Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scab writing, how disgusting!

Scab writing for whitecoat propaganda... to perpetuate the evils of psychiatry, advertise their drugs, and say nothing to stop the horrendous abuses of forced drugging, electric shock, fetters, psychosurgery, brainwashing, belittling, wrecking of reputation...
When people are trying to stop torture and writers do this scab stuff, its just horrible perpetuation of the abuse via propagating the lies of the psychiatric regime.
There’s a lot of it, here’s an example:

What about a real story about how this word 'stigma' is used by the Mental Health Association campaigns that suck up government funds and demand any experient workers use not only the term 'stigma' but 'consumer worker'. It is horrible, subjugate yourself to fit in with what doesn't make sense, or lose your income. Make a choice. Yes, I know we all want to survive... but who reads this tripe and actually doesn't see the double-standards, the ridiculousness of people drawing a black zero on their palm and saying, 'I am w/hole', which is so close to saying 'I am whore, I am scab...' I'm not even going to give you the link to it, but apparently the Royal effing UK family got into it (though they didn't draw the dirty noughts on their palm).

How about writing about how the word 'stigma' originated from those people who up until the 1960s, if they went through Catholic Psychiatry, rather than Govt Psychiatry, were burnt on their wrists (Stigmata) to get the 'devil' out. Where as the people subjected to Govt Psychiatry had their brains cut out. Which, is more of a jesus eff Christ when you think about it. And so are the chemical and electrical lobotomies that are inflicted on people today.

While I love much of Alison Croggon's writing, this is just a smoker's cough dribbling into a whitecoat's advertise.

Why doesn’t Overland, or SBS publish an article about the torture and arbitrary detention that people are put through 24/7 indefinitely right now? Oh no, SBS would not accept anything but whitecoat propaganda.

Scabs! get out of the way of the Civil Rights Movement

I’m actually really disappointed in these two scabs who penned the above articles. I’ve met them, there is writing of theirs I have respected. Now they stoop so low as to do scab writing. It’s really hard to take, seeing they’ve sat in an audience where they’ve heard me read poetry about the fourteen years of torture psychiatry put me through, IN THEIR NAME. How can they be so utterly selfish, so mindlessly gullible to work for the monsters by spewing out more propaganda.

I want people to say NOT IN MY NAME will my country do this! 24/7 indefinite torture and arbitrary detention is totally evil and illegal.

I send out articles that make far more sense to publish, but I am discriminated against because I am part of a Civil Rights Movement, rather than an advertise for whitecoat propaganda. I am discriminated against because I speak out against psychiatry. I am discriminated against because I will not compromise my integrity, or sacrifice the lives of the 1.5 billion people being tortured by the psychiatric regime, for my own livelihood, let alone for something as stupid as a packet of cigarettes.

Here's an article that is actually worth reading: 'Accepting the application of the word stigma reinforces this prejudice and does nothing to challenge it. We must challenge the status quo not accept it.'

The Guardian is actually being far more progressive in publishing PsychSurvivor articles, rather than those written by scabs, and, this one is UK. Australian mainstream press has been burying any writer who speaks out against psychiatry for 208 years, and it probably won't stop until UK or the USA abolishes the evil that is psychiatry.

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  1. Hi there, i read Allison's article and found it, well, depressing (ha ha) that she had appropriated Winston Churchill's expression for his melancholy moods and dark days (without a word about where she got it from) for Depression, a now strictly psychiatric term with clinical implications. Thank you for your blog. I will return to comment more, when my eyes can see better, but i love what i have read so far! You are a real fighter, which is what we need. God knows THEY have enough scabs on their side already... thank you! Pamela spiro wagner