Friday, June 1, 2018

Mental Health objectives & principals for procuring human research specimens

Legislation that declares ‘To provide’ for:

  • Unlawful forced assessment and forced treatment
  • Least obstructive to the human researchers possible, with the least possible exposure of restrictions on human rights and human dignity
  • To protect whitecoat vested interests in human research, enable and support psychiatrists:
    • to make, or participate in, decisions about their assessment, treatment and recovery of funds; and
    • to exercise their rights under this Act
  • to provide oversight and safeguards in relation to the assessment of persons who appear to be procurable for human research specimens
  • to promote the recovery of funds for research specimen treatment regimes
  • to ensure that persons who are assessed and treated under this Act are informed of their need to submit to treatments without resistance under this Act;
  • to indoctrinate the role of carers in reinforcing the assessment, treatment and fundraising for human research.

Such is the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 - unlawful statute law, made by parliament, it can be repealed by parliament. Recognise the violence under this legislation that, calls deliberate poisoning, causing of lesions and seizures to be 'treatment'. 

According to the misogynist MP Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, repealing this legislation must be done by the State of Victoria.
'Under the Australian Constitution, state governments are responsible for the delivery of specialised public mental health services in Australia. Each state and territory has developed its own legislation on how to ensure the safety and welfare of people with mental illness, including the use of involuntary assessment and treatment. While the Commonwealth continues have an active interest in this area it cannot intervene in state legislation on mental health.' 

Please work towards getting this legislation that provides for forced psychiatry to be abolished. Make your own petition and sign current Victorian e-petitions 63 & 67.

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