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Countering MHA Propaganda Day 10th Oct

In Australia psychiatrists are responsible for causing half of all deaths, every year. That'll be around 100,000 people killed by psychiatrists in 2017 when the statistics come out. This iatrogenic killing is not given the attention it should be given, the deaths are covered-up, but what is irrefutable is that half the people who die each year in Australia are on PBS psychiatric prescription medicines. And how many of those people do you think would voluntarily take what is killing them 25 years younger than the rest of the population? killing them 24/7 with poisoning that makes them twitch and suffer as the drugs do a 3/4 or more shut-down of their nervous system, causing something similar to stroke, only 24/7 indefinitely...
• Numbness, tingling, weakness, or inability to move a part or all of one side of the body (paralysis).
• Dimness, blurring, double vision, or loss of vision in one or both eyes.
• Loss of speech, trouble talking, or trouble understanding speech.
• Sudden, severe headache.
• Dizziness, unsteadiness, or the inability to stand or walk, especially if other symptoms are present.
• Confusion or a change in level of consciousness or behavior.
• Severe nausea or vomiting. 

... none of the people subjected to psychiatry would choose to take those drugs. Torture, it breaks people into compliance. No one wants to be enslaved as a laboratory specimen. No one wants to be one of the millions of people used in neuroleptic trials in Australia. The victims of psychiatrists get nothing but harm from it.

No one wants to be arbitrarily detained, without charge, let alone taken to a place where they're forcibly tortured 24/7 indefinitely, for the profit of those doing human experimentation. But for 10,000 Victorians last year that's exactly what happened to them. The ghouls who do it try to dehumanise their victims, but it is those ghoul violators, the psychiatrists & coterie who should be seen as UnAustralia, and not fit to be called a human. That's why you need to listen to Victims of Psychiatrists (VOΨ) not those who are too scared to speak out against their violators (who adhere to the derogatory term 'consumer'), and certainly not the violating psychiatrists & coterie, who run the Mental Health Association eugenics propaganda bandwagon, to vilify and silence anyone who dares apposed their disgusting abuse of human rights.

I was subjected to 14 years of forced neuroleptics, I'd never choose it, no matter if they paid me billions. I'd have paid whatever I could to stop them from forcibly injecting me.

The Australian Government, Psychiatrists & coterie make a lot of money through investments from pharmaceutical companies to do these forced human trials. Escalating the torture on a person, until the victims comply is what psychiatrists do routinely, to keep the exploitation seeming like people volunteer to take psychiatric poisons. They do not. Compliance under duress, is not compliance. You cannot have a system of Forced Psychiatry, enforced by government Statute Law, Mental Health Acts, that discriminate on the basis of perceived disability, and say you have a consumer market. To call victims of psychiatrists 'consumers' just adds insult to our injuries, silencing and making out we are complicit in our own deaths.

In Victoria, 10,000 people were subjected to Forced Psychiatry last year. This means those 10,000 people were held down and injected, until they agreed to take the drugs orally (yes they check under your tongue, then they ask for a blood sample), if the person doesn't agree they are injected again and again until they do, tied up in a 4-point on a stretcher, electrocuted under General Anesthetic, held in arbitrary detention longer, have more psychiatric drugs added and doses increased, be subjected to ritual interrogation and verbal abuse from psychiatrists determined to break their will with dehumanising labels... until they comply.

Please do all you can to repeal not only the Victorian Mental Health Act, but all the Mental Health Acts in each State/ Territory of Australia. These are nebulous acts, designed to exploit around quarter of the population forcibly for human experimentation.

As a nation, Australia needs to be thinking of Intersectionality of Sectioned, that is those sectioned under Mental Health Acts, who are more often than not whistle-blowers and victims-of-crime. Too much is covered-up when the population allows a sector of the community to be dehumanised, victim-blamed and silence forcibly for disgusting violent exploitation, that contravenes the International Covenants Australia has signed, such as the UN CRPD. People who are civilians, not charged with a crime, because they haven't committed one, but are being arbitrarily detained and tortured in the guise of medicine. These people innocent civilians do not have a right to Legal Aid, they literally do not have the same right to Legal Aid as people charged with crimes do, therefore less than 9% of people in Victoria, Australia can get legal Aid for a Mental Health Tribunal, let alone a VCAT challenge, or a Supreme Court challenge. That said, PBU & NJE are in the 9% and a legal challenge is still underway in the Supreme Court, for the 1st time, to stop Electrocution under General Anesthetic being forced on these two people. Meanwhile many more people are electrocuted, injected, arbitrarily detained and don't even have access to Legal Aid. And even if PBU & NJE won, would it stop Forced Psychiatry? Because that's what's needed, abolition of Forced Psychiatry, a repealing of the Victorian Mental Health Act.

Perhaps if 100,000 people marched in every city of Australia, in solidarity with all those killed by psychiatrists this year, perhaps then, there might be some kind of conversation towards stopping forced psychiatry.

There should be no forced medicine. There should be no discrimination on the basis of perceived disability. Countries, such as Australia, that have nebulous, discriminatory, violent Mental Health Acts that exploit in order to make billions from forced human experimentation, are not in any way a democracy for those who are being exploited.

Please consider countering the Mental Health Association propaganda week in early October, particularly the 10th of October, in solidarity with Victims of Psychiatrists (VOΨ/ VOP).

Say it:

  • Forced Human Experimentation is not okay
  • Iatrogenic killing must be exposed and stopped
  • Forced Psychiatry must be abolished
  • The Victorian Mental Health Act, and all Mental Health Acts in Australia, and in the world must be repealed.
  • Equality Before the Law, the most important part of that is freedom from torture. And torture is what psychiatrists do to their victims, it doesn't matter that the perpetrators call it 'medicine'. Psychiatrists are using people Forcibly for Human Trials. Please see that it stops, and these monsters, these ghoul psychiatrists are put on trial, and there is some kind of justice brought about for people who have been subjected to forced psychiatry for years, decades, a life-time, maimed and killed.
  • Do not allow for laws that discriminate on the basis of perceived disability, and commit violent crimes under the guise of Medicine, IN YOUR NAME.
  • Solidarity with Victims of Psychiatrists (VOΨ/ VOP)

It was 11th Sept when I sent a petition to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Petitions and they gave a receipt of reply. Let us hope that the petition appears before Oct 10th.
  • Reason: This petition of certain citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the House that Victims of Psychiatrists (VOΨ) are subjected to brutal persecution, inhuman exploitation for the purpose of invasive, cruel, lucrative forced medical experimentation, causing millions to be maimed and die from arbitrary detention and 24/7 indefinite torture. The perpetrating psychiatrists, are given statutory power in Australia to forcibly detain, poison, indoctrinate and use torturous procedures while conducting research without consent on innocent citizens, in the guise of 'medicine’. Victim-blaming propaganda, threats of further torture and disenfranchisement are also employed to silence VOΨ who speak out against forced psychiatry.
  • Request: We, the Victims of Psychiatrists (VOΨ) and allies, therefore ask the House to request the Prime Minister and the Attorney General to repeal all State/ Territory Mental Health Acts and Federal Legislation that perpetrates Forced Psychiatry, discriminating on the basis of perceived disability, financial and social disenfranchisement, atheist beliefs and creative expression of the unknown or undefined.

In front of the State Library of Victoria, we will stand and sing, until the Victorian Mental Health Act is repealed. Please join us on Saturday Oct 7th, and if possible Tues Oct 10th.

References & Links

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  • 'There were 153,451 deaths registered in Australia in 2011-12 (between 10 August 2011 and 27 September 2012 inclusive). Persons who accessed mental health-related treatments accounted for 49.4% of all deaths in this period (75,858 deaths).'

  • '"In Victoria, people have legal representation in only 8 per cent of ECT hearings, compared to 76 per cent in NSW," Mr Nicholson said.’

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