Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Kerry O'Malley: Community Treatment Orders and the Mental Health Tribunal

'Health Department Rejected Media Release October 17, 2017 Mental health consumers have won another battle against the use of forced medication. After years of being subject to Community Treatment Orders (CTO), 71 year old Kerry O’Malley today won agreement from the Mental Health Review Tribunal to reject the CTO against her. A forced injection is the antithesis of health care disgracing all who say nothing. This afternoon Kerry said “There were a number of prayer requests that went up from my friends but I still needed all of you to get Victory. I am very grateful”.'

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Forced Psychiatry must be stopped, it is a human rights issue, not a medical issue. While DNA dose may seem supportive, it is not a human-rights based approach, it is further medico experimentation.

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