Thursday, November 15, 2012

‘Plastic bitch’ clothes hoarding disease

People love to be able to diagnose to say things like, ‘I think there’s something very wrong with her – personality disorder or something.’ They want to diagnose rather than say, ‘That woman is a plastic bitch who cares about nothing but her wardrobe.’ Perhaps people think this is a way of disabling, while acting empathetic to the perceived problem, dismissing it as, ‘not her fault.’ But anyone can see that a diagnosis is derogatory and judgemental, rather than empathetic. It’s probably the harshest critic, because it says, ‘lock her up and drug her, her annoying personality is diseased.’

            Hoarding is now a registered mental illness in the DSM5 apparently, so a woman who collects too many clothes could, under the Mental Health Act of Victoria, be deemed to have a mental illness and be made an involuntary patient, and that always necessitates forced drugging. I do think, however, if this happened too often, there may be an outcry from the prosperous clothing industry against such incarcerations.

            Women and men who are fixated on body image would be angry over their rapid weight gain on psychiatric drugs and the dead-fish eyes that occur on high doses of these psychiatric drugs would upset photographers who like to photograph the image conscious.

            I’m not saying image conscious people aren’t already being made involuntary. Of course they are. They always have been. I’ve met many magazine model look-a -ikes on the inside of psychiatric hospitals, as well as porn stars. Trauma happens to many people. Getting along with everyone and appearing, ‘normal’ while under stress is difficult. Appearing ‘normal’ before a psychiatrist is even harder because they’ll say things like, ‘She’s very good at pretending to be well. I think she has suppressed anger.’

            No one is immune to the laws that can make you involuntary and subjected to forced drugging. You may think you are, then you witness your friend being stabbed to death, you are raped, your baby dies, your partner leaves you, you have a car accident, you lose your job, have your home burn down, or you decide to be a devil and try some toxic street drug… Your mind can do weird things under stress and then people worry that you’re unwell in the head; and then they think you need ‘care’ and ‘treatment’ from a psychiatrist, because, well, that’s what you do when someone starts thinking crazy things, isn’t it?

            No! You do not if you care about them in any way. If you hate them, for being ‘a plastic bitch who only care about her wardrobe,’ well, then, you obviously want to get even and see the ‘plastic bitch’ gets a good dose of torture that you know psychiatrists are entitled to deliver quite lawfully.

            Guess if you are a ‘plastic bitch’ with an exploding wardrobe disease, you’d better find similarly infected friends who can be equally as bitchy as you and equate with your plastic personality, that’ll back you up, rather than turn you in when you have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and become traumatised by it.

            No one is immune from diagnosis, forced drugging and imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital, even if you’re high and mighty, that’s ‘histrionic’ and ‘narcissistic’ to a psychiatrist. And if you tell them that you’re ‘a model’, then they’ll write down that you have, ‘delusions of grandeur’, even if that’s is how you earn part of your living.

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  1. Hey NO huge issues there, so many of our friends have suffered through 'the-system' dealing with the symtom rather than the underlying causes. Your awareness raising is vallient and necessary; let's all combine to effect change. It will be a long lonley road though, but well worth it