Monday, December 31, 2012

Why would psychiatrists forcefully drug people with intellectual disability?

It’s not as though intellectual disability can be said to be a chemical imbalance… so why give people with ID anti-psychotics and other drugs that claim to adjust that chemical imbalance by blocking and inhibiting the neuro-receptors?

I am met that hard woman’s stare. She was angry at me because I said neuroleptic drugs shouldn’t be forced on people. She works with children who have ID and is adamant that is it necessary in order to manage them. Or what? ‘Of mice and men’ will happen? She’s not even talking about adults! She thinks it’s important to halt the potential people have to develop ability. She wants them to not argue like children and teenagers do. She wants the people she gets paid to help, to sit and be non-resisting to where she and her management wants them to go.

Luckily there’s places like Arts Access...

The term ‘differently abled’ really makes sense when people who have been abused because of their differences are enabled, encouraged and the result is art that really should and needs to exist, or humanity misses out on another vital aspect of its myriad.

‘Managing’ people is never done well under cruel regimes. It is very cruel to shut down a person’s intellectual capacity with neuroleptics, just because that enables you to get your job done quicker. Surely it is not easy on your heart and conscience to realise that you have disabled someone who really would respond better to compassion and encouragement.

No? Still staring at me with those hard nasty eyes of yours? Okay give me your hard mean discrimination stare. Let your ugliness become you. Just don’t expect the rest of humanity to leave your regime uncriticised.

Disable psychiatry now! Don’t let them harm the intellect of any more people! The cruel regime must end! Let rehabilitation take its place. Remember, mental health is about feeling better, not worse!


Still puzzling why ‘medications’ that claim to ‘fix’ achemical imbalance or disease in the brain are used on people with ID who don’t have a chemical imbalance to fix? ‘According to some estimates, between 20% and 45% people with ID receive psychotropic medications (Deb & Unwin, 2007a). Of them 14% to 30% are receiving these medications for the management of problem behaviour and not for the treatment of any psychiatric disorder (Deb and Fraser, 1994). Clarke and colleagues (1990) had previously found that 36% of adults with ID who did not have a diagnosis of mental illness were receiving psychotropic medication.’

                And since I’m talking about chemical imbalances, something that isn’t proven, can’t be proven, but has been theorised and turned into a kind of theology in medicine and religion in the lay public, let’s just say: psychiatry really doesn’t make sense except to a sadist. Manage the violence, idiocy and imbalance of psychiatry by getting rid of it. In 2013  the psychiatric torture regime must end. That means no more forced drugging or ECT! That means no more fear of treatment regimes harming you when you seek help to overcome a crisis. That means a better society. Do it, end psychiatry in 2013.

Prescient psychiatry: ‘Symptoms of mental illness’ proving future criminal intent…

Innocent until proven guilty does not apply to those who’ve been diagnosed with ‘mental illness.’ You are guilty of potential of potential crimes, a psychiatrist suspects you might commit if they don’t chemically strait-jacket your body and mind into a ‘placid’ state. (The potential criminals who are in states of catatonia, are also suspects with negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I can’t see how it helps to use the same drugs on those with catatonia, as on those with mania, but apparently it’s all about prevention being better than cure and for the safety of society.)

                ‘Hearing voices’ is seen as a potentially criminal condition. Unusual states of consciousness psychiatrists believe have enough kinetic energy to be a potential danger to society. Psychiatrists have the prescience to know these things. You cannot expect the ordinary lay public to understand their reasoning. It’s all too complicated for them.

                Essentially though, psychiatrists couldn’t really convict a person of ‘potential future crimes,’ so, why are they allowed to not only imprison, but torture suspects of events only psychiatrists can predict could happen?

                Well, because the law in the state of Victoria, amongst other places, states that it is an incarceratable offence to ‘appear to have a mental illness’ and if you ‘appear to have a mental illness’ you are therefore potentially a danger to self or others and are in need of immediate treatment, according to prescient psychiatrists. And therefore you meet the criteria of sectioning. And therefore you will be forcefully drugged and if pregnant, electrocuted.

                What is psychiatry doing?! Well, they are punishing people they suspect will commit future crimes. Not because the patient has ‘made plans,’ but because the patient has ‘symptoms of mental illness,’ ie are hearing voices etc...

                Psychiatrists are punishing the people they suspect, in the same why they punish people who have committed violent crimes, who have ‘not been fit to stand trial due to mental illness.’

                Psychiatrists have a notion that a person with a ‘mental illness’ who commits a crime is the same as a person with a ‘mental illness’ who doesn’t commit a crime. Psychiatrists think that a person who is non-violent should be subjected to the same harsh chemical lobotomy as a person who is violent.

                Given that psychiatry has had a long history in aversion therapy (including King George III, who had porphyria causing him to ‘go mad’. His biological illness was not helped by the psychiatrists of the time using aversion therapy, blistering his calves and feet with acid. But the psychiatrists claimed this ‘cured’ him.) Given that aversion therapy is psychiatry’s main tool, (now in the form of neuroleptics and other drugs, seclusion and ECT) why do they think it works well as ‘treatment’ to give the same drugs to murderers, as to victims of assault, who are suffering repercussive mental health issues as a consequence?

                Now, murderers are put in separate, high security forensic psychiatric ‘hospitals,’ to victims of assault, who’ve committed no crimes, and are put in psychiatric 'hospitals'; but they are both subjected to the same torture regime by psychiatrists, if they’re deemed to have a ‘mental illness’ that ‘needs treatment’. And, according to psychiatrists all ‘mental illness’ needs their ‘treatment’ regimes.

                When are innocent victims of crime and other traumas, going to be allowed to decide what their treatment consists of? It is not okay to torture a person who happens to be ‘grieving for too long.’ It is not okay for a psychiatry to torture a victim of domestic violence. It is not okay to torture people full stop, particularly when the person is not in the least bit violent and has no need to be chemically restrained.

                Psychiatry has no place in ‘treating’ with aversion therapy innocent victims of crime, war and horrific circumstances, or even those who have been under too much pressure, just because they hear voices, are feeling suicidal, or are experiencing unusual states of consciousness. These people should not be retraumatised by psychiatry! They should be helped with compassion and understanding to gain a solid understanding of consensual reality, so they can understand why they are suffering and how they can break-through the internal crisis they are experiencing.

                My suggestion is that all psychiatrists get the sack and non-invasive therapies replace their cruel torturous regimes. It’d save a lot of money for the government. There wouldn’t be the $145,000 per year and up wage for the psychiatrists. Nor would there be the huge chemist bill of around $3600 per patient to add to that. Plus, people would actually move through their crisis, stabilise and get back to earning a living.

                Psychiatric drugs are ill treatment. Harming those already suffering does not help one bit. Forcing them to agree that the treatment is helping so they can be released from treatment orders, is just ridiculous.

                And, really, when you think about it, predicting future crimes should be evidence based not ‘symptom’ based.

                Work it out, hearing voices and having unusual states of consciousness is not a crime and should not be treated like it is something horrendously violent crime that needs immediate and life-time chemical restraints, that renders that person into no longer being able to think enough to heal, let alone be a contributing member to society. Plus the effects of these drugs not only damn a person’s intellect, they cause horrific physical disfiguring. This is just not okay. Please show some respect for victims of crime who develop ‘symptoms of mental illness’ and stop the horrific crimes against humanity psychiatrists are committing.

Make a New Year's resolution to end the psychiatric regime in 2013!
Put an end to the psychiatric regime in 2013! t shirtsmore protest Ts

Friday, December 28, 2012

What the ‘ph’ is sponsoring the ABC?!

I turned on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation News at seven last night to see some highly unbalanced editing of content. Obviously, some big ‘Ph’ had accused the ABC of being unbalanced, threatened to pull out their cash flow and the ABC dealt with the crisis by doing something meant to be ‘subliminal’. It wasn’t. The editing of the sequences and choice of sequences was obviously doctored to suit the ‘ph.’

                It was easy for me and a friend to see how slanted the sequence of stories were. They were so obviously covering up their ‘mistake’ for chastising the ‘psych’ and the ‘pharm’ that near lethally drugged an Australian Aboriginal man, they thought looked like their escaped patient. Now the responsible ‘hospital’, Graylands Hospital has a large on site, forensic psychiatric unit. This wasn’t mentioned. Forensic means, the people there have committed a crime that has been brought to a court of law where the accused was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. So, potentially, the Aboriginal man was being accused of being their escaped prisoner. I really wish the media would clarify when talking about these ‘hospitals’, compared to non-forensic psychiatric hospitals. where people get forcefully drugged for admitting they hear voices, or saying something that doesn't constitute consensual reality to most people.

                Anyway, back to the ABC news… Nothing was said about the horrific incident reported the previous night. That of a man being dragged into Graylands Hospital and forcefully injected with antipsychotics that caused the man to become so near death he was taken to the emergency unit, where it was discovered he wasn't the psychiatric patient they thought he was. He was an Aboriginal man who wasn't diagnosed 'mentally ill', nor had any forensic charges against him. No, there was no mention of that. Instead, first there was a plea for more money to be given to ‘mental health.’ Then, there was a report of a dead man found at Thomas Embley Psychiatric ‘hospital’ and two stabbings there as well. No mention here that Thomas Embley is a forensic hospital. The people there have committed criminal offenses. The guards at Thomas Embley also once shot and killed the neighbouring NMIT peacock mascot while I was studying there. That wasn’t mentioned in the news in 2010, although some on campus students witnessed it and had to receive counselling. I’ve seen other reports of stabbings happening at Thomas Embley Forensic facility and they also omit that it is a prison. Yet I don’t see many reports about stabbings in non-psychiatric prisons. Unbalanced.

                The next section of the ABC news was a reporting of another murder and how the man who did this was undergoing assessment for mental illness.

                Then the next section was about a murder in Darwin and an Aboriginal man witness talked of how it happened.

                Finally there was talk of an Aboriginal health group with young Aboriginal men all punching bags and lifting weights in a gym and there was talk of 'their problems’ being ‘overcome’ through this group.

                What the ‘ph’ am I to make of this editing other than ABC has a fat Pharm sponsor. I have known they have for a while… Since watching Andrew Denton’s ‘Angels and Demons’ in 2008. While I enjoyed aspects of that documentary, I was appalled by the tacked on pharmaceutical ad for mentally ill youth, that it concluded with. A group of ‘yes youth’ agreeing with dulled eyes that the new atypical drugs worked wonders and everything now was peachy in mental health compared to the way the main feature (artist Heidi Everett) described it used to be.

                The same peachy ad was tacked into the film ‘A beautiful mind’. The ad for atypical drugs, drugs that Russel Crowe while acting commended in the film when accepting the Nobel Prize. Nash refused to take the atypical drugs just as he refused other damaging treatments once they were no longer forced on him. How John Nash got better on his own is revealed in a post ‘A beautiful mind’ documentary on the mathematician called, ‘A beautiful lie.’

                So, what the ‘ph’ ABC? I thought your sponsorship wasn’t meant to affect your coverage! Ethics and boundaries ABC! Ethics and boundaries and non-biased reporting down the gurgler! You were not subtly covering up your ‘mistake’ at all because you didn’t make a mistake reporting how psychiatrists had done a huge evil to an Aboriginal man, who wasn’t even someone psychiatrists were allowed by law to lay their dirty mitts on and give a chemical lobotomy to!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

When psychiatrists mistake identity and drug someone not ‘mentally ill’

Another man has been picked up by WA police, wrongly identified as the missing patient, and given an antipsychotic drug to treat schizophrenia. He had a bad reaction and was taken to hospital where the mistake was discovered.

Those responsible must be held accountable. Yet many others who have suffered similar identity mistakes and drugged by psychiatry, are afraid and don’t want to be further traumatised by taking action against the state, according to Sandra Boulter.

This distress suffered again and again by so many, forcefully injected with psychiatric drugs… there is no excuse.

Psychiatrists don’t listen to what people say. They do not even listen to their nurses, who might actually have more understanding of the psychiatric patient they are advocating on behalf of. No wonder Western Australian treating psychiatrists just dismissed their mistake of identity as the patient’s ‘delusion’. They do this sort of thing time and time again, with things like a person’s complaint of traumatic abuse they have suffered, a person’s complaint about how much they are suffering due to the ‘medications’ they are forced to take, or that they’ve had a bad experience, or are allergic to a given drug, or that another person on the ward is harming them. Or, that they'd prefer, and need to have other less invasive treatments such as psychotherapy, art therapy, or acupuncture, or Chinese herbs, or vitamins, rather than psychiatric drugs.

                When are psychiatrists going to be forced to check a patient’s record to find out not only identity, but what they are allergic to? It is so easy now. That kind of information could be got at a click of a button.

                It’s about being decent. Checking for things like allergies and identity, instead of hauling a person straight away into seclusion and injecting them with harmful and potentially lethal drugs.

Psychiatry is a mistake. A big one. How can they use drugs that cause such harm and consider them good medicine? It is not okay to nearly kill someone, even if that person is experiencing trauma coping mechanisms such as ‘hallucinations’! And it certainly is not okay to do this against their will and without next of kin consent. It is not okay to cause more trauma and harm. It is especially not okay when psychiatrists cannot even tell a person who isn’t ‘mental ill’ from someone who is!

It is very frightening to think that anyone can be grabbed off the street and drugged and as a result die or suffer brain-damage, all because society has given psychiatry the power to do this and then say, ‘Oops sorry about that. A mistake we made. Just an accident, you know. Are you sure you weren’t mentally ill anyway, because you seemed to be in need of treatment’. When are people going to stand up and say that they don’t want to be next?

Yes, Alison Xamon, it does raise many questions about what’s happening with psychiatric procedures and yes we damn better have a big inquiry soon into mental health practices and why it is okay for these psychiatric doctors to cause harm in order to make patients ‘placid’. Remember, there is no cure for schizophrenia, according to mainstream psychiatry, only ‘management of symptoms’. That means, putting the patient into a semi-vegetive state by murdering their brain-cells and making them suffer the feeling of not being able to think, or do much at all. A chemical strait-jacket is not medicine it is one of the most vile restraint measures used to ‘manage’ a person.

Make no mistake, there damn better be an inquiry into psychiatric practices! Or society is going to be a very guilty society for allowing these horrific practices to happen for so long it's really, really stupid.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Psych-out Santa

I am Santa Clause

I came down your

Imaginary chimney last night

And filled your dirty sock

With more dirt,

Just to emphasise the dirty facts

That are your present condition.

I have your neighbours

Gossiping under the tree

About you and your mistletoe!

You know, you know, you know…

You can hear them can’t you?

If you can’t, well then,

You haven’t learnt how to

Listen in properly, haven’t

Trained your ears to be

Able to hear through walls

Like so many people can.

Even my reindeers can do it!

You don’t want to know?

Oh come on! They’re talking

About YOU and how YOU

Could be better if you listened

And learned to be more

Like THEM and what THEY do.

If you don’t listen,

You’ll never get better,

And you’ll spend another

Christmas all alone!

The only way you’ll improve

And make more friends

Is by listening into what

Society really wants.

Got to understand how

They need you to change!

Or all you’ll get is more dirt

In your dirty sock, sorry to say.

Hark! Here them now!

They’re saying how you’re

Stupid to pour yourself a whisky

As it’s only ten o’clock!

Don’t you get it? Don’t you?

I’m Santa Clause, I came

Down your imaginary chimney

Last night and I know

All about the terrible mess

You are in… Ho Ho Ho

Nightmarey cry must ass!

And a herpies ignore veer!

Ho ho ho jingle bells

Think back… think back…

You could be in the psych ward

Like last year, eating shit

For breakfast, lunch and tea,

Not able to escape,

Feeling sick on psych drugs,

Being told to your face how

Horrible you are and being given

Those labels that condemn you.

That’s what you deserve.

That’s how you should be treated.

That’s what happens to people

Who can’t listen in properly

And learn how to behave!

You need to be told and told

To your face in psych-out sessions

Until you have insight

Into your sick state of mind!

I’m Santa Clause, I came

Down your imaginary chimney

Last night and filled your dirty

Sock with more dirt, so you’d

Understand, you have to

Clean up your act in the New Year.

‘Fuck off’ you say? Well, that’s

All you’ll get from others if you

Say that to jolly old Santa!

No wonder you are all alone…

Hark! Listen to what others

Are saying about YOU and how

YOU need to make a change.

Listen damn you, you can’t

Afford to just enjoy yourself.

You’ve got to work this out

Or all you’ll get is dirt in your

Dirty sock year after year

And nothing will ever change…

You do want to get better,

Don’t you? Don’t you? Don’t

Forget that any time soon

They could come and get you

Even though it is Christmas

They could come into your home

And take you to their psych ward

To psych you out and fill you,

Like the dirty sock you are,

With their filthy ugly-face pills…

I’m Santa Clause and yes

You are seeing red, because

I’m wearing you down with it.

Oh? You’re going to call a friend…

Oh… didn’t know you had friends…

What you’re calling Lifeline?

Oh… oh… oh… don’t you want to

Listen to the neighbours gossiping

About you under their tree instead?
Alien Santa Shirtalien santa T

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why don’t psychiatric medications work?

People who suffer trauma and have strange coping mechanisms such as hearing voices and unusual beliefs DO NOT HAVE A CHEMICAL IMBALANCE. The psychiatric drugs don't work and life is hell on them! They often don’t stop ‘symptoms’ such as hearing voices, sometimes increase them. Being on these drugs is torture. The lack of ‘a life’ on them makes them not worthwhile. They make you feel worse, not better. They shut down your ability to think , you know, your humanity. They do nothing to address the psychological traumas you’ve been through. They also cause severe and multiple illnesses and brain damage. You’ll find all these things and more about any given psychiatric drug on the drug’s website list of ‘side-effects’. In bold is what I got while transferring from the depot neuroleptic Zuclopenthixol to Abilify.  Not okay, but feeling much better now that I’m not forced to suffer these psych drug effects anymore):

1.       inner sense of restlessness or need to move (akathisia),

2.       Tourette’s Syndrome

3.       auditory hallucinations,

4.       schizophrenic reaction,

5.       hostility,

6.       paranoid reaction,

7.       manic reaction,

8.       delusions,

9.       abnormal dream

10.    emotional lability,

11.   panic attack,

12.   manic depressive reaction,

13.   visual hallucination

14.   jaundice (yellowing of your skin or eyes),

15.   insomnia,

16.   fatigue,

17.   blurred vision, restlessness, and constipation,

18.   immune deficiency,

19.   new or worsening depression symptoms,

20.   unusual changes in behaviour,

21.   sexual dysfunction,

22.   menstrual dysfunction,

23.   harmful to pregnancy,

24.   an increased risk of death,

25.   an increase in the risk of suicide,

26.   allergic reactions have ranged from rash, hives and itching to anaphylaxis, which may include difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, and swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue,

27.   an increased risk of stroke and ministroke ,

28.   High fever, stiff muscles, confusion, sweating, changes in pulse, heart rate and blood pressure may be signs of a condition called neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS), a serious condition that can lead to death

29.   Increases in blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia). Extremely high blood sugar can lead to coma or death. If you have diabetes, or risk factors (for example, obesity, family history of diabetes), or have the following symptoms: increases in thirst, urination, or hunger, feel weak or tired, sick to your stomach, or confused (or breath smells fruity), your blood sugar should be monitored

30.   Changes in cholesterol and triglyceride (fat, also called lipids) levels in the blood

31.   Weight gain

32.   difficulty swallowing which may lead to aspiration or choking

33.   uncontrollable movements of face, tongue, or other parts of body, as these may be signs of a serious condition called tardive dyskinesia (TD). TD may not go away, even if you stop taking medications

34.   orthostatic hypotension (decreased blood pressure) or lightheadedness or fainting when rising too quickly from a sitting or lying position

35.   Decreases in white blood cells (WBC; infection fighting cells)

36.   seizures (convulsions)

37.   affect your judgment, thinking, or motor skills. You should not drive or operate hazardous machinery

38.   can impact your body’s ability to reduce body temperature; you should avoid overheating and dehydration

39.   headache,

40.   asthenia,

41.   accidental injury,

42.   peripheral edema,

43.   flu syndrome,

44.   chest pain,

45.   neck pain,

46.   pelvic pain,

47.   rigidity in the neck and/or extremities

48.   face edema,

49.   suicide attempt,

50.   malaise,

51.   chills,

52.   photosensitivity,

53.   arm rigidity,

54.   jaw pain,

55.   bloating,

56.   tightness (abdomen, back, extremity, head, jaw, neck, and tongue),

57.   enlarged abdomen,

58.   chest tightness,

59.   throat pain,

60.   ear pain,

61.   tinnitus,

62.   otitis media,

63.   altered taste,

64.   pyrexia,

65.   gait disturbance,

66.   edema,

67.   general physical health deterioration,

68.   feeling jittery,

69.   decreased mobility,

70.   thirst,

71.   feeling cold,

72.   difficulty in walking,

73.   facial pain,

74.   sluggishness,

75.   candidiasis, and deafness

76.   Moniliasis,

77.   head heaviness,

78.   throat tightness,

79.   Mendelson's syndrome,

80.   heat stroke,

81.   otitis externa,

82.   vertigo,

83.   localized inflammation,

84.   swelling,

85.   abasia,

86.   xerosis,

87.   hyperthermia,

88.   septic shock,

89.   appendicitis…
90.   memory loss etc

91.   shrinkage of the brain/ brain damage

92.  shuts down basal ganglia, so slows physical activity

93.  cancer

94.  death

Most psychiatrists will attempt to tell the new and potentially gullible patient they are prescribing their ‘medication’ to, that these effects of the drug they’re taking, are ‘symptoms of their mental illness’, that the patient is 'diseased'.  Many will believe this.

Astute patients look up drug websites and tell their psychiatrist they’re getting a known side-effect of the drug they’re being forced to take.

These patients are then told by the psychiatrist that ‘we must weigh up the balances. Having some shaking and neck pain is better than the psychosis.’
Argue that it's not and you're being 'non compliant' and 'lacking insight' and will be kept on the treatment order longer. Perhaps seeking legal advice here, might help, particularly with things like Tardive Dyskinesia, which can be permanent, but there are limits that legal people can do, when it is legal for a psychiatrist to 'treat involuntarily' what they have diagnosed as a biological 'mental illness' disease. Proving that your so called 'disease' is trauma and not biochemical, is not something that is easy. But I think it should be tried more often than it is.

So given that even the drug companies admit that their psychiatric drugs give a range of serious illnesses, that they don't know how they work exactly and that they may cause death... what kind of scales are psychiatrists weighing things on?

The illnesses caused by forced psychiatric drugs are all very serious and horrific to live through. I know from experience. Forced drugging needs to be stopped. It is not okay. It is torture and it doesn’t help a person rehabilitate, recover, or be the person they want to be. More genuine therapies should be happening. They are available and they do help. The drugs don’t work. So, why keep them as mandates and policy and procedure? Sick government laws allow psychiatrists to harm people. This should not be happening in 2013. There should only be non-invasive, non-torturous therapies in legislation.
Why don't psychiatric medications work? Because they don't. They never have. But of course patients will say that they do work. Even I have. That's the only way to get off a treatment order, to be compliant and agreeable to treatment. Reasons people stay on psychiatric drugs when the order is stopped? Because they're terrified of following their own intuition and they're brainwashed and addicted. Plus, the doctor is supposed to know best and they have a 'disease' according to the psychiatrist that 'must be treated' or they'll 'relapse'. If they're relapsing on the medication? Then they're 'treatment resistant'.

Loop holes of legislation allowing and enforcing torture is all I see here!

Eventually patients stop complaining about the damaging effects of the drugs.

The psychiatrist then says, 'This drug seems to be working for you.'

And the patient says, 'Yes. It seems to be. I'm all better now thanks to you and your drugs.' (ie, can you please now let me off the treatment order you ugly *#%$!)

more 'nonpharmacological interventions' needed 'for noncompliant patients who are willing to undergo intervention but refuse pharmacotherapy.' Be proactive, make the choice  of intervention be allowed! It only makes sense to be humane... Don't force drugs!
I need a healer not a drug dealer by Initially NObuy this T