Thursday, June 29, 2017

Song for VOPs

Song for VOPs by Initially NO

Forced Human Experimentation is not okay
You’ve got to say it is not okay.

Equality before the Law
Is all we are asking for
Equality before the Law
Is not much to ask for.

Forced human experimentation is disgusting
You shouldn’t allow your governments to legislate such a thing
Forced human experimentation is diabolical
Stop this exploitation of human beings.
So when is the mainstream media
Going to discuss this disgusting breach of human rights.

Give our citizens freedom from torture
Repeal those nebulous laws
No more persecution
For diabolical exploitation.

Psychiatry should not be above the law
Discriminating on the basis of perceived disability,
That’s human traits, cognitive and social diversity.
It’s not in good faith, it’s not in good faith
Invasive, cruel, degrading forced human research.
It’s not in good faith, it’s not in good faith
Don’t say that they torture in good faith.
It’s not in good faith, it’s not in good faith
Don’t say that this is truly medicine.

Psychiatry should not be an arm of the law
Detaining whistle-blowers and victims of crime.
No one deserves to be a laboratory specimen.

Equality before the Law
Is all we are asking for
Equality before the Law
Is not much to ask for.

Forced Human Experimentation is not okay
You’ve got to say it is not okay.
Abolish psychiatry immediately
Stop this exploitation of human beings
Psychiatry’s abuse has been going on
200 years too long.
Replace this eugenics-based cruelty
With reparations that we need.
No more exploitation

Reparations are what we need.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Intersectionality of the sectioned

Ask anyone in the street what is required to arbitrarily detain a person under a Mental Health Act, and what do they say: Oh they have to be a harm to themselves or others.
Mental Health Act (MHA) is a piece of government legislation that restricts a person and forcibly drugs, electrocutes, fetters, interrogates, brainwashes... all under the guise of medicine. Of course it is actually Forced Human Experimentation, a lucrative exploitation that for over 200 years medicos and governments have utilised. That said, what does it require to detain a person, under such an act, given that no one deserves to be tortured 24/7 indefinitely, and, innocent people just shouldn't be subjected to restrictions.
Let's read Victoria's Mental Health Act, the spot where they section people, sectioning meaning arbitrarily detain and forcibly inject chemicals into a person's body, electrocute, put in a 4-point-fetter etc...


Criteria for an Assessment Order
The criteria for a person to be made subject to an Assessment Order are—
        (a)     the person appears to have mental illness; and
        (b)     because the person appears to have mental illness, the person appears to need immediate treatment to prevent—
              (i)     serious deterioration in the person's mental or physical health; or
              (ii)     serious harm to the person or to another person; and
        (c)     if the person is made subject to an Assessment Order, the person can be assessed; and
        (d)     there is no less restrictive means reasonably available to enable the person to be assessed.
This Government Legislation is located HERE

How many of the 4 criteria does a person have to meet to be sectioned? Even if it were said to be ALL 4 criteria that are met, you'll notice that B has two parts, which both do not need to be met.

So, the person 'appears to have a mental illness'. What is that? Cognitive and/ or social diversity. And this legislation actively lays out that it discriminates on that basis, of a perceived disability, human traits that no one should be arbitrarily detaining and torturing a person over under Government Legislation.

And, because of this perceived disability, or human trait, the person 'appears to need immediate treatment to prevent'... So, here we have perception, and prescience being put into Government Legislation, in order to exploit a person. The nature of the VMHA is such that it allows for the Human Research Code of Ethics loophole, of permitting Emergency Research. (Though the VMHA falls short of articulating itself to this purpose, you have to look at the Legislation that gaurds against medicos doing Human Research, to find out horror of horrors what they are permitted, most especially to those under this nebulous legislation that victim-blames for the purpose of exploiting those mentally-illed.)

What is 'serious deterioration in the person's mental or physical health' ? A nebulous line, that can discriminate against anyone on the basis of perceived disability, including whistle-blowers and victims of crime (that psychiatry has readily covered-up for by literally and violently shutting down and shutting up those people attempting to speak out against abuse and corruption. ie victims of church paedophilia, the corruption at the ATO, those speaking out against toxic substances in food, environment...) 

And then, look here, OR, is used or serious harm to the person or to another person. See, OR - a person doesn't have to meet that criteria, that particular criteria that a person on the street justifies restricting an innocent person and subjecting them to forced psychiatry, just isn't necessary to section a person.

People talk about Intersectionality, but what about those who are sectioned? What about Intersectionality of the Sectioned? These are a group of people who have been exploited most horribly for over 200 years, are still being exploited under government legislation and yet they're not part of your INTERSECTIONALITY? Because you think they're... what? Insert some ignorant prejudiced line here - 

The Victorian Mental Health Act is a nebulous piece of government legislation, designed to control anyone who attempts to speak out against corruption, and to make money from lucrative human experimentation on the most vulnerable sectors of the community - the financially and socially disenfranchised.

This is the truth of the VMHA, if you take out the doublespeak:


The four criteria are:
1.       You have human traits of cognitive and social diversity
2.       Because you have human traits you need immediate invasive, cruel forced human experiments conducted on you to cause:
a.       serious deterioration in cognitive social abilities and physical health
b.      serious harm to you and others connected to you
3.       You will be immediately silenced from any further whistle-blowing (through arbitrary detention) and tortured into submission if placed on a treatment order and used for lucrative human experimentation, as you are financially and/ or disenfranchised.

4.       There are no less restrictive means, reasonably available within the budget, for psychiatrists to get the required human specimens (of which you fit the criteria of) that is needed for this particular invasive, cruel, lucrative human research project.
          Please also see:


The Victorian Mental Health Tribunal can hold a hearing as soon as possible if it receives an urgent application because a psychiatrist says that electrocution under general anaesthetic is necessary to:
  1. ·         Destroy your life
  2. ·        Cause serious damage to your health, or
  3. ·        Cause you suffering or continual suffering, as well as significant pain or distress.

        So, think about it: