Thursday, April 4, 2013

Before, during and after photos of neuroleptic drugging and its obvious harmful effects

(Photos courtesy of Michael Reynolds' photography.)
The last psychiatrist I saw would've liked for me to be on neuroleptic drugs the rest of my life. I had to agree to his every demand to get off the treatment order. Being on neuroleptics meant little more than four waking hours a day. Not really a life! Psychiatry has offered me no hope of recovery, no avenues for rehabilitation, just forced treatments with drugs that harmed me horrifically. Communities like poetry open mic nights in contrast offered me something to live for. Mental health peer-support organisations offered discussion, understanding and ways of coping, and studying art therapy meant I could start articulating what really was going on and how little sense psychiatrists' chemical imbalance theories made, and, how horrifically wrong my government was in allowing psychiatrists to force me to take drugs that harmed me.
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  1. Keep going Initially, you are making progress!!

  2. I am with you my dear friend. you are a gift to the poetry world, and basically anyone who thinks anything less can go to hell

    1. Thanks Matthew! Will be MCing an ODD event possibly. And, thank you for giving me the link to Margaret Cho. Got to see her while she was in Melb. I adore that raucous gorgeous woman! She has so much material. Wow.