Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Psychiatry: a deceiving

Psychiatry is a belief that, though false, has been surrendered to and accepted by society, in general, as a truth.

This is no accident, psychiatrists in 1840, were accused of being false medicine, and attempting to 'delude' or cause 'a deceiving'. Causing deception was exactly what psychiatrists were doing, but not wanting to have themselves exposed as charlatans, they decided to use the term 'delusions of grandeur' as a psychiatric label, and accuse other people of not being who they actually are, when they attempted to expose crimes or truths that psychiatrists and their buddy criminal network were up to.
A deception, that's what psychiatry's main propaganda tool is (the meaning of perpetrating delusion):
  1. Psychiatry is an impression that, though false, is entertained provisionally on the recommendation of the medico theories.
  2. Psychiatry makes no sense nor has any imagination in its ideas, but enforces full societal acceptance to influence political action.
  3. Psychiatrists have a false belief of their own importance, when they’re the biggest scum-buckets on earth, preying on the vulnerable and violently exploiting them.
  4. Interesting that psychiatrists think that megalomania, is not a delusion because psychiatrists are all obsessed with power & money.
  5. Psychiatrists inflict torture on people and call it medicine, convince Government Legislators to enforce this, despite superior evidence to the contrary that their torturous ‘treatments’ are harmful and not at all helpful and in no way have any scientific basis.
  6. You could say that psychiatry is a cult, or you could say it is a pathology, though it is not distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception. The idea that psychiatry is a 'disease' within our society has long been a way of explaining the ugly thing that it is, even Freud once admitted psychiatry was a plague, though of course psychiatrists disease label the population, to cover up what the psychiatrists are accused of, without any kind of test to prove their theories on dividing up human traits into 'diseases'.
  7. Psychiatrists hold false beliefs and harm the population with their dangerous poisons and other abusive ‘treatments’. These views that psychiatrists hold with certainty, they are not changeable, to the psychiatrists, by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary, even though psychiatrists ideas are implausible, bizarre and scandalously untrue and result in devastatingly violent actions being inflicted on people in their 'care'.
  8. Psychiatry indoctrinates a false belief into the population, via propaganda scams so extreme that the beliefs cannot be, or never can be proven true, but are enforced onto the population through threats of torture and dehumanisation, shame, financial and social disenfranchisement if people do not agree.
  9. Mental Health Acts are an exploit in misleading the population into believing victim-blaming propaganda has government approved validity. Look at what governs the perpetrators and know what the Mental Health campaigners are doing to cause the public to be deceived.
  10. The truth is, psychiatrists are deceiving the population into sending their loved-ones for violent, cruel, invasive forced and coerced human experimentation that until psychiatry is abolished and the Mental Health Acts repealed, the victims of psychiatrists will have difficulty escaping from the psychiatrists regime of cruelty.
Victoria, Australia is rather open about its human exploitation regime online. The population would be outraged, if they bothered to read this, instead the population are so used to 209 years of Mental Health/ Mental Hygiene/ Eugenics Campaigners, that they vilify the victims and worship the whitecoat perpetrators awarding those evil psychiatrists Medals of Australia, as if they've done something the population wanted! https://www2.health.vic.gov.au/about/clinical-trials-and-research/human-research-ethics-committee

Human Rights Activists vs Medical Research Campaigners

Those that call themselves 'Mental Health Campaigners' or even 'Mental Health Activists' are talking around the actual issue, the exploitation, and turning it into theories on victims to perpetrate blame and shame and further abuse in the guise of 'medicine'. Human Rights are what is needed, not what 'Mental Health' campaigns for , that is just more and more widespread Forced Human Experimentation, in the guise of medicine. Human Rights is about Equality before the Law, no more Forced Psychiatry, no more discrimination on the basis of perceived disability, supported decision making not substituted decision making.

Psychiatrists cause distress and interfere with functioning when they exploit people for human research in the guise of ‘medicine’ that SHOULD be considered socially unacceptable!

Society has developed victim-blaming as a sort of 'coping mechanism', sending people to psychiatrists to ‘fix’ for any accusation they do not wish to face-up-to.

Whenever someone has a question that is difficult to answer, or anxiety about something, or is wondering why something bad is happening the easiest 'solution' is created by bringing in a psychiatrist, as if they are some omnipotent being, when they're actually just a cruel manipulative exploiter of human lives.

Psychiatrists do not enable someone to function according to societal standards, they disable people and use them for experimentation.

Psychiatrists  decrease quality of life, break a person down, and disconnect them from their community.

When those running and directing society, are doing things that are really wrong, they should not be allowed to criticise shut up and shut down those who speak out against them and exploit them for horrific science experiments. But that's exactly what is happening in the guise of medicine.
Stop psychiatrists from their 209 years of playing a very deceiving game, that results in the arbitrary detention and 24/7 indefinite torture of so many, stop this murderous exploitation. Repeal the Mental Health Acts, that vilify the victims that psychiatrists exploit for Research Without Consent. Recognise the laws that the population should be having a conversation about: HUMAN RESEARCH codes, the unethical 'ethics' in legislations, force and coercion that is allowed, torture, murder, and 'in good faith' rule that allows psychiatrists to do what they want - that shouldn't be allowed.
Mental Health Campaigning (aka Medical Research Campaigning) that's just whitecoat advertise, they want to go and do more Forced & Coerced Human Experimentation on yet another sector of the population, nothing new, but what a ridiculous piece of propaganda for whitecoat profits. How deluded the population has become through their fear of not ahering to what psychiatrists want. Look at where our government allows Forced Human Experimentation on this massive, gross scale: https://www2.health.vic.gov.au/about/clinical-trials-and-research/human-research-ethics-committee