Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Violent Victorian Authorities

Under the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 
police are systematically called to force a civilian into a psychiatrists' facility, 
if a person disagrees with a medical authority's demands.

Victim: Where's your warrant? What's the charge?
Victorian Police: We don't have one, we don't need one, this is not a police charge, you're not being charged with a crime. We’re concerned about your mental health (and therefore we can give you the hamburger with the lot, which will soften you up for the whitecoats who need you back in the laboratory, nice and compliant with all their lucrative experimentation… only we’re just police and don’t know all about that, we’re just doing what we’re told – making you compliant.)

Being ‘concerned about deterioration of Mental Health’, means a person can be beaten up by police, arbitrarily detained by psychiatrists and the Government and subjected to 24/7 indefinite invasive, cruel treatments. Yet, if a person gets hit by a car, the pedestrian-hit-by-the-car can say to the Ambulance staff (a witness to the road accident called) that they don’t wish to go to hospital for tests and treatments, and while there's a possibility the accident-victim may well be hemorrhaging internally in a life-threatening way, that doesn't mean force will be used, all the ambulance staff will do is persuade kindly, and reason, but ultimately it is up to the person to decide, and so it should be. No one should be subjected to forced medical treatments. To ill a person’s mentality, then use this as a reason to bring them into a whitecoat facility where dubious treatments are forced on a person, that have a long history of killing and maiming is just diabolical. 

'Concerned about his deteriorating mental state' - a cold meaningless phrase that enables authorities to do violence.

Never use the terms of whitecoats. Just don’t. They’re just an excuse for authorities to violate people. Calling a person’s mentality ‘ill’ is so subjective, and so abusive, but nothing is worse than being dragged off and tortured by these whitecoats.

People who think it is okay to call authorities on people - who are not doing anyone any harm, who are not a crime - you are the problem!

The Victorian Mental Health Act needs to be repealed. Police should not be knocking on a person’s door without warrant or charge, and then, softening them up for whitecoats (CATT) to easily drag off, to further abuse forcibly for lucrative human research. It just shouldn’t be happening. But it happens because people believe the lie that a person should be subjected to forced medicine, if some psychologist, or social worker, or other white-coterie says they’re concerned about a person’s ‘deteriorating mental health.’ But what actually does that really mean? It means authorities have the authority under the Mental Health Act 2014 to abuse that person.

Victoria, Australia is in violation of International Law

The CRPD Committee has asked Australia to stop forced psychiatric interventions, to never force medical treatments, to repeal legislation that discriminates on the basis of perceived or actual disability. That means labeling a person's mentality 'ill' and using that label as a way to persecute them in the most diabolically cruel way, is not something the Australian people are meant to be comfortable with doing, they're not meant to be okay with that at all. Please find a way to get the Victorian Mental Health Act abolished. I have a petition to do this, you may wish to sign it and/ or write another, or stand in the streets and protest.

Do what it takes to repeal this violent, cruel nebulous discriminatory legislation, that arbitrarily detains, tortures 24/7 indefinitely and is done without a warrant or charge to 10, 000 Victorians last year, who refused to go voluntarily to be violently exploited by the disgusting hideously evil whitecoats.

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