Saturday, November 10, 2012

Different sense of reality salad

It can get messy having too many different f***s at once!

I do realise that using too many f***s at once in a design using a basic program is not the best. It looks somehow wrong. But if it was what everyone did, would it become ‘fashion’? Maybe that fashion would be frowned on later… a mistake. Then revived later on…
Forts, I mean thoughts, I mean fonts, or do I mean all three at once? Perception. This is what psychiatrists will diagnose as ‘salad’. Not sure that they ever specify what kind of salad, but I doubt it if you could order it at a café, as it usually includes words and a different sense of reality.

This different sense of reality ‘salad’ involves ingredients such as:

  • Overturned time sense
  • Shift in emotional communication
  • image transformation
  • Perceptual warping
  • Changes in consequence or connotation

If you’re following this at all, what I’m trying to say is that people at crisis points of their life where things are ‘make or break’ can speed up in the face of time, putting all forces into monitoring, covering and building the idea that will be the break through. This means clashing symbolic sense, warping and stuff that really doesn’t communicate all that well until the construction is complete.

People can also take a more conservative approach and slowdown in order to build the neuro-connections needed. Slowing down can be more distressing to the person. Where as speeding up can be more distressing to the community outside that person. It is likely that the slowing down is caused by rejection of ideas by the community around the person, and the person takes this to heart, rather than striving to move through their transition with their own ideas intact.

I remember when I came to Melbourne after sixteen years of living in rural towns, I felt really slow. I had to adjust to the new sounds, smells, ideology, study, landscape and people. I felt really stupid, but I wanted to ‘fit in'. My ideas were rejected big time. So my brain stretched in attempt to incorporate what others thought was best, and over the years I adjusted. I didn’t start getting unusual sensory experiences though, as I wasn’t under huge pressure, I actually had a certain relief from the pressures I had had at home. I felt like an outsider, but I didn’t actually have an altered state of consciousness until I followed my peers and did what was highly encouraged: binge drinking. I didn’t bother thinking how stupid I was doing this, because everyone else did it, so it was not only okay, but considered good for communing.

The times in my life, I have speeded up in reaction to stressful ‘make or break’ situations, I have made discoveries and challenged myself in ways that normally would’ve taken a period of feeling stupid. However, these times meant all my energy was spent looking internally and failing to remember what was going on externally. Thus I lost touch with consensual reality, as my consciousness attempted to alter.

Now, just to take this concept a little further, think about how difficult it can become when people have too many f***s with different people. Connecting with too many different ideas at once, too intensely can end up causing huge confusion. I’m not saying it won’t work out, it can. But it can lead to a state of consciousness that really doesn’t fit with consensual reality, but it does all depend on the ‘fash’ of the times.

So, what am I saying? I think there are periods where the mind has to build, after damage, when there’s stress and pressure, and when a person is adjusting to circumstances. There isn’t really any way you can go wrong, except if you go against what backs you up. If you have people who will back up, you can belief in ghosts, gods, aliens and they can visit and talk to you. But you do need to have back up, or the f***s will getcha and make certain that you don’t build whatever thinking you’re planning on building in order to invent or discover whatever you can’t yet work out, that has created a symbolic way of getting there.
It is difficult to explain different sense of reality salad, but I just want to assert, that it exists and how it is treated depends on whether it is digested into the community or called, 'ill' by those who haven't even bothered to think about what is actually in it. If the salad isn't ethically wrong, this kind of ignorance is prejudice; and prejudice, well, it should be illegal for part of a country's law to hold back the expansion of human minds. And Illegal laws, should be part of the past, but you know, people have to go through uncomfortable periods of brain-expansion to get there and be for a while: mere salad to psychiatrists. Who are at the moment the law on what a mind can and can't do... according to the laws of Mental Health, which most parts of the community apparently agree to.

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  1. Good take on the country/city reality No, it's a real metaphor for two really different worlds existing that you had to bend to! And the laws hace to be watched every day and fought to be made relative to justice. They're not the psychiatrists, laws, the police's laws, the prosecutors laws; they're our laws and we must make them just everyday.