Saturday, April 6, 2013

Psychiatry in jail!

Appeal to your better nature,

Give reparation,

Be considerate,

Recognise the law needs correction,

Because people need

Fair treatment,





And reasonableness to heal.

Humanity’s crisis cannot be overcome

Without recompense,


And review,

So human-rights will no longer

Be so horrifically abused.

Truth must be given

So injustice won’t persist.

And psychiatry needs a sentence

That will mean its regime is stopped.

Does anyone want to claim

That they're not aware of this?*
(*If you do, then please read the rest of my blog, have a look at some of the links I give. Familiarise yourself with the stories of people who have suffered, or, are currently suffering psychiatric abuse and recognise what it was that led you to think psychiatric abuse wasn't happening. When care isn't care and medicine isn't medicine, there is not only 'card stacking' happening, but 'glittering generalities', 'the lesser of two evils', 'name calling', 'pin-pointing the enemy', but also 'plain folks devices', 'simplification', heaps of 'testimonials' to get others on the 'bandwagon' and plenty of 'transfer'... Work it out, psychiatry needs to be in jail, it has made me and so many others suffer horribly. It is not a regime isolated to Australia. It is something that has infiltrated many, many countries. It claims to help, when it hinders, it claims to care when it makes people despair. Psychiatry forcefully drugs, which is assault in the second degree, but since it is repeats this on so many individuals over long periods of time, electrocutes and uses other invasive measures, I would term this ill treatment to be something far more malevolent and horrific.)

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  1. Glad you did that Initially, really shows how damaging psychiatry is and how wrong it is. It's institutionalised money grubbung torture, never stop telling the world.