Friday, May 2, 2014

What do neuroleptics, cigarette smoke, some wines, and dental anaesthetics have in common? Propylene glycol

I'm thinking that propylene glycol might be a huge culprit for me, allergy wise. Second-hand smoke from normal tobacco, also e-cigs, theatre smoke, nasty effects to my body, itching, swelling, immune system goes berserk. Some wines, that had propylene glycol used as a cooling agent, particularly reds, nasty for me, lymph swellings. Also, dental injections, (Inferior alveolar nerve anaesthesia) that GPs can also give in the arm for a skin sample, have propylene glycol in them, do nasty reactions like heavy nose bleeds. I use organic skin/ hair products these days for obvious reasons. Neuroleptics... very nasty reactions on my body, including hair loss. All neuroleptics seem to have propylene glycol in them. I’m not saying it’s the only product in neuroleptics that is harmful, however…

It should be mandatory for all people to be tested for propylene glycol allergy, before they are forcefully drugged by psychiatrists. It is far worse to be forced to take neuroleptic tablets on a daily basis, forced, because otherwise you’ll injected with long acting neuroleptics that also contain propylene glycol. The neuroleptics are in the body all the time, meant to be, according to psychiatrists.

Escaping red wine, cigarette users and dental numbing is far easier than escaping psychiatrists who burst into your living space unwelcomed and unwanted, and forcefully drag you off so they can get propylene glycol into you, in sickly high doses.

Yep. I think if people tested for propylene glycol allergy, those people couldn’t easily be injected with neuroleptics, if they’ve written it into an Advanced Statement. Fear of malpractice suits being launched might prevail. Just thinking of ways…

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  1. Good idea. Think I'll get tested. Not forcibly drugged any more, but there's a risk.