Friday, August 30, 2013

Two million people tortured every year in Australia’s psychiatric hospitals

Two million people tortured every year in Australia’s psychiatric hospitals. How can anyone ignore that?! That’s 10 per cent of the Australian population. How is it that despite the United Nations, agreeing that forced drugging and electro-shock and other inhumane psychiatric treatments are torture, so much of the population is in denial that this is happening?

UN declaration of psychiatric forced treatments to be torture

The government stats on how many people are tortured in psychiatric ‘hospitals’ are here:

·          ‘In 2007–08, around 12% of people aged 18 years and over experienced high or very high levels of psychological distress and a further 21% experienced moderate levels of psychological distress (similar to 2001 and 2004–05 rates).’

·         ‘In 2007–08 mental and behavioural problems (11% or 2.3 million people)’

·         ‘In 2007, 1.9 million Australians aged 16–85 years (12%) accessed services for mental health problems in the previous year’

‘The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture agrees, and has as recently as 2013 called for the abolition of forced psychiatric interventions’

David Oaks says because we  not just the 99% ‘We are the 100%’ because those harmed by psychiatry are inclusive of all humans, (yes, and other animals, if you want to know, I might add.)

‘Despite the significant strides made in the development of norms for the abolition of forced psychiatric interventions on the basis of disability alone as a form of torture and ill-treatment and the authoritative guidance provided by the CRPD, severe abuses continue to be committed in health-care settings where choices by people with disabilities are often overridden based on their supposed “best interests”, and where serious violations and discrimination against persons with disabilities may be masked as “good intentions” of health-care professionals.’

Do not deny this is happening. The evidence is all too obvious. Psychiatric forced drugging, electro shock and other cruel and humane practices are not ‘care’ or in anyway about ‘health’.

Please sign my petition to stop this torture in the guise of psychiatric 'care' from continuing to happen in our government's name. Help us also gain an apology for psychiatric abuse ever having occurred.

Thank you to everyone who has signed so far. Please pass on the petition link to as many people as you can.


  1. Nish I wholeheartedly commend your strong advocacy for those who have succumbed to this barbaric practice of the Psychiatric Industry. This must be stopped immediately.

  2. ECT treatment is barbaric. Psychiatrists have absolutely no idea what it does to the brain.
    I am told by my GP that it is coming back into fashion. Stop this treatment now. It is like kicking a washing machine to try to make it work.

  3. ECT is barbaric and should not be used EVER. GP says it is coming back into fashion. Psychiatrists know nothing about our minds - it is all guess work. StopETC treatment now.