Thursday, June 6, 2013

Government farting of psychiatrisms!

Now, just a word about government initiatives in mental health. They are so out of date and offensive they are silly!

                Psychiatrisms being farted out all over the place and little scared psychiatrist’s parrots saying what they should, lest they be reminded of that time they maxed out their credit card and drove across several states without stopping. Or, even that time they started accusing people of poisoning their food, when they hadn’t heard that it was actually Monsanto doing it, not their sweet innocent cousins.

                There are a number of videos on this page that upset me (with the exception of Christopher who actually talks about the trauma and his recovery that happened through conversation and support.)

                Why would I listen to Kay Jamison’s view that psychiatric treatment is ‘important’? She is clearly suffering under the medication she takes. I can see the way it dulls her eyes and droops her face!

I haven’t got time to critique each video and say why they’re not positive representations for recovery and reducing stigma. They do nothing for validation, or enabling either. So, I’m going to focus on an actor who should know better, in hope to enlighten her as to why she is upsetting to so many (yes of course she will read my blog, she really wants to know a psychiatric survivor’s view for her next film role…)


Dear Glenn Close, saying, ‘drapetomania’ a billion times with actor’s glee, in 1851, would not make the word less offensive. Same with saying a person has a ‘sexual orientation disturbance’ in 1970. I mean, while people ‘joke’ about brides who run away in Hollywood movies, saying a person’s sexual orientation is a ‘disturbance', a 'deviation' or a 'disorder' when there is nothing wrong with their sexual choices, is about a societal disturbance. It is society being prejudiced. The fact is, sweetheart, psychiatry is disturbing and when you repeat words like ‘schizophrenia,’ and ‘mental illness’, they hurt people like me, because they remind me how I’ve been abducted, tortured, threatened, physically restrained and had to put up with the coercive-control brainwashing that goes on, as recently as 2011. And before you jump to conclusions that I was behaving like some Fatal attraction role you played, may I remind you, about the myth that so many people hold close to their heart that people with mental health problems are violent. Yes, it is a myth. And no, I wasn't being violent.

                Okay, you should’ve got that any way, because it’s on the website where you talk of your relatives and ‘their illness’. You seem to have little insight into why your relatives got so upset they went into an emotional discombobulated crisis. But you’re happy to give them labels that no one wants. (Except maybe the Bipolar. That one is new and sounds nice. Manic-depressive, people hated the sound of that. Schizophrenia, roll it on your tongue and it sounds like a cat saying, ‘back off!’ as for ‘mental illness’ being something to get used to, come off it!

                So, just to let you know, these words alarm me as much as racism and sexism, probably more, because they areused to harm, disable, threaten, brainwash, dehumanise and torture, yes, even the UN agrees that forced-drugging is torture. And the public seems oblivious to this.

                How could you be so stupid as not to be aware of this? Don’t you read?

                Stop farting psychiatrisms and get with it! Don't turn coping mechanisms and discombobulated responses to grief and trauma into 'symptoms'! And don't you dare ever use the 's' word where I can hear it again!



Initially NO

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