Saturday, March 5, 2016

Involuntary consumption?!

Consumers are people who freely choose to buy something. They not people who are used against their will in diabolical experiments via the psychiatric regime.
I speak as a psychiatric survivor. I find the term ‘consumer’ used for people abused by psychiatry really, really insulting.
Psychiatry’s white-coat horrorshop is a crime against humanity. Quarter of the population have suffered it. It is very hard to speak out against. But we’re hoping for Absolute Prohibition of forced treatment and commitment by June 2016.

I am experient of the MHS. I never wanted any of their ugly belittling 'services'. I want there to be real support for people in crisis, that makes sense on an individual basis. You know affordable housing, allergy testing, hope, decency, legal assistance, safe places to work through untangling the myriad of horrors and absences in a person's life. Our government wishes to use the term 'consumer' for people who are told (for the most part), when consulted, they have to choose... what would be best out of all the rubbish served up. Meanwhile these 'consumers' pay for the 'medications' they do not want, turn up to appointments to be interrogated as to whether they are compliant with the poisonous 'medications' they do not want, are electrocuted if they refuse 'medications', are locked away indefinitely if they refuse to 'admit they have a mental illness and need to take the medication as prescribed.' Consumers?! Do not call people who are enslaved human laboratory animals 'consumers'.

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