Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stop massive pollutants entering our foods and water supply

Part of being Green Globally, should be stopping the forced drugging of people. Neuroleptics/ SSRIs enter our water supply, the food we eat, as well as the victims of these crimes against humanity.

If I had $5 billion, stopping psychiatric abuse, and therefore the pollution involved in the psychiatric industries, would enable people, animals and ecosystems to be so much healthier. Why invest in stopping a powerful organisation that does so much harm? Well, the $5 billion could be spent on alternatives such the Finnish Open Dialogue style of communication approaches, that actually enable people to become all they're meant to be. When people can't communicate with others there's a break-down. This often happens when a person is trying to let the rest of the community know that something is wrong. The community at first denies. We can't move towards a green economy, when the community's name is being used to torture people with pollutants, violating them by injecting these psychiatric drugs into their bloodstream. So many creative, innovative ideas have been damaged through psychiatry. The DSM5 more or less diagnoses creativity as a disorder. So many creative minds are being destroyed while in the womb, by psychiatry and the governments that allow it to use force on so many people who have never committed a crime. 50 per cent of Australians have either been forcefully drugged by psychiatry, or persuaded to take psychiatric drugs. Most of these people were going through grief.

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