Sunday, October 22, 2017

Julie Greene: My Experience With an Eating Disorder

Whenever I listen to someone talking about eating disorders, I get a bowl of something I've cooked from scratch & eat it. No propylene glycol or other preservatives in it to make me feel like not eating it. Cheers. Studies on little animals, bigger animals & humans in the early to mid 20th century have statistics to say that Propylene Glycol causes loss of appetite in large doses, and larger appetite in smaller doses, of course there are variants to that rule, because animals/ humans vary. Propylene Glycol is a petroleum-based substance that is put into nearly all food-based products, especially confectionery (not something you can eat after starving because it is an unfood). Cooking from scratch can mean avoiding a lot of that. Breathing Propylene Glycol in the air is a different matter. I'm currently petitioning the government to get this poison out of personal products & workplaces. Please sign & share if you can:

Also Forced Psychiatry must be stopped, no more forced human experimentation:

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