Friday, October 19, 2012

Diagnosed schizophrenic… so let’s kill the cat

The diagnosis of schizophrenia is the most common diagnosis of all categories in the DSM4. This means that the cause of schizophrenia cannot be put down to just one thing, like a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by toxoplasmosis parasites. But perhaps for some people, cats are the cause. In any case television reports that it is a possibility. But, no way is that how it is for everyone diagnosed with schizophrenia. No way!

                I had a diagnosis of schizophrenia given to me fifteen years ago. I’d experienced three deaths in a short period of time and I was isolated and in an abusive relationship. But that alone wasn’t the cause, it was the trigger. However, I was told it was a chemical imbalance and I must be treated with anti-psychotic medication.

There were scary things that happened in my childhood again and again. There was no real physical violence though. And, the person who was violating my childhood was also very loving and nurturing. However she exploded into suicidal threats due to her childhood trauma for the duration of my childhood and teenage years. This conditioning in childhood has meant that, as an adult, I’ve been triggered into an altered state of consciousness when someone close to me has died.

                So why did I get the label schizophrenic? Because most psychiatrists are really lazy, uncaring and stupidly trained to follow out-dated dogma. A thinking professional would’ve realised what has caused me problems is transgenerational trauma. That is trauma that is passed onto the next generation because there isn’t effective social structure to allow the parent to overcome the abuse suffered , so they can tell their story to their children in a helpful non-threatening manner.

                I blame transgenerational trauma on psychiatrists and their insistence on forcing harmful chemicals on people who don’t want it or need it. Neuroleptics don’t work for people who have experienced trauma, because people who have experienced trauma do not have a chemical imbalance, they are traumatised. So what could my mother do but pour out her sufferings to her children? She would’ve been locked away. She would’ve been drugged. I would’ve had to put up with foster parents who didn’t love me as much as she did, who may’ve put me on drugs if they thought I was behaving too artistically for their straight-laced sensibilities.

                45 per cent of Australian Aboriginal children in foster care are put on psychiatric drugs. That’s horrific racism! There is no way that Australian Aboriginal children have a genetic ‘mental illness’ gene.  More like there is some kind of imbalance in the Mental Health Act that allows this wholesale drugging of children and adults who are most likely suffering from trauma as well as transgenerational trauma, from the genocide that happened in this country!

                I am enjoying learning about the growth of the peer support movement and how there is hope for people like me and parents who have a reasonable fear of medical professionals. I am also learning art therapy techniques that I believe do shift behavioural patterns, well, these things work for me.

                It takes a long time to recover, if you can. For me, I’ve spent over a decade in art based rehabilitation, that was gentle and didn’t push me to quickly move on. This has meant I have been able to learn what I needed to and have developed a consensual reality that also makes sense to me. It’s taken a long time though. I’ve had steps backs where I was taken to hospital and tortured with cattle tranquilisers and heavy doses of neuroleptics. I’ve had times where I’ve lost the plot and said things that I didn’t want to say and only made sense if people understood the symbolic nightmare realm I’d entered into.

                I have been repeatedly given the label schizophrenic by psychiatrists who give that label to anyone who shows symptoms that include unusual sensory experiences such as hearing voices. A better society would not give psychiatrists such a high platform in mental health treatment, when their belief of chemical imbalances are based on bollocks. I’m tired of a society that sits by and lets generations be tortured because of their faith in the cult of psychiatry. Many art therapists train for over ten years in various techniques. So, it’s not about the years studied, it’s about the sponsorship.

                I say let those who want to be drugged by psychiatry, have their drugs, because perhaps they do actually have some parasite causing a cyst in their brain, that’s stressing them enough to cause trauma to the body that induces ‘symptoms of schizophrenia’. However, please, if the drugs don’t work, don’t force them on people and then say it’s their fault for being, ‘treatment resistant’. Besides, when drugs like Abilify have a known side-effect of causing hallucinations, how on earth can they be acceptable? Psychiatry and government law, is not currently making sense. It’s time for them to grow up and become better. As for blaming cats… well pussy down the well.

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  1. Hey NO, great piece! and a solid take on the real stuff you had to endure by an institutionalised vested interes group feeding on society at the expense of those it doesn't suit or it is harmful upon. Keep up the charge!! you've got a valuable contribution and you're making it strongly. And congratulations on the great book deal (Naked Ladies); london publishers do not sign writers up 'UNLESS'they are very talented!
    Go Well

  2. Thank you for this really interesting post. I don't know much about Schizophrenia and while I have met schizophrenics it's one of those things somewhat shrouded in mystery because it still holds such stigma and people don't really challenge the psychiatric concept of schizophrenia.
    Also, my diagnosis is very different from yours, yet for the most part I feel the same way about drugging. I've been on approximately nine different medications over the years, with almost no benefit but some cognitive damage. In the beginning I was naive and willing to try anything, but over the years that changed as I saw either a complete lack of results or bad results.
    Psychiatrists love to prescribe drugs as the solution and rarely look beyond the very standardized idea of how the mentally ill should be managed. For me one drug has its place but the rest seemed to screw with whatever is going on in my head more than the condition in its natural state. Seroquel was the worst. I don't know what they were thinking prescribing that particular drug "off-label" for an anxiety disorder. It isn't logical imo, and it can be very damaging.

    Luckily my illness and status as an adult means that I can refuse to be drugged anymore. Which is exactly what I've done, excluding the one that actually helps me while I try to work things out from another angle. Unfortunately I know adults who are not aware that they have a choice and end up chugging back medications that can be more damaging than the condition itself.

    1. Appreciate you comment. Psychiatrists always talk about finding the drug that is right for you. I haven't found that and have, like you, been through many, usually unwillingly. And this has harmed me, not helped me.

      You might want to be aware that they can forcefully drug you as an adult in Australia, if they deem you require it:
      Criteria for Involuntary Admission
      Section 8(1) of the Act now states:

      A person may be admitted to and detained in an approved mental health service as an involuntary patient in accordance with the procedures specified in the Act only if-

      (a) the person appears to be mentally ill; and

      (b) the person’s mental illness requires immediate treatment and that treatment can be obtained by admission to and detention in an approved mental health service; and

      (c) because of the person’s mental illness, the person should be admitted and detained for treatment as an involuntary patient for his or her health or safety (whether to prevent a deterioration in the person’s physical or mental condition or otherwise) or for the protection of members of the public; and

      (d) the person has refused or is unable to consent to the necessary treatment for the mental illness; and

      (e) the person cannot receive adequate treatment for the mental illness in a manner less restrictive of the person’s freedom of decision and action.

      I don't want the law to force the use drug treatments anymore. Unless a person is one of the few who wants this kind of drug regime, forcefully drugging people is really dangerous and unhelpful.

      For me, I need to make certain that I never again appear 'unwell'. It's also important for me to know my friends are people who would never call the CAT team on me, because I seem 'unwell'. Friends are people who are willing to talk through things and let me know of support groups that aren't as fearful of altered states of consciousness as psychiatry and the rest of society.

  3. Sometimes Chemical Imbalances are not always the cause and it can definitely be the triggers, I agree with you.

    1. More spam Adam? I find you very unagreeable. I'm using the word 'unagreeable' because it was used on me, as in, 'you are unagreeable to treatment' and 'therefore you cannot give informed consent' and therefore we must stick pricks in your butt and torture you with are management chemicals. Management? When someone is not in anyway violating anyone else why is there need to use chemical strait-jackets? As to chemical imbalances, that's what you get after you've been stuck with the psych nurse's needle, horrific chemicals in your body causing your body to send pain signals. I do not appreciate you backing up the people who tortured me Adam. I think what you're doing is rather nasty.