Saturday, September 14, 2013

Government money saving suggestion

The drain on the economy, is the backward government subsidised profession of psychiatry

I think if governments could stop spending money forcing psychiatric drugs on unwilling people and stop paying psychiatrists’ wages, the country could save so much, and they would be stopping psychiatric abuse and complying with International Laws against torture.

Apart from the obvious human-rights abuses that occur with these forced psychiatric treatments (brain-damage, damage to nervous system etc) people who are on psychiatric drugs have to sleep long hours that make getting up for work impossible, using machinery/ driving hazardous... Enable them rather than disable them, I say, and they're part of the workforce, contributing to making a healthy economy.

A crisis doesn't have to last a person's lifetime. It usually does when a person's trauma gets called a 'mental illness', a 'disease', as nonsense...

Change the law by complying with international agreements Australia has signed. That doesn't cost anything, so, what is the problem? Why can’t governments like Australia comply with decency and not experiment, torture and dehumanise people in crisis?

There is a matter of biopsychiatrists losing their jobs or having to retrain in other professions, where they don't need to be compassionate, caring, or helping another. But, redundancy happens in a lot of professions. Why should psychiatrists be immune when they aren't competitive, or meeting the consumer's needs, rather violating them?

The drain on the economy is psychiatrists, not those people psychiatrists are allowed to use violently as 'subject matter'. Unfortunate psychosocial situations, transgenerational trauma and suffering the social prejudice of others, are not diseases! But it is useful to hospital projects that they can use this term ‘disease’. It invokes fear in the population, that word.

People lose confidence when going through crisis and they can't get jobs, when they are falsely labelled by psychiatry. Active discrimination happens all the time, as people can 'tell' you're on psych drugs, or 'something', Tardive Dyskinesia makes you look like you've been in psychiatric hospital... Active discrimination happens for anything people don't understand.

There are better options to give people in crisis, so give them. Further abuse, via biopsychiatry of people alienated and traumatised, never helps. At the moment, the current system that 'cares' for those going through internal dilemmas, is one of further accusation and damning of that person, rarely validating horrific crimes people have suffered. I want this kind of biopsychiatry to stop ruling people's lives with its cruel regimes of torturous 'treatments’, its threats, accusations and damning of human lives.

Push people into corners and they do what they do to fight. Stop psychiatric abuse, ie forced drugging and electroshock and start allowing people to exist. It's not easy to get a flat that won't be invaded by the CAT team. It's not easy to get any shelter for long, without that invasion occurring, if perceived 'necessary', when it's not. Just because a person is talking usual experiences, doesn’t mean that person should be used by psychiatrists for inhumane experiments.

People who are abused, do what they can to cope, and of course they're angry. Psychiatry has tortured them, and their society doesn't even recognise that as abuse, calls it 'care'. That’s not okay. If you’re a person who has been saying that, please realise where you have been going wrong and change your unthinking attitude. The sooner people start listening, rather than reciting propaganda, the better. So, please get better!

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