Thursday, April 28, 2016

What is 'informed consent'?

Garth Daniels can give informed consent, but he has said No he doesn't want ECT. He's said this not once, but reiterated it numerous times over 20 years.

Australia has signed and ratified the UN CRPD that says you’re supposed to take all means to get consent, not dismiss a person who doesn’t agree to what the psychiatrist orders and go ahead with the intrusive experimental procedure again and again.

When can a person diagnosed with 'mental illness' say 'no' to a psychiatrist and be recognised, as having the ability to give consent, but not agreeing to give it?

Doctors should not be allowed to rule peoples lives, Doctors should not be allowed to order treatment that is clearly not wanted. What is going on in our legal system & our medical system? It's appalling!

Australia, you monsters, of course Garth Daniels can give informed consent, but he has said No he doesn't want ECT.

'Australia ratified the Convention on 17 July 2008, and it entered into force for Australia on 16 August 2008.' (UN)

'No one in Australia is subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without their free and informed consent'? Rubbish. Over 6 million people have been enslaved as human laboratory animals by psychiatry. It's a holocaust.

In 2013 UN concluding observations for Australia - '25. The Committee recommends that the State party effectively use the current inquiry to take immediate steps to replace substitute decision-making with supported decision-making and that it provide a wide range of measures which respect a person’s autonomy, will and preferences and are in full conformity with article 12 of the Convention, including with respect to a person 's right, in his or her own capacity, to give and withdraw informed consent for medical treatment, to access justice, to vote, to marry and to work.'
'27.The Committee is concerned at the lack of training for judicial officers, legal practitioners and court staff on ensuring access to justice for persons with disabilities, as well as the lack of guidance on access to justice for persons with disabilities. The Committee is further concerned that access to sign language interpreters or the use of Augmentative and Alternative Modes of Communication is not supported in all Australian states and territories.'

'Freedom from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (art. 15)

35.The Committee is concerned that persons with disabilities, particularly those with intellectual impairment or psychosocial disability, are subjected to unregulated behaviour modification or restrictive practices such as chemical, mechanical and physical restraints and seclusion, in various environments, including schools, mental health facilities and hospitals.
36. The Committee recommends that the State party take immediate steps to end such practices , including by establishing an independent national preventive mechanism to monitor places of detention — such as mental health facilities, special schools, hospitals, disability justice centres and prisons — , in order to ensure that persons with disabilities , including psychosocial disabilities , are not subjected to intrusive medical interventions.'

Garth Daniels was meant to get justice today, in the Supreme Court, justice being Freedom from Torture. And I mean, real torture, State Violence so horrific it disables the person, disfigures their memory and prior abilities. 96 electric shocks, forced poisons, tied to a bed for 69 days... and all this for a fellow that hasn't committed a crime. Garth Daniels is one of the few of the over 6 million Australians, subjected to psychiatry, willing to go public and fight for the rights of us all.

Give Garth Daniels and his family some support! More people, means more possibility that Garth won't be murdered by psychiatry and have the whole thing dismissed as 'giving the best medicine they could provide' (as they so often do to people psychiatry kills). Go to the page #FreeGarthDaniels on FaceBook & support! share! make the population aware!

Psychiatry is according to Peter Gotzsche 'Organised crime'. Australia needs to recognise that, and stop the monster that is psychiatry.

Psychiatry isn't medicine, it does not enable anyone, if you think it is, you're extremely naïve.

before Australian authorities kill him.

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  1. You can report to and CCHR to get more people in on the fight