Thursday, August 15, 2013

‘Silent treatment’ gene found in fathers!

No, not really.

Oh? And scientists claim there’s a ‘mean gene’ for mothers? Seriously?

Personally, I’d rather a parent express themselves to some degree than say nothing or be doped up on pills, so they sleep most of the time.

Neglect and lack of conversation, gives a child no feedback or understanding, especially if that family is located in a country area that also lacks the community input cities have.

I would like parents to have empathetic helpful professionals to talk through harsh economic circumstances, grief and trauma with, so they don’t have to use their children for this purpose. I don’t want parents fearing that if they try to talk things through with a professional they’ll be forced to take harmful psychiatric drugs, that mean they may not be able to care or communicate with their children because of the sedative effects etc.

People react to circumstances, they are not computers. Even simple life like the bacteria that lives within humans adapts, responds and changes to circumstances. Humans are not bacteria, or computers. We are not the fruit-flies scientists experiment on you gain 'insight' into human nature!

When scientists claim new genes are found for this and that, I’m totally sceptical. They’ve been claiming for years, with support from gonzo journalists that they’ve mapped bipolar and schizophrenia, when what they’ve really done is found hundreds of genes that they think could quite possible be bipolar or schizophrenia, or maybe possibly the gene that enables bad science and journalists that co-operate with these profitable lies.

I think journalists that don’t sort out scams, are as bad as the journalists that promoted a woman, 20 years ago, in a country-town newspaper, who claimed royal heritage and other bollocks, in order to get money from gullible want-to-be mothers who wished their children to learn ‘cat walk techniques’. My mother was sharp and picked her straight away as a scammer. Laughed at her ridiculous claims, while a whole lot of doped up people in the town put their money into her non-existent modelling school.

Now, my mother did get angry on a regular basis, due to economic circumstances and trauma.  But she did communicate and that was much better than silence. My father was way too silent and that was awful. But he had his reasons as well, which were due to social circumstances beyond his control. Children need stimulation. Most people do. This is what psychiatrists don’t understand. Being in the low stimulus ward in psych hospitals is very horrible and damaging. Having your mind shut-down by drugs means that you can’t even entertain yourself.

So, please scientists, discover that 'bad-science gene' and I’ll be interested to read what journalists report about it. But don’t attack mothers who are under difficult circumstances and need support!

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