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World-wide protests May 13th 2017

World-wide protests
Forced & coerced 
under General Anaesthetic
MAY 13th 2017.

There is no excuse for this abuse of human lives.

There is no excuse for Forced Human Experimentation, especially when it is cruel, inhuman, causing massive brain-damage to the person it is inflicted on.

Did you know that last year 640 people, in Victoria, Australia, were forced to undergo electrocution under general anaesthetic? (usually over a dozen times in a year, no less, but often more. Garth Daniels was had this forced on him 115 times in a year.)

General Anaesthetic is dangerous enough, without adding electrocution to the mix. What is society doing allowing medicos to call this 'therapy'?

How can anyone be so apathetic to be bystanders to this, when populations protest about so many things in large numbers? But psychiatrists torturing citizens, citizens that get bad-mouthed and victim-blamed by psychiatrists, and this is perpetuated by the prejudices of mainstream-media? suddenly everyone is afraid of standing strong with the people most violated, in the largest numbers in this country.

Every day you see campaigns in Australia to stop torture, placing trade sanctions on countries that allow torture, yet Australia has systematically tortured its own population for 209 years and profited by it.

Let's look at the definition of Torture in Australia's Criminal Code.

1  At the end of Chapter 8 of the Criminal Code


             (1)  In this Division:

Convention means the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations at New York on 10 December 1984.

Note:          The text of the Convention is set out in Australian Treaty Series 1989 No. 21 ([1989] ATS 21). In 2010, the text of a Convention in the Australian Treaty Series was accessible through the Australian Treaties Library on the AustLII website (

             (2)  An expression that is used both in this Division and in the Convention (whether or not a particular meaning is given to it by the Convention) has, in this Division, the same meaning as it has in the Convention.

             (1)  A person (the perpetrator) commits an offence if the perpetrator:

                     (a)  engages in conduct that inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering on a person (the victim); and

                     (b)  the conduct is engaged in:
                              (i)  for the purpose of obtaining from the victim or from a third person information or a confession; or
                             (ii)  for the purpose of punishing the victim for an act which the victim or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed; or
                            (iii)  for the purpose of intimidating or coercing the victim or a third person; or
                            (iv)  for a purpose related to a purpose mentioned in subparagraph (i), (ii) or (iii); and
                     (c)  the perpetrator engages in the conduct:
                              (i)  in the capacity of a public official; or
                             (ii)  acting in an official capacity; or
                            (iii)  acting at the instigation, or with the consent or acquiescence, of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.
Penalty:  Imprisonment for 20 years.
             (2)  A person (the perpetrator) commits an offence if the perpetrator:
                     (a)  engages in conduct that inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering on a person; and
                     (b)  the conduct is engaged in for any reason based on discrimination of any kind; and
                     (c)  the perpetrator engages in the conduct:
                              (i)  in the capacity of a public official; or
                             (ii)  acting in an official capacity; or
                            (iii)  acting at the instigation, or with the consent or acquiescence, of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.
Penalty:  Imprisonment for 20 years.
             (3)  Absolute liability applies to paragraphs (1)(c) and (2)(c).
Note:          For absolute liability, see section 6.2.
             (4)  Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply to conduct arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions that are not inconsistent with the Articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (a copy of the English text of which is set out in Schedule 2 to the Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986).
             (5)  Section 15.4 (extended geographical jurisdiction—category D) applies to an offence against subsection (1) or (2).

If you cannot stop torture in your own country,
where can you stop it?

Victims of Forced Electrocution Under General Anesthetic (Let's call that FEUGA, rather than the erroneous ECT, that tries to imply this is 'therapy'. It is NOT therapy, it is Torture. If people widely understood that ECT really stands for Electro-Convulsive Torture, then the acronym could stand. But let's use FEUGA to spell out what it actually is, what is actually done to the person.)

Note, the high-lighted parts of Australia's definition of Torture:
Yes, brain-damage is a very severe suffering, the pain caused by this to the victim of FEUGA is immense, and it is done (I know from my experience & the experiences of other psychsurvivors) to gain compliance, and a confession from the person that they are 'mentally-ill' and to force compliance with treatments, and force agreement that the psychiatrist is helpful.

'You must comply, you must be agreeable to the treatment regime, you must have insight into your mental illness,' is what was said to me, and many, many other people. To 'play the game' you have to agree that the torture of you is care, agree that you want to be tortured... it's horrible. You have to agree that you're 'sick' and tiny micro-expressions are condemned, as you 'mood' is monitored, as if having emotions is a crime.

Tortured, vilified, and disabled... friendly people find people that can better support their needs, their advancement in society, their status. They get bored with how shut-down you are, how afraid you are to exist. Then you're labelled with that horrible stuff that gets attached to murderers that get reported on the mainstream-media - 'loner, suspected Mental Health issues.'

Note that this Torture psychiatrists inflict, is also most likely done to gain INFORMATION (proof of this in research articles sold that contain the declarations: Research Without Consent/ EFIC Research/ Emergency Research. We're talking biological information from the victim, to be profited by in research, research that is done without the approval of the victim, and/ or their friends and family. Research that doesn't benefit humanity, but fattens the wallets of those who profit from using people in this diabolical way.

I know from my experience this Torture that psychiatry inflicts, is also intimidation and coercion. If you don't agree to what the psychiatrist wants, they threaten arbitrary detention, detain you, say they will put you on the depot, put you on the depot, they give a larger dose of chemicals, keep you in hospital longer, threaten electrocution, electrocute you, threaten to tie you up, tie you up in a 4-point, the psychiatrists also become more and more verbally abusive, the more you attempt to free yourself from them.

And what breaks people most to agree to a certain torture that psychiatry is dishing out? the dehumanisation - the constant bombardment from the treating medicos, to the effect that the victim's life is treated merely a specimen in a petri-dish. People under the psychiatric regime are treated, as just a bunch of symptoms, a case, to study. And the fact that the population is oblivious, fighting for the rights of convicted drug-dealers, while victims of psychiatry are being tortured to death and members of society (to a large extent) just believe the propaganda and call that 'health care.' It is just horrible. Silencing. You get more empathy if you're a convicted drug dealer, in Australia, than you do if you're being tortured to death by the psychiatric regime.

I know (from my experience & the experiences of other psychsurvivors) that psychiatry forces worse and worse torture on people, until the victim agrees to be compliant, until they say, 'Yes, I agree that I need this treatment. I agree that I'm mentally ill.'

I've also found, when I was a victim of psychiatry's regime of cruelty, if I gave an anecdote as to why I used to be 'ill' but am no longer, when I said something that I knew to be their medical paradigm and they wanted to hear, like, 'It was horrible I was hearing voices now I'm not thanks to your treatment' they let me out of hospital sooner. This is what I'm talking about. If that's not extracting a 'confession', then, you're thinking too narrowly. Psychiatrists demand that you speak in their whitecoat paradigm, and carry through with their threats, because they are backed up by Public Officials, who allow for the legislation of MHAs.

Who needs to repeal the Mental Health Acts? Who is responsible if we don't? Public Officials. Yes, the population is as well, but the population didn't sign and ratify the UN CRPD and agree to Equality Before Law for persons diagnosed with perceived/ actual disabilities. Public Officials also signed the Convention Against Torture, and will ratify it at the end of the year. For Australia to make agreements and fail to stop their most horrendous torture regime, that is Psychiatry, is very dishonest.

This torture of the psychiatric regime is entirely discriminatory against persons diagnosed with perceived or actual disabilities, and it is so degrading. Not only are the labels forced on the person, the dismissing of the person's point of view, the denying that these forced treatments cause massive damage, and the forcing of a person to agree to treatments, and visit the abusive psychiatrists they want nothing to do with, then the degrading forced injections that a person will eventually pull their own pants down to receive, so they are not forcefully held down and injected in the butt, or have electrocution forced on them, or be held in detention, or 4-point ties.

Note how Psychiatrist Paul Katz was electrocuting victim Garth Daniels (115 times in a year) likely because Garth & his family were stopping his attempts to force Clozapine on Garth. And it looks even more sinister when it is noted that Paul Katz received a grant from Pfizer, the manufacturers of Clozapine, to do Human Research. Exception to Informed Consent Research, or Research Without Consent it seems forms the regular fat in the wallets of these whitecoat criminals.
It didn't matter that to the whitecoat researchers that this was all Forced on the person, who actively, along with his family said no and meant it enough to get United Nations involvement to stop the abuse, enough to go public on the 7:30 report (ABC), where Paul Katz advertised his wish to force Clozapine on Garth.

Garth Daniels and his family escaped to Queensland, and there, because of his trauma at being a victim of Forced Human Experimentation, that was, and still is invalidated by the general public, and those with a vested interest in keeping the lucrative slave-trade in FHE going, Garth naturally had difficulty being able to express his OUTRAGE at what had happened to him for a huge portion of his life, and was taken into the psychiatric wards again, due to his attempts to be heard. This time they forced Clozapine, which has now caused a devastating heart condition (this is verified by the cardiologist and the Clozapine has been stopped, when it should never have been started.)

Garth Daniels was taken in his prime, like millions of other Australians, and subjected to the disgusting FHE of the psychiatric regime. The difference between Garth and other people, is that his family had survived South African apartheid, and could see-through Australia's 209 year-long thick propaganda routines, that dehumanised Garth in the public eye, so to more easily use him in FHE.

Electrocution under General Anaesthetic must stop. All forced psychiatry must stop, it is cruel, inhuman, degrading... and contradicts not only Australian laws of Torture & Servitude (under our Criminal Code), but for the States to keep up discriminatory Mental Health Acts that allow people to be tortured under the guise of medicine, and enslaved into Human Experimentation, is a Frustration of the International Conventions Australia has signed.

Join in telling our MPs, particularly our Prime Minister, our Health Minister, our Attorney General, our Human Rights Commissioners - to actively urge all States and Territories to repeal Mental Health Acts. (if you live in another country, let's make the action world-wide.)

Equality before law, is what we're asking for. There should be no laws in a democracy that discriminate on the basis of actual or perceived/ diagnosed disability, especially in this diabolical manner that Australia, and other so-called 'democracies' do.

There is no excuse for this abuse of human lives. No matter how many plainsfolk are brainwashed/ indoctrinated into vouching for their oppressors, in offensive propaganda spews that get them petted by whitecoats, for parroting the psychiatry's spiel. (That is what some people tortured and enslaved will do, in attempt to survive. And most people have to do at some point, even if not brain-washed, we know we 'play the game' to escape and humiliate ourselves by pretending to be compliant, but often there is no other choice.)

Let's give people a choice to protest against the abuse, that has happened to them, is happening to them, is threatening to be done to them. Let's make the psychiatric regime end in 2017.

There is no excuse for this disgusting abuse of human lives. No one deserves to be subjected to FORCED HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION. We need to end this. 


  1. These drug-pushing psychiatrists are rogue-butchering killers and now kill more than Cancer, heart, Roads, ICE, Cocaine, Heroin! They MUST be stopped!!!

  2. These drug-pushing psychiatrists are rogue-butchering killers and now kill more than Cancer, heart, Roads, ICE, Cocaine, Heroin! They MUST be stopped!!!