Sunday, January 12, 2014

It’s about decency

It’s about decency, it’s about awareness of the horror that happened, is happening, won’t stop happening until people do something.

Don’t be an a-hole and deny that the psychiatric regime is abuse, is torture to those who have to suffer it and that this must be stopped. Wake up out of your precious little dream that medicine is ‘good’ and ‘healthy’ and that people suffering trauma reactions to various awful things that have happened in their life, are the ones who are ‘sick.’

If you feel sick in the stomach after you see a puppy kicked, you’re not ‘sick’, you’re responding naturally. If someone then says you’re demented for feeling that way, you don’t have validation for your gut reaction to an ugly circumstance.

Think about that next time you utter the term ‘psychosomatic’ and ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘mental illness’. Think about empathy and how that works on the body and how people do react to awful circumstances. Think about things that are repeated traumas that are denied validation. Attempting to speak about such things, after years of being disallowed communication of ‘embarrassing’ violence against you, that accused you of being in the wrong.

Yes, I understand you don’t want to feel sick in the stomach for all the people in Australia that have been abused by psychiatry and are currently being abused, but you might have to, to connect with your authentic empathic self again, after years of denying the truth for fear of being ostracised. To go down a more ‘friendly street’ in life.

In a recent comment I made about the mental-illnessing of Silvia Plath, the following dialogue happened:

Initially NO (December 10, 2013): Until 1973, you had a 'mental illness' if you were homosexual and were treated with the same 'medication' that you wouldn't give to a Zoo animal regularly without damaging your exhibit. Strange that J--- thinks this 'medication' is healthy. Haven't read enough J---, that's your problem. If you don't read, or at least watch some vids by psych survivors your writing will be tossed off the shelf along with Helen Garner's 'Bach's Children's Hour' (which incited hate crimes against children with learning difficulties). If your writing incites further torture of people in crisis, then I'd put you in the same category in a future where such torture is illegal to forcefully conduct. Psychiatrists don't talk J---, they're doctors. Doctors have very bad people skills and Plath wrote about how bad they were at talking, in her time. And, for your info A--- here's a recent Judge's finding:

J---e’s response was to flag my commentary and delete it, then send me a personal message, blocking my ability to reply; she didn’t want to feel sick about the support she’d given the psychiatric regime of terror already: ‘Please don't post your opinions, slander on my page. You know nothing about me and come across as angry and vindictive. You might be more effective by promoting your views in a less aggressive way or working with people who need a willing ear. Think about how you respond as a feeling person when confronted with anger, vitriole, slander and hatred. Listening quietly, patiently without judgement is a rare skill indeed.’

Quite apart from an ‘award winning’ writer not knowing how to spell, I really don’t think backwater, out of date prejudice should be given accolades.

Certainly not a poet I’d want to book.

J--- also had an argument that psychiatric abuse helped stop the suicide rate, and used her dead friend as evidence that psychiatry and mental-illnessing was valid.

‘Australia spent over $6.3 billion on mental health-related services in 2009–10… We spent all this money, and the more we spent the more our suicide rates increased.  More people died – alone and in anguish – by their own hands.  More families were destroyed and left to live with unimaginable pain and grief.  Less money was available to address the real causes of emotional distress and suicide.’

Psychiatric interventions make the suicide rate worse, not better

Let’s walk down a more friendly street and stop the denial, if the people being harmed make you feel sick in the stomach, it’s because you have empathy and don’t want the abuse to continue. Do not misdirect your anger about this abuse at the people suffering because they’re an easier target of blame than the powers of psychiatry. Think of your own healthy conscience in years to come.

And, if you’re a writer, READ something more than pickled prejudice, or your writing will go out of date as quickly as cheese.

Please sign this petition to stop psychiatric abuse in Australia:


  1. Hello Initially. I do not want to discourage your pursuit of the cause you have near and dear. I understand the feelings behind it and for personal reasons. I Do want to say that even when experiences are of the paranormal kind to which you refer (a far more interesting and fascinating area of experience than psychiatry), Sometimes medication can help. I do not believe in the 'chemical imbalance' justification, nor do I believe in EST. I'm interested in your reply. Occasionally specific psychiatrists Within the regime actually help some people. There is I agree a tone to the entirety that treats people with legitimate, emotional concerns as objects and tampers' with them in that way that I see as a sickness in and of itself; a kind of delight in the opportunity to relate to the suffering of others and inject alterations of consciousness to see the results and with this I disagree very strongly. I see anti-depressants, for example, as propping people through failures that - really - should be learned from but then, the 'system' (Western society) is a harsh home for the over-privileged. What do you think? This is only a brief approach to your ideas. Please consider them support of a kind. Cheers ^ Typo' Pete

    1. Typo, you seem to think I'm alone and you're in the majority. I've met thousands of people who find psychiatric abuse to be torture. The United Nations, agrees with us. But I understand there are certain pressures like brain-washing and threats of worse treatment, that mean a person may prefer to just go along with things. They probably also buy the lies and think the drug effects are the 'disease'. People can always get their drugs Typo, if they want that kind of rubbish. Alright? I think it's entirely irrelevant that 'some people like it'. Well, some people like doing some horrible stuff Typo. THE PEOPLE WHO DON'T ENJOY BEING VIOLATED BY DRUGS SHOULDN'T BE HELD DOWN AND VIOLATED IN THIS WAY. Support that, rather than emphasise the yeah buts... I don't need that bullwhacky backing of psychiatric abuse by people like you. Keep your drug loving to yourself. You'll always be able to get it from some rubbish peddler within the medical field, even when psychiatry is overhauled.

  2. Human beings are complex things, inside and outside. There is no 'one drug suits all' cure for anything, and trying to say taking this tablet with cure you, when it quite obviously doesn't do that for a patient is stupid.
    I don't know enough about this subject to say much, beyond this - You have lived experience in this, and lived experience makes one so much more knowledgeable than book learning does. Keep up your fight, NO, and I hope you can find a way to win this bloody war. I've signed the petition, and I'm keeping my mind open, and I'm always listening for the voices of those who know the truth...

    1. Thank you Carolyn. Really enjoyed reading your book. Something to keep on my shelf forever.