes under that umbrella so that psychiatrists can bring in a broad group of disenfranchised people whom they label, while the mainstream media dutifully reports the ‘unconscionable crimes’ and the insanity defence pleas – and ignores the fact that psychiatrists should not be allowed to forcibly exploit people for invasive, cruel, human research?

The idea of a person being ‘psychotic/insane’, such that they cannot ‘reason’ – is just meaningless jargon. What the hell do you mean? Those words are used by ‘professional psychiatrists’ to ramp up the dehumanising of people they persecute. Speak in terms that are meaningful, that make sense, that have logical reason that’s specific – rather than nebulous psychiatrists’ power-rort-babble-on. Recognise precisely what you meant to say when you uttered those whitecoat jargon tools for exploitation that throw people in to a bin labeling -
  •         You mean he was homeless and he was exposed to the elements?
  •          You mean he was scared that someone was going to report him to psychiatrists?
  •         You mean that he was terrified of arbitrary detention and torture under the Mental Health legislation and couldn’t tell anyone because they would report him?
  •       You mean his government was exploiting him and he was desperately trying to work out the reason he was being persecuted in this vile, cruel fashion and was grasping at any reason he could think to explain the destruction on his life under government legislation?
  •      You mean he did an unconscionable crime?

Which? What?

Learn to reason better than people who are paid to write articles that are funded by pharma. Learn to recognise the whitecoat propaganda that whites out the truth and replaces it with an advertising agenda. And remember no one deserves to be subjected forcibly to invasive cruel scientific-medical research, or arbitrary detention. And, when people are subjected to these violations – they rightly feel they are being persecuted by their government, and society that does nothing to stop them being violated behind whitecoat closed doors. Exploitation is violence.

Equality before the law, equal recognition before the law means that there should be no such Mental Health Court. That anyone who does an unconscionable crime, has the right to plead self-defense, but no such right to bring in those who were violating them, as experts, rather they should be co-accused, that’s what psychiatrists should be, accused of violating the person’s human rights before the person did the unconscionable crime, never accused of not violating the person’s human rights enough (which is what mainstream media wants to imply with their reinforcing of inequality before the law, in that people deemed unfit by a psychiatrist can be arbitrarily detained and tortured 24/7 indefinitely for the purpose of lucrative, cruel human research.)

There are many people whose lives are ruined by forced psychiatry. Killing and maiming people and calling it care is just really stupid propaganda. Conflating those who do unconscionable crimes, with everyone who is homeless – that would be outrageous – but when people conflate nebulous terms psychiatrists use to order exploitation of a disenfranchised person - conflate that accusation by a psychiatrist with an unconscionable crime - people forget that psychiatrists are criminals, their whole duty is to violate and exploit and get paid handsomely by the government, that also gets a cut of the human research profits.

To seed the idea that people labelled with the term ‘shitzo’ or ‘psycho’ by a psychiatrist (well, pretty much that) – have a disease that will mean they will commit an unconscionable crime, is just ridiculous, because ‘a disease’ needs proof to exist, or, it’s just a conspiracy theory, and prescience isn’t really applicable to scientific method, it’s something people who dapple in the supernatural are into. So, what the hell is this shit that propagates these stupid ideas doing in the tax-payer funded ABC? Shouldn’t that kind of shit be propagated by commercial interests that twist things into perverse advertising purposes so they can keep their business running? People know not to trust commerce, but they think their government should somehow be beyond the strings of commerce, and its TV network reporting shouldn’t propagate advertisements that push exploitation… which is silly because it is the government legislation that allows the worst kinds of exploitation now, and historically, and the worst kinds of propaganda.

Have a look at some vintage propaganda from 1918, and think about how little the government’s cruel exploitation has changed in 100 years. The propaganda merely uses different language and symbology – and though people find the propaganda of 1918 ridiculous now – how many people found the propaganda of 1918 ridiculous, when they were living in that era? How long did it take people to recognise that they were being coersively-controlled by propaganda? How long did it take people to recognise the people being violated in 1918 and victim-blamed were not the criminals, but were being set up as such? Let’s just partially answer that with – people have still not fully recognised the eugenics propaganda of 1918 in 2018, but they must. It’s been going on 100 years too long.

Eugenics is all about grouping people into categories, looking at people in a way that dehumanises them into something disgusting, debasing and abusive - so that a sector of the population can be forcibly condemned to arbitrary detention & medical/ scientific experimentation.

Psychiatrists and neuro-psychologists and other whitecoats involved in forcibly and coersively experimenting on people in an invasive cruel way are the disgusting core of eugenics. 

The regime has not ended, the forced human experimentation continues to expand unabated, human rights denied as people are maimed and murdered because psychiatrists point at us and accuse of us with some nebulous jargon.

References on eugenics & propaganda