Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dehumanisation, psychiatry & excuses for lechers

Of course Trump isn’t crazy/ mentally-illed, the little girls he lechered are. All through the USA campaign, there has been this theme of calling out the politicians with the only terms that won’t get them in legal hot-water, the only industry that is still funded by governments world-wide to enslave innocent citizens, into the worst kind of work possible, the work no-one wants to do, the work no one should ever be asked to do, let alone used for against their will: being enslaved as a medical laboratory specimen.

All too often perpetrators of horrible crimes against women and girls, are in top government jobs, validating the horrible abuses perpetrated. Those women and girls traumatised and re-traumatised by those who continue to make violation a pathway to power.

I find it horrible that anyone plays into the psychiatric regime and uses psychiatrisms, I find it horrible that anyone defends misogyny, verbal and physical abuse. I find it horrible when people vilify a person because of the way they look or where they come from has been subjected to genocide and slavery. I find it horrible that it is these articles that get published in newspapers, the ones that perpetuate the wrongs. And I find it horrible that there is no widespread outrage being allowed to surface in newspapers for the quarter of the population that is tortured and enslaved by psychiatry, used as human laboratory specimens for filthy money making scams, then vilified by the public use of these terms of abuse, as if psychiatrisms are a simple name call with no consequence for the marginalised and oppressed who get hauled in by white-coat perpetrators.
‘Sometimes people have different opinions, sometimes people behave in ways that others might not think are "right", but that doesn’t make them any less human…’ writes Weinberg, then goes on to say, ‘When we dehumanise others, we deny them attributes that we typically associate with being human – the capacity to think rationally, to have emotions, to reason, to be intelligent. It’s just easier to say, “they’re so not like me, they’re not even human”.'
                Weinberg is a psychologist, researching hedonism. She’s just reiterated the dehumanisation of all the people who are coerced under duress and forced to agree to psychiatric labels, yet she defends the misogynist lecher as not having attributes to be diagnosed by psychiatry, ‘Donald Trump is not crazy. He is not a madman, nor a psychopath. He is a very clever businessman and he has contested and won the US presidency. He beat one of America’s most successful political families for the top job. He actually beat the politicians at politics.
‘And he has appealed to more than 60 million Americans who were motivated to vote for him. Are they all crazy too? Or do they have a different opinion about what will better suit their needs at this point in time?
‘It’s easy to decide that people who have different opinions to your own must be crazy. It’s much harder to understand them.’
Um… #RUOkay? If not psychiatrists, psychologists, psychnurses & social workers will #dehumanise you. So many #DoubleStandards in #ForcedPsychiatry.
Of course Trump isn’t crazy, the little girls he lechered are, is that typical victim-blame mentality. It is much easier for Weinberg to 'understand' Trump, because there's money in it for her. Not as though we're in the middle of a Great Depression like the people of her Grandfather's time, but none-the-less, let her Grandfather roll in his grave and whisper, 'Hitler was a businessman too, with many people motivated to vote for him and whitecoats like you my granddaughter backing him.'

I don't forgive the Australian psychologists & psychiatrists & nurses & social workers & politicians who inflict 24/7 indefinite torture and arbitrary detention on Australian citizens, in the name of the 'care' and ‘health’. I don't forgive the population who mindlessly follow the propaganda of the psychiatric regime either, though they are not directly responsible. If you are in this industry of abuse, you need to speak out against it to clear your name, in the hope that you might be forgiven for your past collusion with psychiatric assaults. I will be very happy when psychiatry is abolished. To have this perpetuating corporate entity hanging around for 208 years doing diabolical experiments on human lives in our governments name is hurtful to psychsurvivors. And until Weinberg says something in defence of little girls who get lechered by men like Trump, then mentally-illed by the psychiatric regime and forced to endure 24/7 indefinite torture, arbitrary detention and a quality of life that has them turned into a invalidated invalid (poisoned by the 'medicine' that is said to be the 'cure'), I don’t forgive her.
That said, I am the happiest person in the world, because I know what love is and I know what reality is. I know the difference between acting on behalf of another for pay, being brainwashed by propaganda, and being an authentic human-being. And, I am happy because I am free from being enslaved by the psychiatric regime, that nearly killed me. There is no possibility of being happy while being tortured by psychiatrists and told your oppressors are right and you are wrong, when you attempt to demand justice you get dismissed as 'delusional' and when perpetrators are allowed free, while you are abused by the tax-payer funded psychiatric regime.

Please put psychiatry where it should've been put a long, long time ago: