Sunday, July 30, 2017

Putting up a fight

Don't allow the State of Victoria, Australia, to perpetrate this horrendous crime against NJE. No one deserves to be forced into invasive, cruel, human experimentation.

When someone says they do not want to be tortured by psychiatrists, and the State Government insists that the victim doesn't know what's good for them, that's just disgusting violence, for any country to perpetrate, let alone a country that wants to claim it is a democracy.

24/7 indefinite torture and arbitrary detention. That's what psychiatry is.

The State of Victoria, Australia, is disgusting. NJE has appealed VCAT's decision in hope to not be tortured like this. 

How horrible it must be for NJE to be told by VCAT that she must be able to weigh up how good being inflicted with electrocution under GA is for the economy, and stop being so selfish as to not want to be tortured, for the profits of whitecoats.

Most people in Victoria, Australia, are never able to get free from psychiatrists, they are held in the most horrifying kind of servitude for the rest of their lives. The servitude of being a human laboratory specimen, that yields very lucrative profits for the Australian economy, but makes the life of the person being used in that manner unbearable.

It is a really disgusting thing to know, that your economy is run, and has been running for over 200 years, through the exploitation of humans forcibly for invasive, cruel human experimentation, under the guise of psychiatric medicine. 

Look at the history of psychiatry, the miracle cures of surgical lobotomies that won Nobel Prizes, the Insulin Shock, the LSD tests and tests... and before that the ice-baths and hot sheet wrapping that gave people 3rd degree burns, the injections of animal hormones... the lauding and praising of these monsters that have only found out one thing: how to torture people into being so afraid they dare not speak out against their perpetrators, or defy them.

NJE has the fight still in her. She's speaking out against psychiatry. 

Don't let her be maimed and killed by psychiatrists. Too many Victims of Psychiatrists just disappear, unnamed unknown this way.

#Freedom4NJE #VOP

The Supreme Court will hear the appeal on August 14 and 15.

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