Friday, April 22, 2016

Plainsfolk whitecoat trolls

Next time someone says 'I knew a girl who had ECT and it really worked for her', think again, if it's a comment on a post about how devastating it is that Garth Daniels is being subjected to 96th electric shock today and his family and friends are trying to stop the State from violating him in this way, and also hoping this time, it won't be the time the electric shock and General Anaesthetic kills him. Think again if you want to side with the troll in the pay of whitecoats, who wants to stop any kind of protest or awareness of State Violence. 

Say, some plainsfolk in the pay of whitecoats trolls a post by a regime survivor, about that unnamed Irish 16 year old girl, who happened to be the average weight for a catwalk model (57 kg) , yet got subjected to forced feeding tubes in her nose, drugs that stuffed up her brilliant scholastic skills and damaged her sporting abilities, so she despairs like a bird pulling out feathers in a cage. Then, after abusing the unnamed 16 yo Irish girl like this the psychiatrist abusing her says, 'Well, I've done my whole spectrum of abusive invasive treats, except ECT, I think it is time to do that.' The girl says no, the parents say no way and a judge court orders her to be brain-damaged. If someone then posts a plainsfolk heil to psychiatry, get with it, they're paid to propagate whitecoat lies.

We are talking about people being subjected to State Violence. We are talking about a regime. And we're talking about very well-paid public servants that organise white-coat crimes against innocent people. We're talking about 25% of the population being silenced, shamed, unnamed, and forcefully subjected to torture via the psychiatric regime, or coerced to do so (with not so veiled threats of other kinds of abuse.) Yes, there are trolls paid to do boosts for whitecoat crimes, make out they're 'good medicine' by citing a friend of a friend. Oh, and you didn't know that? Only in China? Get with it!

The truth is whitecoats, in the pay and those who follow along for fear of not being PC, are ridiculous to psychiatric regime survivors. I block them out these days. What's the point in arguing with someone paid to troll dissenters of psychiatry into oblivion?


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  2. The Psychiatry-Pandemic kills more Australians than cancer, heart-disease, road-deaths, terrorism!