Sunday, October 21, 2012

‘Not guilty your Honour,’ pleaded the psychiatrist, ‘I mistook my patient for a giraffe.’

You want a lawsuit? You must be kidding. You want to go up against the good doctors? Right. You must be whacko. Well if you’re not now you soon will be. Fighting them can be like banging your head against a brick wall of some elephant enclosure. Get real and slip on a banana peel near a supermarket, then you’ll get compensation, but never from good doctors who have performed ‘duty of care’.  Psychiatrists are akin to police, thought police, consensual reality police... It is very difficult to obtain compensation from forensic police, so you know what are you thinking? You’re not recognising that the public fears those who have ‘gone mad’ and likes them to be put in chemical strait-jackets. So, stop making them feel uncomfortable about what they are doing!

There are cases though. People do try. And they there are very strong cases that lose. However on the winning side, there was an Australian case involving shattered teeth from ECT a friend told me about that I can’t find on the net… And then in the USA, the lawsuit country: A settlement in a case in New York over prescription and negligent monitoring of Haldol resulting in harm to the patient… Improper monitoring of Prolixin by a psychiatrist resulting in harm to a patient in California… Negligent mixing of medications in a state facility in Florida resulting in harm to the patient…

I’m very interested in the cases coming up involving the use of LSD, a ‘grey area’ of psychiatry. I know it was forced on people in Australia. One person who was in hospital during the 1960s – 70s, said he was administered over a hundred tabs of LSD and it wrecked him, frightened him, made him feel worse.

I am also interested in the cases involving newer ‘popular’ drugs Seroquel, Zyprexa and Respiradol, that have a commonality of causing type II diabetes.

I am personally concerned with the use of veterinary drugs, for instance zuclopenthixol acetate. It is given either by deep intramuscular injection or subcutaneously. A total dose of 50 – 100 mg has been used on a number of different free-ranging and captive wild animals, such as me. This acuphase injection resulted in micro-seizures and involuntary movements of the tongue and other parts of my body.

            A lawyer in 2001 said I should never be given it again, told me to write the effects in a letter to him and photocopy one for the hospital. The lawyer said this should stop them from giving it to me again. It didn’t. The next time I was taken to hospital 2008 I was given this cattle tranquiliser, despite informing them against doing so. I was also given it in 2009 and 2010.

            Same effects, of micro-seizures, but different muscles moved involuntarily, luckily not the tongue every time, that was frightening!

            What is also disturbing is that I feel like every time I’ve been injected with this drug I’ve suffered severe memory loss. By that I mean, the ability to remember things, like monologues. See, I was a person who could remember a 90 minute monologue for stage and perform it, no problems. A psychiatrist (Dr L) even came to a performance and witnessed this in 1998 and said I must be better if I could perform like I did. Back then I could remember three hours’ worth of songs and sing them non-stop on top of remembering a 90 minute monologue. I can’t do even a tenth of the kind of memorising now.

            So, do I have a case? No… But, just think about this:

·         Used on cattle via dart to tranquilise: acuphase 50mg

·         Immobilisation of a sub-adult female giraffe for relocation: Clopixol Acuphase

·         Long-acting tranquilisers like Cloxipol Acuphase tranquilise the rhino for three days and assist with long distance transport.

I am an average sized woman of small build. I wasn’t violent in any way. Talk about overkill! I didn’t need to be put to sleep. I didn’t need have my memory harmed, be given Tourette’s Syndrome and Tardive Dyskinesia. Yet psychiatrists have done this to me again and again, despite a lawyer’s letter. It has damaged me over time. And I feel somewhat angry that psychiatrists have the law covering them, as they have done their, ‘duty of care’ by harming me with this ‘standard procedure’.

There are other options that could be used to help people instead of psychiatry’s drugs and ECT. I would like other therapies to be considered next time laws are amended. I want positive solutions. I don’t want to be thinking about how many people are harmed by psychiatrists and never have hope of recovery, who have been crippled because of these treatment regimes.

            What I’d like to happen is for psychiatrists to be liable, for the damage they cause, when they administer a drug. I’d like them to have to check an epage specific to that patient, for known allergies and ill effects to the drugs they intend to administer. I want psychiatrists to take care. And, I think society has to think about these ongoing crimes that don’t receive compensation. Really think about what kind of era we’re living in, that allows this to happen.

            However, if you think that I’m going to bother to lawsuit, I’ll just let you know that I’d rather write another book. I have a possibility of being published and no possibility of winning a case against a pharmacology sponsored psychiatrist, who is following their training and the Mental Health Act as it currently stands. I have no window. But I do think the public has a lot of blind-spots they may wish to address in regards to ‘community treatment orders’ and the power psychiatrists have in forcing things like giraffe tranquilisers on people.

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  1. NO this is a consummate comment on a very destructive industry that uses standard operating procedure without duty of care obligations to individual patients ability to cope with major toxic substances. Even normal natural foods cause major reactions and death in people; there are heaps of cases of restaurants declaring there's no peanuts in food and customers being rushed to hospital and dying due to peanut reaction; faces swell to twice normal size and asthmatic choking happens causing death, just from peanuts!!! -these are African Serengetti plains' giraffe slaying drugs!! highly toxic to massive giraffes and used indiscriminately on you whan you had a lawyer's letter warning you were reactive to them; that's negligence! . I was 23 years old and had (just-invented) Sulphur-based drugs given for a mild gastro, I lost my speech, slurred like a full-on cerebral palsy case and my vision collapsed and was wheeled in to hospital emergency to die with my family praying over me! This stuff in the mental health industry is abominable! and I think you are really leading the charge to do something good about fixing some acts that are broderline criminal and certainly based on $$$$$drugs companys locking into health department budgets!
    My heart is with you - keep up the charge
    Go Well