Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Equal Recognition before the Law?

This is what the public think all people subjected to forced psychiatry are – a person using Mental Health legislation to get a lighter sentence, and they think forced psychiatry is talk-therapy, with some feel-good drugs:
  1. ‘Brennan had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social dysfunction, anxiety and depression. Judge Duncan Allen described the case as “very serious offending with tragic consequences” but one with compelling and mitigating circumstances. He detailed Brennan’s history of mental illness and drug addiction following a young adulthood of abuse, “torment”, depressive illness and suicidal ideation. Judge Allen said he needed to deter “others from driving like maniacs on the road, like you did”. But he added, “the depth of your genuine and true remorse and contrition is so powerful”, adding Brennan would not receive adequate psychiatric care in jail and her condition would deteriorate.’
The public are angry that this woman, who killed a man, while driving under the influence of an illegal drug, may end up only serving 3 years, of the 6 years she’s been sentenced. They think stuff this woman trying to excuse her crimes. They think stuff all those ‘mentally ill’ people. And those protesting being violated by psychiatrists.

  1. ‘At a hearing two weeks ago Wilson’s defence team argued imprisonment could worsen Wilson’s many chronic illnesses, that included diabetes, heart and Alzheimers disease and depression, and may put him at risk of assault from fellow inmates.’

Is this Equality before the Law? No. Considering the victims of paedophiles are still being subjected to arbitrary detention, and forced psychiatry (which by the way is not feel good drugs, it’s horrible debilitating, destructive disabling, unwanted drugs, electrocution, isolation, vilification, shackling, and surgical procedures designed to cause lesions on the brain.

Conflating someone who covered up paedophilia, like Archbishop Wilson, with someone who was subjected to that violence when they were a child – that’s what psychiatrists do under Mental Health legislation, such as the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014 do. Only, psychiatrists don’t treat the Wilson’s of this world to the violence they treat the victims of Wilson’s paedophilia cover-up.

People who started off in the psychiatric system because their circle of friends/ family thought they needed assistance to talk things through, or wean off a drug like marijuana, or because of a reaction to racism, or other vilification, a reaction that wasn’t a criminal offense, but concerned people because it ‘sounded strange’… for attempting to report violence that happened to you, for being upset, for attempting to talk about EMF/ EMR or chemical pollution, for being considered too thin… this group of people get violently exploited, shut up and shut down. They're not allowed to even communicate the horror they're being subjected to, as being horrific without being labelled 'non-compliant' and subjected to worse abuses.

Psychiatry attempts to confuse everything by giving excuses to the scum like Archbishop Wilson, and accuse people who are upset by people like Wilson, of having the same mentality as Archbishop Wilson when they have NOT done anything criminal – so psychiatrists can procure victims for vile, cruel lucrative human experimentation – and let those high up scum who cover-up the whitecoat crimes to get off freely and easily.

Garth Daniels - the public don't recognise the reality of his situation– he is being unlawfully detained. 
20 years of his life, taken into arbitrary detention while psychiatrists make use of him as a laboratory specimen. For what? Because that’s the why Australian legislation is?
Why are people not standing in the street protesting?!

Garth Daniels, who, has not committed any crime, yet is not only subjected to the most severely destructive abuses of forced psychiatry for 20 years. He is then, while being detained and tortured under the unlawful Mental Health legislation, charged with assault for fighting back physically while nurses and guards were shackling him and forcing drugs into his body that he clearly, said he did not consent to, verbally, every time he was being attacked by these nurses doing the bidding of psychiatrists, and in writing to the United Nations CRPD committee.
Came and took him in his prime
Forced him to endure their poison
Electrocuted him, tied him up
And told him they wouldn’t stop
Until he submitted to their needs,
That he must agree with their accusations
And take the poisons willingly.
Strong and defiant
He would not play their evil game.
Forced medicine is unlawful, it does not matter what a person is accused of doing, forced medical treatments and scientific research are not permissible by force to those who do not consent, yet they are being forced systematically in Australia and for massive profits. So, here’s Garth Daniels, then charged with assault for fighting back, yet denied the legal capacity to plead self-defence. Not having the right to refuse violent, cruel, inhuman treatment psychiatrists in this era labeled ‘medicine’ while they conduct their human research.

Psychiatrists apparently even refused to bring his body in the court, for a Habeas Corpus writ.

Garth is still in indefinite detention being subjected to the most massive, soul destroying, painful doses of neuroleptics – because he says he does not consent to the psychiatrists’ demands, and that he will not take the neuroleptics willingly. Garth is being subjected to the most horrific isolation, while deprived of his liberty without being given equal recognition before the law, because he doesn’t agree to be a laboratory specimen, he doesn’t agree torture and arbitrary detention is good for him.

FOR WHAT reason is this violence being inflicted on Garth Daniels?
For fighting back against torturers? For saying ‘no’ he will not go quietly and be assaulted and battered? then say he’s okay with that? No one is meant to be okay with that kind of abuse!

To add insult to injury his visitors are told that they’re not allowed to speak another language than English, even when they were speaking English. And, really is that something that should be permissible in Australia? No way! that's racist to demand people speak English only.

But to Gaslight the situation and say that people must speak English when communicating with their loved one who is deprived of liberty by medico-political exploiters legislating for exploitation, and even when they were speaking English escort them away so the Garth is further isolated! They just have way too much power over what is real and what is not, way to much power to breach boundaries decent societies consider horrifically unethical.

Unfortunately, Garth is not alone, he’s among many millions of victims of psychiatrists, though most do not have a family who understands how-to stand up to authority gone wrong. Most people in Australia are too afraid of going against medico-eugenics propaganda that has its fingers in the government pie. Most people in Australia are too indoctrinated by that propaganda, they have the wool firmly pulled over their eyes and trust that whitecoats know ‘better’ than the person they know best.

That's when the Compulsory Patient breaks under torture, and gets called a 'consumer', when they don't have the social support to keep up their morale, and think their only option is to play the game, which is both horribly degrading, Gaslighting, and indoctrinating to spend years reiterating what the psychiatrists want their victims to say. 

Most of all, the population is indoctrinated into thinking that the Victims of Psychiatrists, don’t exist, and that Mental Health Acts are ‘caring’ and the population, when they think of a person subjected to forced psychiatry they think of people, who are likely to never be subjected to forced psychiatry, or even jail, yet they’ll use the medicalisation in court to get them home detention, or something like. Those people who do horrific crimes – like the Archbishop Philip Wilson, who because of they have done evil all their life and covered up for evil, their scum has floated to the top of the power structure. And they don’t even get detained, let alone shackled, isolated, injected with neuroleptics, nor even put in a prison.

No one wants to consume psychiatry's array of abuses. 
No one wants to be exploited as a laboratory specimen in the cruel, horrific way that psychiatrists do.

Understandably someone who has done something horrible, the public want justice. But - when are the public going to start looking to stop those in power, the psychiatrists from doing horrible, violence, lucrative exploitation to people like Garth Daniels, then vilifying the victim by pronouncing that they 'don't know what he might do' when he hasn't done anything more than fight back a little when cornered by those who were and are still torturing him to death.

Would you fight back against torturers? Would you do it by instinct? or because you thought there was a chance you might get free? Or would you have extraordinary control in a horrendously violent situation, and be passively resisting and still called a 'danger' and 'aggressive' because you told the psychiatrists and nurses, 'I do not consent to the drugs you demand I take.' Or would you, just give in straight away, because psychiatrists are an authority?

Not much choice is there? That's because the Mental Health legislation in Australia is legislation dating back to the eugenics era, where putting in exploitative, nebulous policy to violently abuse people via lucrative means, was always something the population would agree to, as long as it was dressed up royally by 'appointed experts' who were touted as 'benevolent' when they were being their most violent.

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