Monday, January 13, 2014

Excuse for crimes committed

Excuse for that,

That abuse you heaped on me,

Then wheedled empathy

From those who say, I’m the same

As you, because of a diagnosis

From the ugly thug muggery psychiatry.

Please remember to have some sense

Next time you try to cut down

How I defend myself

Against those who put victims in

The same basket as their perpetrators,

And use those who commit crimes,

That want psychiatric excuses, as a reason,

To perpetrate crimes against the innocent,

Who may well be, only babies.

Excuse me social worker, who gets stalked

And excuses the man, saying ‘he can’t help it,

It’s his mental illness.’

Then forgets to protect and validate

People who have been similarly violated,

But also have that label ‘mental illness’

Slapped on them because they were

Driven into crisis by such abusers.

Excuse me, it’s not okay.

Not okay to advocate for psychiatric abuse

Perpetrated against those who

Are victims of crime, not okay to lump

People in the same basket as perpetrators,

Force them to become unwilling drug addicts,

By holding them down and injecting them,

As if violating victims of crime

Is the ‘least restrictive measure’

For a person who is not violent,

As if… you, as a member of society

Has an excuse for excusing psychiatrists

From committing these crimes,

As if… you, as a member of society

Has an excuse for accusing victims of crime

Of being perpetrators, when they’re not,

Never have been and never will be.

If you like drugs, if you enjoy being violated,

You are not someone who should be

Telling us what to say and think.

Masochism is one thing, sadism is another.

Stop violating people who have had enough

Violence in their life through your acceptance,

Excuses, for psychiatry’s wide-spread abuses.

If you’ve committed crime and think you can

Use that, as a means of bullying those

Trying to stop crimes happening,

So you can have an excuse, to lesson your guilt,

Then, surely, you must realise how wrong

That seems to me.

Committing violence against people

Who have not committed crimes,

Such as psychiatry does on a regular basis,

Is an unprovoked attack. Get with it,

Stop excusing it and never try to tell me,

That ‘some people like it though’.

Because I know people who are so scared,

So brain-washed, they don’t want

To ever criticise, because they’ve learnt that

When they criticise psychiatry, they get

Worse violations than they’re already suffering.

No excuses for psychiatry anymore,

If you don’t get with it, and stop the violations,

Then, either you’re terrified,

Or you’ve bought some stupid, ugly lies

And are accusing victims of being criminals.

You lot, who give psychiatry excuses,

You sicken me. Stop validating abusers.

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