Friday, March 11, 2016

Five things psychiatric survivors are tired of hearing

I can think of too much said in ignorance, that should never be said about people who are suffering under the psychiatric regime. It's the most abusive regime in the world and has been going on for over 2 centuries. Quarter of the population is silenced into being enslaved laboratory animals, the rest swallows propaganda and vilifies psychiatry's victims as if they're the parasites, when it's psychiatry that is torturing people to death, using humans for diabolical experiments to gain wealth and power.

So, now you’ve to the basics of what psychiatry is, let’s start with 5 sayings that psychiatric regime survivors are tired of hearing, because they are propagated by the regime:

·         I know many people  who have benefited from psychiatric medicines

·         If psychiatrists didn’t forcefully drug on the mentally ill there’d be a lot of sick people running around

·         Marriages and relationships have been restored by psychiatric drugs

·         So what if people become suicidal on psychiatric drugs, mentally ill people are already suicidal.

·         People diagnosed with a mental illness are dangerous to society and need to be controlled by psychiatrists.

The only people that benefit from psychiatric medicines are the people who get paid to produce them, and the people who get paid to peddle and prescribe them. The enslaved laboratory animals, who happen to be human, have these drugs forced on them, or they are coerced to take the drugs, under threats and bogus theories that if the person doesn’t take them their condition will deteriorate. The person’s condition always deteriorates when taking these drugs, then the psychiatrist blames that on the person’s ‘illness’. Strangely, it won’t be written up in a psychiatrist’s notes when a person stops taking the pills and gets better able to have a conversation, exercise, remember information, gain employment and drive a vehicle, because they stopped taking the ‘medicine’. There are other people, abusive people, that ‘benefit’ from having people on psychiatric drugs. It’s horrible because people on psychiatric drugs are not able to fight back as easily, and, they fear if they speak out, they’ll be told they imagined the abuses.

Psychiatrists are the sickest people in the world. If their profession stopped forcing drugs and accusing people of having fictional illnesses that have no basis in science, then psychiatrists would be a lot less sick and ipso facto we’d have a lot less sick white-coats running around saying torture = care.

Let’s just say if any marriage or relationship has been restored by a psychiatric drug, then that relationship is bound to be horribly abusive to the person forced on the drugs, if not for the other half as well. Drugs are not a good way to gain better communication skills, they pretty much damn up any kind of communication that might otherwise have happened.

People are condemned as ‘mentally ill’ by psychiatrists for reasons that have nothing to do with being suicidal, such as grief, hearing voices, speaking out against abuse and unusual thinking… Even if a person was suicidal, it does not make sense to give drugs to a person and make them feel even more like dying!

The idea that people diagnosed with mental illness have a condition that turns them into a chaotic-killer, is total fiction. Dangerous people are criminals, people who are diagnosed by psychiatry are usually victims of crime. Isn’t it horrible, that the victims of crime get diagnosed with a label that makes them look like their abusers, who might also receive the same diagnosis? The public hear all about the abuser’s diagnosis in the media, but the victim of crime, is punished without the media talking about it, because they don’t wish to embarrass the innocent. Innocent people do not need to be controlled by anyone, let alone psychiatrists. So why are the public thinking of the innocent as equal to their abusers because they are being abused by psychiatry in the same way? Doctors are not police.  Let police deal with police matters, unless there is an actual medical emergency – that isn’t some fictional psychiatric money making scam.

I could give you 1001 things that psychiatric regime survivors are tired of hearing. But I’m going to stick to 5 and hope you’ll learn to tell everyone you know, that psychiatrisms are horrendous propaganda. We must have absolute prohibition of forced treatment and commitment in 2016. The psychiatric regime cannot continue its diabolical abuse of so many. Please be an ally and support this campaign.

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