Sunday, March 24, 2013


Don’t need to turn up the volume on people

Who’ve been abused by psychiatry.

We’re already LOUD

Because we have every right to be allowed!

We, who’ve been abused by psychiatry

As we have every right to be heard!

Yet… we get told to shut-up, or we’ll be shut-up.

We get our volume turned down, down, down,

By those who say that our thinking is wrong,

That we must be compliant, we must obey

What doesn’t make sense, what is nonsense,

Just lies told to benefit pockets of medical thugs.

And then, the volume is turned up to high

On those masochists who say they are okay

With being drugged by psychiatrists.

Our protest is denied a large audience,

We, the unshushable, are actively

Discriminated against and again, threatened,

Assaulted, abused and forced against our will

To agree to the unagreeable disgust of psychiatry.

Those protesting ill treatment via psychiatry,

Who should be allowed to talk

Are told they are wrong to ever complain

About the hideous brain-damage

Of forced psychiatric treatment regimes.

They are told this harm was ‘care’ and ‘help.’

Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! Packets of lies!

Teams of psychiatric professional torturers

Are brought in to justify their wrong doings

And the media circus does its routine.

Ugly show, ugly show, mean, mean, mean!

Means to an end for justifying their schemes.

And the people who are abused by psychiatry

Are told to keep quiet, or else, or else

They will be forced to suffer more treatments.

Our rights to have an opinion are denied.

Our rights to freedom from torture gone awry

With so-called scientific justifications.

The broadcasters suffer through their imbalance,

As they turn down the volume on the protest;

Those loud angry people who should be allowed,

Those protesting psychiatry erroneously shushed.

The broadcasting media then offer an interview

To a psychiatrist writing a paper about people

He used as ‘subject matter’ for his tests.

Tests to find a pop-a-pill panacea and all the rest

Of the crock that comes with quick-fix charlatans.

This arse-hole laughs and shares time with listeners

And angry ears grow red with this verbal abuse

As he talks about how he helped himself

To some people he labels, ‘mentally ill.’

He vomits out his sickness onto the airwaves.

We, the unshushable want to scream in outrage,

But we keep quiet, knowing who’s in power.

We’re not stupid, we know what happens

When we pipe-up and tell them our all.

But reason is something and sense is sense

And human-rights cannot forever be

Crushed and shushed and made to feel dead;

Social-justice in humanity is too far entrenched.

People may become frightened,

But the truth cannot be forever buried

In a brain-wash of fear-inducing prejudiced

Hoopla that supervises the cash to fund these

Idiotically abusively discriminatory broadcasts.

We reach out from our graves and make a stance,

We show all the past and reflect on the present.

We scream into blogs and places of sanctity.

We who are abused by psychiatry

Are unshushable in the minds of the truly sane.

We who are abused by psychiatry

Are unshushable in the minds of those

Who think enough to understand beyond

The current cruel dictatorship.

We who are abused by psychiatry

Are unshushable in the minds of the humane.

Anyone who has a conscience knows

They cannot keep their inner-sense down for long,

It rises up and speaks out eventually – loud and clear

Allowed, and so loud, it is unshushable.

Everyone then wonders what the hell

Has been going on to shush the unshushable.

These horrors of psychiatry are unshushable!

When the conscious speaks, its words are

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A gossiper diseased by psychiatry

I was sitting on the train

Listening to a gossiper,

 ‘You know our friend Ryan?

He has lost his job,’

She says loudly into her

Mobile phone,

‘Yes, he’s always losing

His job or something.

He no longer has

A partner either.

Apparently he’s in a bad way,

Taking anti-depressants

Due to his life being unbalanced,

It’s caused a chemical imbalance

In his brain, apparently,

Yes, apparently that’s what’s

Happened and the medication

Is supposed to fix all that,

But it’s taking a while,

Or maybe he needs to try

Another brand that will work

Better with his problems,

Because all he does now

Is sit in a chair,

Watch TV and eats junk.

He used to go for jogs

And never wanted to eat

Unhealthy food and...

No wonder his girlfriend

Didn’t want him anymore!

Anyway I hope the drugs

Kick in and start working

Soon, because he’s saying

Things like he might kill

Himself and that taking

Too many SSRIs

Could kill him and stuff…

I guess we’ve just

Got to realise that

He has a disease

And that sometimes

People get better

And other times they don’t.

But it can take time.

Well, it’s none of my business

And he’s in the doctor’s

Capable hands so hopefully

The medicine will eventually work

And he’ll be happy again,
With a solid job and a nice

New lovely girlfriend,

Who won’t mind that

He cacks his pants occasionally

Because of the drug’s side-effects.

Yes, I know…

And, won’t mind him

Being a little bit impotent…

Because of the drug’s side-effects…

The doctor told me so.

Ryan needs someone who

Won’t mind and just love him anyway

And recognise that he has to take

The drugs to stop the disease

From depressing him so much

He takes an overdose of his medication…

It is the disease, the doctor said so,

Depression is a horrible disease,

There’s no cure, only management

Of the symptoms... ’

I was sitting on the train

Listening to all of this

And I thought, is she, is that woman

On her mobile, really a friend

Of the man called Ryan?

Or did he click on some Facebook stranger

Who gets all his updates

Then asks the web-doctor

What’s up with stuff?

I slip on an MP3 of PJ Harvey,

‘Heard it before, no more!’

It’s an old song, but it’s classic.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fry psychiatry!

Johann Christian Reil first coined the term psychiatry 202 years ago, suggested, 'Why not try plunging the lunatic into a bath full of live eels? This is bound to prompt a reaction. Or what about showing them a Katzenklavier, or cat-clavichord? (an instrument played by pressing keys attached to nails which in turn strike the tails of a series of cats arranged with care so as to miaow in tonally sequenced pain.)'

                Yeah, recover from that!

                Psychiatry has such lovely great-granddaddies to its current torture regimes.

                202 years of psychiatric torture! Yay! Bring back the Katzenklavier for the party celebrations! And allow for all those who duped into thinking that it’s a cat parasite that caused their 'schizophrenia' to get revenge!

                Bloody hell. Who in their right mind would quote Reil as an example to be looked up to? Torture advocating idiots!

                Being recruited into psychiatry? You’ll not be a proper doctor, but you'll be a right proper torturer soon, if that’s your direction!

Monday, March 18, 2013

When you weigh it all up, what do you think is heavier, a narcotics dealer or a psychiatrist?

One of the reasons for the weight that psychiatrists carry is because the full force of the law backs up their assault. Their regime of forced-drugging has been effectively approved by most governments. Whereas an illegal narcotics-dealer gets the full force of the law on them if they get caught. So, usually narcotics -dealers don’t even want to push their drugs, let alone force people to take drugs. Way too risky! The street-dealer needs to be light-weight and run, if necessary. Very different situation for the psychiatrist. It’s one of the symptoms of being a psychiatrist to be overweight and overbearing and rarely get much exercise. This is mostly due to their huge guilt complex they suppress and their narcissistic laziness of not questioning their peak-body dictators. In fact psychiatrists’ denial, narcissism and misdirected blame weighs so much it would break huge industrial scales. So I don’t know what it would do to the dinky little street dealer’s doll-dish weighing equipment.

                Make 2013 the year for psychiatry to be the biggest loser! Let’s see their heavy weight drop off when psychiatric forced-drugging becomes illegal! Let the courts weigh up damning evidence against the psychiatrists and give hefty sentences, so that the scales of justice will be balanced! Let the psychiatrists’ lies be overturned and damned with further hefty sentencing. Let those who have suffered assault in the second degree via psychiatry no longer be skeletons in society!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Psychiatry skewered by its own pitchfork!

I recently had a relative tell me, ‘Very happy that things are going so well for you, that you're in a lovely relationship, working on good stuff and found the modality of art therapy to be very beneficial. What's best is that I can have a decent chat with you, without any psychotic crap. Thanks! Glad you've worked stuff out.’

After what I thought to be a fairly pleasant conversation, this didn’t seem all that nice.  It seemed rather hurtful. So I said, ‘The word is “symbolic” stuff, rather than “psychotic”. Those things I was saying just needed understanding so I could work out the parallel traumas that have been denied justice and their reality. When people's realities are denied they have no choice to go into a dream/nightmare parallel in attempt to explain what has happened to them. Unfortunately our society does not readily like even art that has harsh realities attached to it, let alone affording a person understanding when they are in such a distressed state.’

My art has been called, ‘challenging’ and ‘disturbing’ by people who probably should never look at art for adults and just focus on children’s picture books. My art is only really disturbing to those who can see that I’m fighting for rights that they deny. Those who understand the validity of my art are people who understand what I’ve been through. People who don’t like snakes, or dragons, or the colour red can gaze at their 'cut flowers in a vase' art…

I tell her, ‘The peer-support movement in mental health is growing now, because people recognise that understanding is essential to healing. People need to be able to tell their truths and have them validated. Symbology isn’t a lie like psychiatry.’

I wondered later, if this relative could be termed ‘anti-psychotic’ and she thought her damning of my symbology was as good if not better than the sickening neuroleptics that get called, ‘anti-psychotic.’ And if I called her a 'pill-head' she'd be okay with that...

                I wondered, therefore, if you could get a pill that was anti-psychiatry and would make the ugly thug disappear from society, or rather its violent traits would be managed. You’d think the anti-psychiatrist movement in the 1970s would’ve developed it seeing they were all psychiatrists.

                Then I thought, na, best just turn its pitchfork into a boomerang so it gets the ugly demon psychiatry in the bum when it tries to lie and cheat and accuse and excuse its crimes against humanity. Let it ooze green vile muck when its pitchfork gets it for calling torture ‘medication’ and causing harm ‘duty of care.’ Let the ugly thug psychiatry that has deluded so many with its bogus ‘science’ find its pitch just bounce back, when people become a bit smarter and wiser to its ridiculous eugenics theories.

                Then words like ‘psychotic’ and ‘mental illness’ and ‘schizophrenic’ won’t be littering the mouths of people who have no idea how offensive those words are.

And no, I’m not anti-psychiatry, because I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m just someone who is really angry about being tortured and told it was ‘for my good.’ Then blamed. Told I was ‘wrong thinking’, ‘psychotic’, 'schizophrenic' and 'ill'. And I must have insight into my 'illness' and must agree to their torture of me and say that their regime of terror was helping me be 'better.'

                Very annoyed that I had to adopt psychiatric terms and phrases and agree that I had a ‘mental illness’ so many times I started to despise myself and wish myself dead. Those memories along with the bodily memories of psychiatric torture are horrible.

                Get the beast in the bum with its own pitchfork! (If someone you know starts thinking outside the range of understood sense, don't be senseless and send them to a normal disabling psychiatrist. Find someone understanding who can actually help recognise their consensual realities, who will ground them in that and allow them recovery.)
Psychiatry skewered by its own pitchfork by Initially NO

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Psychiatry and the devil's pitchfork...

click here for full size poster

Inspired by peak body for psychiatric torture the WPA that uses psi and the world in its logo. What particularly annoys me is their use of PR developed from people trying to negotiate better mental health facilities. The WPA uses this to make them look like they're trying to help, when all they want to do is drug people and systematically brain-wash them via threats of more torture, blame and fear-tactics so that the victim will begin to defend their abusive psychiatrist and the harmful treatments (as is common with many victims of torture, particularly when torture is used in conjunction with coersive control.)
The WPA claims to follow the Madrid Declaration, but does not on key paragraphs:

‘3. The patient should be accepted as a partner by right in the therapeutic process. The psychiatrist-patient relationship must be based on mutual trust and respect to allow the patient to make free and informed decisions. It is the duty of psychiatrists to provide the patient with all relevant information so as to empower the patient to come to a rational decision according to personal values and preferences.’

                This is VIOLATED

‘4. When the patient is gravely disabled, incapacitated and/or incompetent to exercise proper judgment because of a mental disorder, the psychiatrists should consult with the family and, if appropriate, seek legal counsel, to safeguard the human dignity and the legal rights of the patient. No treatment should be provided against the patient’s will, unless withholding treatment would endanger the life of the patient and/or the life of others. Treatment must always be in the best interest of the patient.’

                This is VIOLATED


2. Torture: Psychiatrists shall not take part in any process of mental or physical torture, even when authorities attempt to force their involvement in such acts.’

This is VIOLATED routinely in the guise of ‘care’ and ‘medication.’

Friday, March 8, 2013

What does DSM stand for?

Diagnostic Statistical Manual of psychiatry’s disorder
It’s a…
Disastrously Stupid Manuscript,
Drop Sentence Mistake,
Drug Selling Masturbate,
Damn Shit Milker,
Deadly Shock Murderer,
Deviously Stealing Monies.
Denting Synopsis Mildew
Dopey Snobbish Mugs
Distancing So Much.
Used by…
Disgusting Sexist Manipulators,
Damaging Salacious Misogynists
Derogatory Sadistic Machination.
Do Sue Medicine’s
Doctored Senseless Manoeuvres
Diminish Several Men
Because of their…
Damaging Sickening Mandates’,
Depressing Soporific Medications
Debilitate So Much.
We must…
Ditch Stupid Muck
That has…
Deluded Society’s Many.
Imagine – the DSM VI with 7 billion plus pages… all blank, reinforcing the understanding that thinking is individual and everyone’s life has unique constructs. With a sentence on the last page: Listen to your client and stop judging them, lest they judge you!


Oh, and am really liking the Whitaker website Mad in America, with all its contributors, including this one.

 (NB: If you get too angry about the memories of torture and incomprehensible injustice of it all, create some protest art or a book. That’s what I do to feel like I’m doing something to stop the monster. And remember, change is in the air. It is happening. Civil rights are occurring!)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Justifiable anger at psychiatry

Some people are allergic to tobacco smoke. Some people are allergic to psychiatric drugs. Both tobacco and psych drugs shorten your life-span. Neither of them should be forced on people.
Tardive Dyskinesia is a neurological condition caused by chronic use of neuroleptics, which psychiatrists insist people take for the rest of their natural life.
Psychiatric drugs kill. Life-expectancy becomes 20 years less. Quality of life decreases. Hope dilapidates. Stigma assaults as the effects of these drugs become more and more physically obvious in their irreparable damage.
Luring, trapping and forcing people to believe your delusion is well-understood as the pariah of an abusive cult-leader. So why  does my government call psychiatry ‘medical care’?